Basswood collection, it was important for us to find a supple, easy-to-carve wood-type. With its light-toned color, smooth grain and authentic look, we were instantly seduced by basswood. To preserve all the essences of this fine material we use a laser-technology perfected tool to carve directly onto the lid of the boxes. The carving process therefore allows an airy clean finish and a crisp display of the carving of your recipient’s name, picture or logo.


A product of France

prod of franceOur boxes are handcrafted in France in the heart of the Jura region, a mountainous area in Eastern France near the Swiss border known for its richness in arts and crafts. We collaborate with one of the last two traditional woodworkers to deliver true handcrafted, made-in-France products.


Environment matters

The eco-friendly aspect of basswood makes this wood-type a favorite among the environmentally conscious. Adding a plate or other removable item to this product seemed to be incompatible with the non-tinted, non-varnished and non-treated subtle appearance of the wood. Accessible in greater quantities compared to other wood-types that are commonly harvested from endangered trees worldwide, basswood is a renewable resource that can be worked with no treatments nor tintings.


An ingenious technique

techniqueWe decided to finger-joint our boxes to guarantee additional strength and a smoother-looking surface. With this technique, the glued facades are on the side grain rather than end grain allowing the side-surface to soak more glue in due to the jointing pressure – an intricate and more time-consuming method of handcrafting that adds all the more value to these boxes.


An identity of its own

Individually handcrafted by a woodworker therefore making each case entirely nonpareil, it is essential for us to stamp each box with the cachet of uniqueness by carving the box’s own serial number to its underside. This given sense of identification is to remind our customers that each box is unique and handmade with passion and pride.


A little history

historyAlso known as linden, basswood is commonly used by wood-workers, sculptors and stringed-instrument makers. With European origins, this wood-type is considered a symbol of love and fidelity. In specific cultures, it is said that this majestic tree represents masculine virtues such as strength and power as well as the feminine virtues of sensibility and contemplation. Endowed with a subtle perfume, this light-colored wood is much appreciated for its medicinal purposes and has been said to cure certain illnesses by the simple act of standing in its shade.


Image carving

tilleulCustomize all basswood boxes by replacing our logo atop the lid with a carved photo, logo or themed-image from our library.


Message carving

tilleulPersonalize your box with a 25-character message laser-carved directly into the wood.


The making-of

This traditional wood-working requires a veritable know-how, for the entire basswood box handcrafting process is decomposed in the same precise steps as for our mahogany boxes:

1. Fragmenting of the basswood boards.
2. Second-cut of fragments to obtain the ‘carrelet’: a thin strip of wood.
3. Cleaning of the ‘carrelet’ to smoothe out the material.
4. Carving of the finger-jointed panels.
5. Leveling of the panel thickness.
6. Assembly of the box.
7. Sanding of the box to reveal its rounded ridges.
8. Removal of all imperfections with the help of a gear wheel.
9. Cutting of the box’s lid.
10. Beveling of the edges.
11. Carving of the box’s serial number.



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