• Easter Collection

    Widely regarded as our most remarkable recipe, each Easter praline features slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts that have been carefully caramelized and painstakingly crushed, to create an unforgettable filling for this whimsically-molded springtime classic.  Only available in the Easter Collection, they’re the perfect way to enjoy traditional French friture delivered with pure zChocolat flair. Learn more about our exceptional Easter pralines

  • Mother's Day Collection

    This year, Mother's Day is on March 26st in many countries. Make the most of this Day with a luxurious gift she’s sure to cherish. Each member of the Mother’s Day collection includes decadent flavors like raspberry ganache, sweet-salty caramel, and classic European pralines, covered in rich chocolate couvertures and packaged in elegant boxes. A Mother’s Day gift that’s succeeds at being both intensely sentimental and incredibly stylish.

  • Business Gifts

    With over 5,000 corporate customers in 88 countries, we at zChocolat realize how crucial business gift giving is for affirming established relationships and cultivating new ones. We offer sophisticated alternatives to traditional corporate gift baskets and deliver to 244 countries by DHL Express.