• zBox Collection

    Featuring chic modern lines and sturdy construction, our signature zBox is the culmination of a decade’s worth of effort by industry experts to reinvent the traditional chocolate box. A striking presentation in any setting, the zBox Collection delivers our most popular recipes in stunning black and white packaging, for gifts that are as beautiful on the outside as they are delicious on the inside. Read our blog on zBoxes.

  • Gold Collection

    In an unrivaled celebration of culinary luxury and epicurean excellence, every piece of chocolate in this collection has been coated in exquisite 24-karat edible gold achieved through a painstaking process of hand-applying delicate layers of gold leaf piece-by-piece. Packaged in classic dark mahogany boxes crafted by local French artisans, the result is an unapologetically opulent collection sure to make the recipient feel like royalty.

  • Assortments

    Each of our fifteen sumptuous assortments invites you to discover a different corner of the zChocolat universe. Whether you’re craving candies that are rich and indulgent or cheerful and light, our assortments make lovely stand-alone gifts or can be used to refill previously purchased zChocolat boxes. An ideal way to explore new flavors, stockpile old favorites, or introduce someone to fine French chocolate for the very first time.

  • Romantic Collection

    The spirit of French seductive savvy and epicurean savoir-faire combine in this stunning collection. Brimming with an exquisite selection of heart-shaped artisan French chocolates, these customizable boxes will make your loved one's heart melt. 

  • Basswood Collection

    Constructed from a wood known for its naturally-blonde color, smooth grain, and chic appearance, each of our basswood boxes is handcrafted by master artisans and features expert touches such as rounded edges and finger-jointed corners. Further customize your order with a personalized design for a gift that’s as enchanting on the outside as it is on the inside. Read our blog on basswood boxes.

  • Mahogany Collection

    Meticulously handcrafted in the Jura region of France by a vanishing breed of fine woodworkers, this opulent collection of mahogany gift boxes exudes the excellence of French savoir-faire. The silky grain and deep reddish hue of this refined material makes for a memorable impression and a treasured keepsake, impeccably finished with a unique serial number carved into its base. Read our blog on mahogany boxes.

  • Truffle Collection

    Relish in an unparalleled encounter with the "food of the gods" as you savor this collection of rich, dense, reimagined French delights. We have replaced the traditional truffle filling with a surprising and satisfying praline center. Read our blog on Truffles.

  • Spreads collection

    This exceptional collection of traditional, handmade spreads crafted from finely crushed hazelnuts, almonds, and peanuts blended with creamy 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate make a meltingly soft accompaniment to bread, crêpes, pancakes, or waffles and will evoke warm memories of childhood. These guiltless spreads, 100% made in France from all-natural ingredients are very low in sugar and quite high in dry fruit & chocolate. They are simply some of the best chocolate spreads in the world.

  • Birthday Collection

    Shower a friend, family member, or colleague with sweetness on their special day. Display your thoughtfulness and flair by engraving their name on the box, or stamp their initials or age on the black wax seal. Read our birthday gift guide and tips.

  • With Love From Provence

    Featuring regional recipes and local ingredients, this collection is the perfect way to indulge in traditional delicacies prepared with zChocolat flair. From the cantaloupe-tinged Calissons d’Aix to the almond-studded lavender honey Nougats and jewel-toned Pâtes de Fruits, each bite captures the culinary charm of the place zChocolat is proud to call home.

  • Survival Kit Collection

    There are few better ways to brighten a close one's day than with one of our resourceful survival kits. These cleverly decorated boxes contain an uplifting assortment of exquisite chocolates to ease almost any worry.

  • Wedding Collection

    Celebrate marriage with style and flair. This line of stunning keepsake boxes can be customized with a photographic image, special quote d'amour, names, wedding date, and more. We offer an array of possibilities, from petite boxes perfect for favors, to stately engraved mahogany boxes so grand they may outshine the cake!

  • Hobbies Collection

    From a simple game of cards to an adventurous excursion, hobbies - like chocolate - inspire our passions and bring joy to our lives. Our beautifully crafted boxes, subtle in color yet rich in meaning will amuse any passionate chocolate-lover.

  • Party Favors

    An unforgettable party favor, original birth announcement, or tasteful seminar handout, these customizable boxes will mark your special occasion as an event to remember.

  • Ramadan Collection

    Exult in the brilliance and beauty of this traditional celebration with our resplendent mahogany-wood Ramadan Collection. Laden with our alcohol-free and animal fat-free chocolates all prepared by World Champion chocolatier and Best French Artisan pastry chef Pascal Caffet – these French gifts of grandeur are ideal to share with friends and family during this time of togetherness.