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My Text Engraving


Diamond-engraved on our zBoxes

zboxAll of our zBoxes are customizable with a 25-character message diamond-engraved onto a black plate. This rectangular 61mm x 22mm plate has rounded corners and embosses the front side of the box. The font of the engraving is Adobe Garamond italic and the font-size is automatically adjusted according to the length of your text.


Laser-carved on our Basswood boxes

tilleulAs opposed to our other boxes where an outside plate is affixed to the box, the 25-character message for the Basswood box is directly laser-carved to the front-side of the box, modifying the product itself by incising the wood one to 2 millimeter deep. This message is displayed in Adobe Garamond italic font and the size is adapted to the length of your text.


Diamond-engraved on our Mahogany boxes

acajouCustomize your Mahogany boxes with a personal 25-character message diamond-engraved to a brass plate. This rectangular 61mm x 22mm plate is flush-mounted to the front of the box. The font used is Adobe Garamond italic style with a more cursive aspect than the zBox engraving font, and the font-size is automatically adjusted to suit the length of your text.


How to add text engraving to your box

howtoENYou will find the customization option list on the right-hand side of the product page. Click on “My text engraving” and follow the instructions.


How to optimize the look of the engraving

For a clear and aesthetically pleasing engraving or carving, we suggest avoiding all capital letters your message unless it is composed of initials. We do recommend capitalizing the first letter of each word.


What is the cost?

A supplement of EUR 9.99 is applied for zBoxes, EUR 14.99 for Basswood boxes, and EUR 19.99 for Mahogany boxes. This customization is complimentary for VIP members