• Holiday Collection

    Celebrate and share holiday cheer with these authentic and chic chocolate gifts handmade with luscious adherence to French culinary know-how. Adorned with a seasonal mainstay, the Christmas bulb, and bursting with fine chocolates handcrafted by World Champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, our collection of exclusive gift boxes will be warmly received and relished by all - anywhere in the world. Review our Holiday Gift Guide and Tips.

  • New Years Collection

    Grant a sparkling beginning to 2016 with a twist of indulgence by offering a New Year's gift that will bring a delicious smile to anyone's face! Created to mark the beginning of a year full of joy, success and unforgettable memories, these sophisticated boxes will remain a precious keepsake and bring an everlasting glow of happiness to any chocolate-lover.

  • Business Gifts

    With over 5,000 corporate customers in 88 countries, we at zChocolat realize how crucial business gift giving is for affirming established relationships and cultivating new ones. We offer sophisticated alternatives to traditional corporate gift baskets and deliver to 244 countries by DHL Express.