Luxury Chocolate Gift Delivery in Lebanon

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High-quality chocolate gifts delivered in Lebanon

Be sure to please your gift recipient in Lebanon by delivering the best chocolates handmade by Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier to his/her doorstep. zChocolat has been delivering its luxury chocolates in Lebanon since November 1st 1999. Whether you are shipping to Aley, El Minié, Nabatiyé or any other city or remote area in Lebanon, zChocolat will guarantee delivery of fine and high-end French chocolates within 2 business days - on time and in perfect conditions. A DHL tracking number is emailed to your attention upon shipment and a delivery confirmation receipt is emailed upon delivery.

Shipping Rates & Timing in Lebanon

We deliver within 2 business days and charge a flat fee of USD 17.19 per order. Shipping in Lebanon is complimentary if you order a minimum of 3 gifts for delivery to a single address ;-).

Gifts to Lebanon

We have gifts for all occasions including birthday gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, thank you gifts, wedding & anniversary gifts, and much more - all delivered in Lebanon by DHL Express.

  • zBox 15

    Remind someone you are thinking of them with our 15 most popular recipes presented in this epicurean elegant black box.

  • Sapphire

    This warm wood-toned polished mahogany box pairs luxury French craftsmanship with epicurean perfection as it contains our 15 most sought-after recipes.

  • Zenith

    A true French gastronome gift, in an all naturally handcrafted basswood box.

  • zBox 22 truffles

    A beautiful black box, adorned by a glossy mosaic and a fine cocoa pod image and disguising 22 of the most exquisitely dark chocolate truffles.

  • Traditional

    This selection features our 15 most traditional chocolates numbered from 0 to 11 including 3 of our ever-famous Z pieces: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel. Discover our other popular savors such as a Venezuelan dark chocolate ganache, a gianduja and hazelnut praliné or a rich raspberry ganache covered in...

  • Dawn

    Containing our 4 favorites, including the ever-famous Z chocolate: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel, chocolate number zero: a slow roasted hazelnut almond praliné, chocolate number 1: a vanilla ganache infused with lavender and chocolate number 2: a delightful Italian gianduja praliné - this all-natural...

  • 5-zBox Pack

    Perfect for an intimate get-together or professional meeting, our 5 zBox 8 pack is an ideal display of elegance and refinement that will naturally seduce with 2 layers of our 4 favorites, including the ever-famous Z chocolate: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel, chocolate number zero: a slow roasted hazelnut almond...

  • Personalized

    Our personalized assortment allows you to create your own assortment by handpicking your favorite chocolates individually. If this is a gift, take advantage of our numbered chocolates and give a meaning to your assortment by “writing-out” a year, a birthdate, a phone number or even a meaningful numeric code.

Customs duties in Lebanon

Local duties and tariffs may be applicable upon delivery in Lebanon. Such fees are not applied systematically and cannot be assessed in advance because they vary widely from 5% to 36% of the total declared value (invoice amount less shipping charge). If you send our chocolates as gifts, we make absolutely certain that your gift recipient does not pay any taxes upon delivery. We ship Delivery Duties Paid to Lebanon. If a duty fee is applied, we pay it on your behalf when making entry in Lebanon and bill you separately upon receipt of the local customs invoice several weeks after delivery. An invoice is sent to you via email at such time. An invoice is sent to you via email at such time including a USD 17.19 processing fee. Please note that in some instances, the custom clearance process may delay delivery. Based on our experience, there is a 77% chance that your chocolates will be taxed.

Chocolate Gift Delivery in Lebanon

Summer Packaging

Delivery in Lebanon with Summer Packaging

Our summer packaging guarantees that your chocolates arrive in perfect condition anywhere in Lebanon

We do not deliver in Lebanon on :

Weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) and the following upcoming holidays :

  • 2014-01-01 New Year's Day
  • 2014-01-06 Armenian Christmas
  • 2014-01-13 Prophet's Birthdays
  • 2014-02-10 St. Maroun Day
  • 2014-03-25 Annunciation
  • 2014-04-18 Good Friday
  • 2014-04-21 Easter (Cath.&Orth)
  • 2014-05-01 Labor Day
  • 2014-05-05 Martyrs Day
  • 2014-05-26 Liberation of South
  • 2014-07-28 Id Al-Fitr 1435H
  • 2014-07-29 Id Al-Fitr 1435H
  • 2014-08-15 Assumption
  • 2014-10-04 Id Al-Adha 1435H
  • 2014-10-06 Id Al-Adha 1435H
  • 2014-10-25 Hegira New Year 1436
  • 2014-11-03 Ashoura 1436 H
  • 2014-11-22 Independace Day
  • 2014-12-25 Christmas Day
  • 2015-01-01 New Years Day
  • 2015-01-03 Birthday of Prophet
  • 2015-01-06 Armenian Christmas
  • 2015-02-09 St Maroun Day
  • 2015-02-14 Assassination of Ex-
  • 2015-03-25 Annunciation (Lady D
  • 2015-04-03 Good Friday
  • 2015-04-06 Easter
  • 2015-04-10 Good Friday (Eastern
  • 2015-04-13 Easter (Eastern
  • 2015-05-01 Labor Day
  • 2015-07-17 Eid Al-Fitr (Ramadan
  • 2015-07-18 Eid Al-Fitr (Ramadan
  • 2015-09-23 Eid Al-Adha
  • 2015-09-24 Eid Al-Adha
  • 2015-09-25 Eid Al-Adha
  • 2015-10-15 Hijri New Year
  • 2015-10-23 Ashoura
  • 2015-11-23 Independence Day
  • 2015-12-25 Christmas Day

Muslim Regulation in Lebanon

Our French chocolate gifts do not contain any alcohol or animal-fats of any sort and therefore abide by local Muslim regulation in Lebanon.

No ZIP codes.

Please note that when filling out your gift recipient's address, addresses in Lebanon, do not require a ZIP Code.