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We Care

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A Culture of Accountability

TP_f2We are a service-focused organization, 100% committed to customer service excellence. We are humble and listen to what customers are saying and not saying.


Quality Quality Quality

six_452x254Chocolate is the 8th wonder of the world. We should never compromise with chocolate. We have a passionate reverence for beauty and purity. It’s embodied in everything we create and do.



JPK_1266_f2_452x254The French have their inconsistencies but when it comes to luxury in general and gourmet products in particular, they rule. We believe one should not need to travel to France to experience fine chocolate bliss.


We hate traditional gift baskets

z_452x254We embrace innovation, we are everything but mainstream. We are never satisfied with the predictable and the commonplace. We fashion products that standout and thrill.


We Work With Our Hearts

We love what we do! When one is lucky enough to feel as passionate about our work as we do, it doesn’t feel like work (more like joy). We want to spread our good fortune to others – Therefore, starting January 1, 2018, each time we sell a box of chocolate online, we give a Z chocolate to a patient in a hospital. The responses have been nothing short of phenomenal (we love what we do). This year we will give over 25,000 chocolates to patients of all ages. We feel so privileged to put a smile on so many faces everyday – thanks to you.