The latest 1,000 zChocolat reviews

Let us not forget how lucky we are to receive consistent accolades from our customers, often passionate, which constantly remind us that the quality and responsiveness of customer service has to meet the same exacting standards of our products. We have listed below the lastest 1,000 positive reviews received from customers worldwide. Visit our Facebook page for the other reviews from fans.

Review 1000: "my friend received it And she likes it. She said that your chocolates Taste nice and she nearly finished them all In one go. The box was awesome she said. She actually Sent me the photos it looks really good. I would rate your service 5 star! I would Definitely use zChocolat again in the future! Many thanks,"
Mica Gallema, UK

Review 999: "Many thanks for your zChocolat shipment last December. I have received the fine and delicious, hand made artisanal chocolates just before the Christmas and me and my family have tasted and enjoyed it very much. We are grateful to Mr Ankit Srivastava, my good old friend for this delicious and fine Christmas gift, and also to you for the product and the caring shipment."
dr. István Szent-Iványi, Hungary

Review 998: "Just want to confirm that I have received the zChocolat from you in excellent condition. Can’t complain on anything. This is the best chocolate I ever have taste."
Ulf Zanders, Sweden

Review 997: "Can't tell you how pleased I am with your service! The step-by-step tracking function -- especially for packages having to go through customs in foreign countries -- was wonderful and so reassuring. No more guessing as to whether/where gifts are. I now know that things have definitely arrived! Many thanks. Betsy"
Betsy, NY

Review 996: "Just got my package ! Again, you guys are amazing. Definitely will come back and you will get good publicity with my friends ! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas ! "
Radu, Canada

Review 995: "On behalf of the Team, a big thank-you for the fine chocolates you sent our way. EVERYONE is enjoying them. I feel like Forrest Gump. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family and the entire team"
Hannah, Canada

Review 994: "​Today we received a taste of what we’ve sent our clients. Great packaging and terrific product. Also, the ZChocolat communications made things effortless - from your follow ups to the automatic tracking. Unusually good service! "
Brenda, Houston, TX

Review 993: "[...] You guys run a great business and provide really good customer service so thank you."
Kenneth, UK

Review 992: "[...]I must say that it was excellent :) not only was this a lovely Surprise from my Girlfriend but it was such a nice package all together, I am truly happy with my Chocolates simply tasty and excellent :) I am now a Fan of your products for sure and will certainly plan future refills."

Review 991: "My chocolates were the absolute best! Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. I will be sure to check out the refills for my box. I have a feeling I will be coming back for more soon! "
Jessica Wilson, USA

Review 990: "... I have been very impressed in the way on how zChocolat goes about doing its business in a very professional manner and with excellent customer service I might add, which by the way is so rare these days. This follow up email that you have personally sent me is a perfect example of the customer service that I am talking about. Need I say more....I rest my case ! After entering in the search engine ' Chocolates delivered Sydney Australia ' I had a few options to consider to which I investigated but I very quickly became aware that your quality product and more importantly excellent service was miles ahead of the rest. Besides the timing I also have to take into consideration the message that I want on the gift card with this special gift for this special lady, which I will edit upon ordering... "
Manuel, Australia

Review 989: "Thank you very much for your great service! I am very satisfied because you really cared to do a VERY good job!That is unique and to be appreciated.
What I like a lot are your update emails. For me it is important to know where the package is at the moment, and you always let me know.
My friend who got surprised was also really happy, first because of the summer packaging and the cooling thing inside, and second, because the chocolate tastes absolutely delicious. I'm jealous I haven't been able to try it yet. :-)
I will be your customer again in the future!"

Angelika Zach, Austria

Review 988: "I am so grateful for such amazing service. Your company is by far one of the best in the world as well as makes people happy for many years to come! Yours Eddie "
Eddie, UK

Review 987: "(...) Your product! Oh My Stars they are amazing. Those chocolates are what cocoa beans aspire to be. If there is a chocolate heaven, you make the angels. (...)"
Nick Daish, Australia

Review 986: "I am very happy from the service. I liked keeping me on the loop on the stages of the package journey, although DHL has a tracking service the customer services took an extra mile to send emails as well, which i really was impressed with.
I really felt that my package had a 5 star service to reach my friend.
He texted me to thank me and I quote his wife described the chocolate as 'the best chocolate she has ever tasted'.
I really thank you and your company for everything.
Regards "

Mohammed Alsarah, Dubai

Review 985: "I just wanted to drop you a short note and say a huge THANK YOU (…) for ensuring that my large quantity order of 160 zBox 8 pack chocolates arrived safely and on time for my event. From the initial enquiry back in November 2013 to the delivery of the products on 24th January 2014 - every step was a joy! You answered all my questions, worked with me tirelessly to ensure that every detail I wanted was correct and kept me updated every step of the way (…) And let's not forget the chocolates themselves - DIVINE! All my guests were absolutely in awe of the gifts that I had chosen for them - chocolates sent all the way from France! They were a definite talking point at the event and devoured excitedly by all (…) Thank you once again for the amazing service and absolute attention to detail - and of course, to your master chocolatier Pascal for creating this decadent experience of French opulence for my guests. "
Saane Tuinukuafe, Australia

Review 984: "Everything was perfect and the chocolates were divine!! The delivery was exactly right, reaching me in time for my birthday.
We really appreciate all your efforts as finding and organising great customer service in Europe when you are at the end of the world in Australia is not easy.
Again, many thanks.... Greg "

Gregory Byers, Germany

Review 983: "Thank you very much for your e-mail. I gave your chocolates to my wife as part of her birthday present. She absolutely loved them and even said, 'this is the best birthday gift ever!' Thank you for doing what you do so well.
Charles McIlroy "

Charles McIlroy, USA

Review 982: "Thanks a lot for the GREAT Service that you have, it was a perfect choice for me to work with you.
You are great at the job and great in being touch with the customers as well


Çagil Kurt, Turkey

Review 981: "Bonjour :)

My cousin, Arianne, sent me the chocolates. They were, as always, exquisite.
I actually introduced my dear cousin to your company and your product. I bought a a box of chocolates from your company earlier last year and found them to be incredible. Please keep in mind that my past chocolate purchases have been exclusively Neuhaus and La Maison du Chocolat. However, after I tried zChocolat, I was completely enchanted. I then purchased another box for myself and then I purchased a box for my dear cousin. She was also enchanted and agreed that the chocolate was of the highest quality. Please keep in mind that for two Dutch women to give such high accolades to a French chocolate company is quite a compliment! :)

Keep up the amazing work!


Angela Ellingsen, USA

Review 980: "Just simply amazing and beautiful. Thank you"
Jayne Endo, USA

Review 979: "They were to die for...someone remarked they were a religious experience, another that they could have a bath with them... (...)"
Vikram Nangia, USA

Review 978: "Thank you Your quality of service far exceeds any other supplier I have come across. Thank you again for your attention to detail. Kind regards "
John Clark, Australia

Review 977: "This is a first class service! I have been kept informed of the progress of the delivery every step of the way. Many thanks. "
Jill Martinez, United Kingdom

Review 976: "Merci bien zChocolat, The chocolates arrived. They were a big hit and they look Devine and taste DELICIOUS. I also appreciate your very classy packaging. A class act you are, all the way. I am very impressed, also how you were on top of the delivery process. You got a new customer, but before I order again, I have to earn some money, perhaps get a second job. Your chocolates are sinfully delicious. Thanks, a great beginning for 2014. Merci, Juergen Kuehn "
Juergen Kuehn, USA

Review 975: "Merci bien zChocolat, The chocolates arrived. They were a big hit and they look Devine and taste DELICIOUS. I also appreciate your very classy packaging. A class act you are, all the way. I am very impressed, also how you were on top of the delivery process. You got a new customer, but before I order again, I have to earn some money, perhaps get a second job. Your chocolates are sinfully delicious. Thanks, a great beginning for 2014. Merci, Juergen Kuehn "
Juergen Kuehn, USA

Review 974: "All packages has arrived and everyone have loved them thus far! One of our buyers is originally from Paris but now lives in the US. Below is part of his thank you note, that I’d thought you’d enjoy! I received last week a package from you coming from Aix-en-Provence…I did not know what to expect and was delighted to open a box of delicious chocolates from France! Aix-en-Province is one of the gourmet cities of France, a very good choice to find chocolates It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I hope to work together with you again in the future. "
Tobias, CA - USA

Review 973: "This is a great company I am in America and I have family in Italy and they have always loved your wonderful products"
Scott Fulton, USA

Review 972: " Very good service - thank you. We all really enjoy your products - keep enhancing them. Thank you"
Werner Schaefer USA

Review 971: "Wonderful I m happy I can send a gift to a dear friend in Mexico"
Tamara Guzelj, USA

Review 970: "I am writing in response to the letter I received from you. I purchased the ZChocolates for corporate holiday gifts and got remarkable feedback from clients worldwide. Specifically related to presentation, appreciated the silver exterior box and ice pack, and the interior bag with card. In addition, the product itself was excellent. Thanks. "
Katie Irving, Cayman Island

Review 969: "Thanks for the Chocolates, frankly the best packaged Chocolates I have ever seen! They came in a padded box inside that were in a draw string black cotton little sack, and inside that was a gift wrapped style package which then contained a little wooded chest! Anyway thanks again and hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. "
Andrew Stone , South Africa

Review 968: "Thank you very much, the package has arrived and my girlfriend was more than pleased. It was very special and I appreciate everything. Happy Holidays "
Daniel Chamoun, USA

Review 967: "Dear Zchocolat team, You are so nice keeping me informed step by step during this process. I am sure that Manuel and his family will adore your chocolates so much. He actually called me afterwards and told me that he was totally impressed and he did not know what to look at first, at the chocolates or the packaging :). I am very happy i discovered you! Thank you and have an absolutely magic Christmas! Andreea "
Andreea Pantilimon, Romania

Review 966: "Your emails and update notices were outstanding and the speed from order to delivery was awesome - 3 business days to little old Lowell, MI. That had to be the best customer service I've ever received. If your chocolate is as good as your service, my wife is going to be very, very happy; and I'm going to be a hero.
Merry Christmas and thanks for everything. "

Edward Rix, USA

Review 965: "I just want to let you know how happy I am with the exceptional service that you have provided. I was informed about every step in the handling of my order, and as a consequence, was not left with having to track the order myself or knowing if my gift was successfully delivered. From beginning to end it has been a pleasure to do business with this company. I will definitely order from you again! Sincerely, Margaret"
Margaret, San Francisco,CA - USA

Review 964: "I just want to let you know how happy I am with the exceptional service that you have provided. I was informed about every step in the handling of my order, and as a consequence, was not left with having to track the order myself or knowing if my gift was successfully delivered. From beginning to end it has been a pleasure to do business with this company. I will definitely order from you again!"
Margaret Ware, USA

Review 963: "Great, professional service. SO Much better than a standard gift basket ... so dated "
Cindy Apostle, USA

Review 962: "Dear zChocolat,
I cannot thank you enough.
If you would be in India I would have personally come and thanked you for all the help you have provided me.
Your services are the best.
God Bless You,
Kind Regards,
Mustafa Mun "

Mustafa Mun, India

Review 961: "Thank you for following up! I was very impressed by the level of service, especially with the attentiveness to detail and providing information. And, my friend, who received them as a gift, said the chocolates were nothing like he had ever tasted (and he is quite the chocolate connoisseur). I am a little sad that I gave them away…:-)"
Mukti Khaire, USA

Review 960: "Thank you for asking about my satisfaction with zChocolat's services. I could not be more satisfied. The Internet site was easy to use and informative. I am not a wealthy person but am able to treat myself from time to time. It was such fun for me to track my shipment from Provence to Paris to Brussels to Cincinnati to my home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Yesterday I admired the packaging. Today I ate the first piece--a 21. I let it melt on my tongue for a long time. What joy! Magnificent! I had planned to keep them in the refrigerator and eat one every other day. Already that plan has been changed to one every day. I fear that restraint too will be difficult. It is clear to me that I have chosen my treat well. "

Joan Wilson, USA

Review 959: "Thank you very much for your email and the ones I received before this reporting my order's delivery status.
I am not only impressed but very pleased about how much information you have provided me about my order.
We`ll keep in touch. "

Cesar Crespi, Argentina

Review 958: "The chocolates were received in perfect condition and are indeed some of the most wonderful chocolates we have ever had occassion to taste. We appreciate the art, the handiwork and the passion that has gone into the making of these exquisite creations. They are truly to be savoured.
The shipping carrier also has delivered them in perfect condition.
Wishing the company and the chocolatiers all the very best and a great future ahead.

Jessy Koshy, Canada

Review 957: "I'm really impressed by your website - it's great to use!
I decided to order a gift for my Dad from your company instead of a Singapore-based one (which is where he lives) because the user experience was great with your site, and also because the delivery charges are really great for overseas shipping.
Thanks a bunch"

Julie Netto, Australia

Review 956: "The chocolates thay were sent to me were out of this world, the purest chocolate I have ever tasted, not one flaw, from the wrapping to the filling inside the chocolate everything was absolutely gorgeous. I had not one complaint about them. Thank you, everything was perfect."
Theresa Girard, USA

Review 955: "I am delighted that delivery has been made to my recipient for her 90th birthday. I have not yet heard from her. May I thank you for your service and wonderful communications, it is unusual to get such good information on the progress of an order. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company and look forward to using you again. With best wishes "
Rowena Sinclair, UK

Review 954: "I dont know if this is the right email address that i need to contact with you or not, but i just had to say THANK YOU for all of your services. Ive sent plenty amount of gifts over-sea, and this is the first place who would give me the notice, which i really like to hear, every time something. The person who receieved the phone call from delivery service, and that is first time i heard any company did it.(They usually just send the products and dont worry about after they send the products). Well, thats all i had to say. Thank you for all your hospitality and service. And hope you guys continue the service you have right now. "
Jung Lee, USA

Review 953: "The order was apparently brilliant- unfortunately it wasn't for me so couldn't try the chocolate! It was a birthday present for my brother who is a student in Groningen (and I'm a student from Scotland!) but I got a message as soon as it arrived saying a big thank you and that he was ecstatic with it. Apparently the chocolates are delicious!

I used the option of putting a photo in the card- I think that this is a lovely touch and a great way to make the gift more personal. Thank you so much; the service has been extremely easy to use, well organised and I felt really reassured by the email updates of how the order was progressing considering this is the first time I have used this service. I would love to use it again and will definitely recommend it to anyone who like me, is wanting to send a special gift to someone!

All the best and many thanks,
Claire "

Claire, Edinburgh - UK

Review 952: "Dear zChocolat I heard about you from a friend who is a very famous chef in South Africa (and the world), he posted on Facebook that zChocolat is the best chocolate he has ever tasted. Your after service honestly is the best I've ever experienced. THANK YOU! "
Elmarie, Blackfalds - Canada

Review 951: "I have been informed that my order has finally arrived at its final destination. I just want to take the opportunity to thank you personally for your awesome customer service from the inception of my order to final delivery, it has been above and beyond anything any experience I've had before with online purchases. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone in future. Have a wonderful day and once again many thanks. "
Robert, Warwick- bermudas

Review 950: "I enjoyed the chocolates immensely. The packaging was superb in that it was personalized (engraved name and picture) and the chocolates were delectable. The present truly made me feel special. "

Review 949: "The order was perfectly received. He loves the selection of chocolates and is 100% sure that your chocolates are the best that he has ever eaten. He has eaten chocolates from all over the world. So that is a very big compliment to zChocolat. "
Vanessa, Randburg, South Africa

Review 948: "zChocolat is 200% professional in their dealings with customers requirements. It is extremely re-assuring to know that your excellent product will be delivered perfectly and without any trouble to the client. Especially taking into account that I changed the delivery date ! "
Vanessa, Randburg, South Africa

Review 947: "I am amazed and BLOWN away, in what kind of packaging the zchocolates came in. The chocolates are amazing and really beautifully done. 10 Stars for Packaging 10 Stars for Presentation 10 Stars for Design 10 Stars for Taste 10 Stars for customer feedback Well Done!!!!!!!!!!! "
Vivek, Brisbane, Australia

Review 946: "I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful chocolates and the fantastic service provided by Z. They arrived with my girlfriend today as promised and they cheered her up which was exactly what I was hoping for! She said the box was very impressive! It was nice to deal with a company who take pride in their product as well as customer service, and I have to say that having the regular updates from Z was extremely helpful. I shall certainly be using you again in the future. Money well spent! Merci et bientot! "
Ed, UK

Review 945: "We were absolutely delighted that our birthday gift of chocolates was delivered on time to our son in Berlin who declared himself ‘stunned and amazed’ to receive such a gift. We appreciated being able to track the chocolates as they travelled across France and Germany and we were extremely impressed with the service we received at all points. This has proved am immensely successful way to send a gift from Australia to Europe and we have already been happy to recommend ZChocolat to friends here. "
Biddy, Australia

Review 944: "Dear Customer Service, Thanks so much for the delivery update and your excellent service. This is my 2nd order from zChocolat - all has gone very smooth and I want you to know that your chocolates are the world's best! Do keep up the great service! Cheers Chad "
Chad, Singapore

Review 943: "(...) There are lots of good reasons to never think of ordering chocolate from anywhere else, and one of them is that your service is always perfect (one of the others is that the chocolates are to die for ....) Thanks as always, "
Ivo, UK

Review 942: "Fantastic service. I was reminded of my friend s birthday and within a few minutes I had ordered and her gift was on it s way. Must be the best experience I have had shopping. Thank you."
Ann - New Zealand

Review 941: "As a professional in the world of food and wine I have to share how impressed I have been by the quality, presentation and creativeness of Z Chocolat. I first learned about these amazing morsels when I received an elegant package over-nighted from Provence, France as a 'thank you' from a very special client. The all natural products handpicked from International sources are nothing short of sensory. The feel of the chocolate in your mouth is simply elegant. As I've gathered info from Z in preparation for a podcast as a Foodcaster on and for my 'Italian Lessons' food Column in the Napa Register. I was impressed again when the additional samples I requested arrived in a personally engraved wooden box, tucked within a classy monogrammed bag. I shared these with 'foodie' friends in the Napa Wine County and we paired our sample tasting with a special bottle of red from The STags Leap district and were amazed at the celebration our palates were having. These chocolates are now my favorite 'go to' for unique gifts for any occasion. Definited created to impress. Thank you Z!"
Diane, USA

Review 940: "Thank you very much for the excellent service. The chocolates were delivered in perfect condition. I think this is the best chocolate I tasted so far."
Talal - Kingdom of Bahrain

Review 939: "Many thanks for your delivery confirmation. The report back that I received from Mr S... is that the Chocolates that he received from zChocolat were the best chocolates that he has ever tasted in his life. Mr S... is very well travelled and has eaten chocolate from all over the world, but the chocolates that he received last week were simply absolutely delicious - top of the tops in quality ! I will definitely order the Refill Pack for Mr S... (maybe for Christmas). Many many thanks for delivering a gift that has been so well received and enjoyed. Kind regards Vanessa"
Vanessa - South Africa

Review 938: "Goodmorning from Cyprus =) just wanted to say zChocolat rocks! all our clients are very pleased when they receive them!"
Andreas, Cyprus

Review 937: "Letting you know that the chocolates arrived in perfect condition and the presentation was immaculate. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and they are like nothing I've seen here. "
Carly - Australia

Review 936: "Thank you so much for your perfect service and providing the information in time. I'm very glad to recieve your emails. All the emails ease my mind. And I'm very happy that I chose zChocolat as the birthday gift for my best friend. Thanks again for your nice service. "
Weili, Y - China

Review 935: "I continue to have very positive experiences using zchocolat. I have used the services for about a year now on numerous occasions and I have always been satisfied. The customer service department has ALWAYS been courteous and helpful. Thank you for always giving your best in fulfilling these orders, Keep up the great work."
Mahesh M, USA

Review 934: "Thank you for an impeccable package that was well received and enjoyed. Your service was beyond exceptional."
Kasi B, South Africa

Review 933: "The chocolates were delicious! I was especially impressed by the personal and professional packaging, which made it extra special and fun to open and enjoy. I will definitely consider zChocolat as a gift option for my business partners and colleagues in the future. "
Ziv G, USA

Review 932: "The Box of Zchocolat arrived promptly and in excellent condition. The quality of the chocolate and presentation is the best I have seen for a long time. Also would like to congratulate on your after service, no doubt your company will be very successful."
Ernst Z

Review 931: "zChocolat was once given to me as a gift and I don't believe there is an equal anywhere in taste and quality. I am extremely impressed with the promptness and follow up of your service. Thank you ever so much."
Jennifer S., USA

Review 930: "Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! Not only did you keep me informed of every step of the delivery process, but you also anticipated and addressed any questions or concerns I had. The recipient of the delivery was absolutely thrilled with the presentation of the chocolate and has said that it is the best chocolate she has ever had. And this from a woman who claims Belgian chocolate is the best! Also, your survival kit was perfect with the flashlight as an added touch and I am so happy that my friend was thrilled with the package. Again, my thanks for providing excellent customer service and a product that not only matches what you advertise on your website, but exceeds expectations. "
Melody, USA

Review 929: "I just personally wanted to say thank you for your services. I was very impressed with the website. My whole shopping experience has been easy and felt effortless. I was extremely impressed with the updates I received regarding my delivery, even to the end where I was emailed the name of the person who signed for the delivery. . All in all I have been very impressed. I have not come across a website like this. You have truly excelled and hit the nail on the head! Fantastic shopping experience. So pleased. "
Saira, UK

Review 928: "I want to take this opportunity to send a big THANK YOU your way for making this experience a memorable for us. For me, it was a delight. The user interface of your website made it very easy for me to browse through your products and place my order, giving me an exact description of what I was getting. Thereafter, your proactive attitude to customer service left me supremely impressed. I myself work with an organization known for its legacy of service but even then, I am very impressed with your service. The post-order experience is a memorable one - you kept me informed at every stage and I didn't have to worry about what was happening to my order. And finally, the product. My sister was floored with the delivery and the chocolates. Not only is the quality of your chocolates great but even the entire packaging is an experience in itself. You live up to your 'premium' tag. I am a customer for life! Thanks again for making this so wonderful for us both :) "
Ruchi, India

Review 927: "I would like to Say Thank you for your service. My wife loved the gift and the packaging. As for me, I am thoroughly impressed by your service and would definitely like to use it again. Once again many thanks to you and your team and specially your concierge service. You guys are doing a great job."
Muhammad, Saudi Arabia

Review 926: "Again, thank you for this awesome experience. Also, I am very touched by the wise decision of the young lady at order processing who shipped the order in a protective packaging.... I was not aware of this additional touch, and she suggested it to me, free. She must be a gifted intuitive for it was 28 degrees and sunny in Washington DC area, AND as per DHL, this shipment was picked up early in the morning, kept in a hot delivery truck and delivered close to 7 oclock in the evening. Her decision saved the chocolates from melting away... Hats off for having such a classy, creative and dedicated people at zChocolat. "
Marianna, Luxembourg

Review 925: "I am very impressed by your tip-top customer service. Doing business with such a professional, caring staff is a wonderful experience. Until my next order I wish you the very best."
Nico, Luxembourg

Review 924: "It was truly a gift of style, and with the love that they bring, made my birthday very nice and sweet. Your chocolates are completely hedonistic pleasure. Wonderful quality and taste, and it was a pleasure to enjoy them and share them with family. The greatest praise from my nine year old son. I wish you success in your future work. As a consumer I'm flattered to your effort with design as much as taste and quality. "
Marian, Serbia

Review 923: "Only I can say I'm extraordinary satisfied with zChocolat customer service. I Will definitely recommend to order gifts here in Russia to all my friends. I Have never seen before such an interest to satisfy customer needs. I Was nicely surprised. I Very much appreciate the customer service staff. Thank you. "
Irakli, Russia

Review 922: "Your gift to me came from France to Peirce College. The well wrapped package went directly to the President. Was I ever surprised at our faculty meeting when a member of staff presented a silver wrapped gift box to me. The administration were delighted that you would be so kind to think of the Peirce Faculty and especially me with so thoughtful a gift. I read the note and the little book about chocolates. I am impressed by the credentials of the chocolatier and the worldwide ingredients. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I treasure the wooden box in which the chocolates were sent, and will keep it in my study room as a reminder that I am forever grateful that you were my student. Again, thanks for the delicious chocolates and the extras that came with them. In appreciation."

Review 921: "[...]The chocolates are so delicious, they’re simply sensational. The zChocolat advertising lives up to its name and exceeds it. When I wrote the card I had only tasted two of the chocolates. Well one tray disappeared last night whilst I was watching TV. Now I only have three trays left. Guess what? I am NOT offering any of these chocolates to my family or friends. I am going to be extremely selfish and have them all to myself. This time of year in Australia is a good time to receive chocolates as it’s late autumn and winter will be approaching. The weather is cool so the chocolates arrive in excellent condition. By the way DHL are really good, fast carriers aren’t they? The chocolates were very safely and securely packaged. [...]Needless to say as the great Arnold Schwarzenegger says “I’ll be back”. So, to sum it up succinctly the chocolates were absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much. "
Jenny, Australia

Review 920: "(...)I have been extremely impressed with the standard and quality of customer service at zChocolat. "
Anna, Australia

Review 919: "I have been sharing my experience with zChocolat with some of my co-workers. As a result, not only have you impressed me with your outstanding level of service but also others within our organization. You have succeeded in installing a positive impression. I intend to use this experience as a training example in an upcoming staff meeting. Thank you! "
Dave, Canada

Review 918: "I find that your company's customer service is by far the best I've seen in the e-commerce industry and I've spent hundreds of thousands purchasing online. Great job zChocolat!"
Dylan, NY, USA

Review 917: "Thanks for the note. I just received notification that it's been delivered. I have always liked the timely updates and status tracking whenever I ordered from zchocolat. So, well done once again for another flawless order delivery. I shall continue to be a customer for sure and will also highly recommend it to close friends and family. "
Zang T, China

Review 916: "Our order arrived in good order and on time. I am sure my wife will enjoy this special gift from France for mother's day. Congratulation to your firm for the best online experience I have had in years. Your communications were outstanding and you did what you said you were going to do. I’ll recommend zChocolat to my friends with pleasure. With best regards, "
Andreas S, USA

Review 915: "It’s definitely a piece of masterpiece, rather than just a gift —I was astonished how beautiful and elegant it is, as well as by your fast turn-around delivery and personal note and engraver! "
Zhana, UAE

Review 914: "It would not be an exaggeration to say that they are quite simply, the most gorgeous chocolates we have ever seen. "
Hannah, UK

Review 913: "Thank you for the prompt delivery of the chocolates. What more can I say, I loved the presentation, the quality of the chocolates and the lightening speed delivery. I'm very impressed."
Grant, UK

Review 912: "WOW! I’m blown over. Elegant, stylish, sophisticated and that’s just the bag that holds the box. The box is impressive and the chocolates look amazing. I myself love white chocolate and tried the white, although I’m taking them home to my wife to sample fully later."
Adrian, UK

Review 911: "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was gone last week, however, my neighbors came over on the weekend as they had signed for the chocolates. They are delicious!! And I can’t believe you engraved my name on the box!"
Heidi, USA

Review 910: "Thank you for your notification and very happy of your services! I will defintly recommend Zchocolat to my friends!"
houria, UAE

Review 909: "I received my chocolates from my brother. They are so very delicious, I have been savoring them since they arrived. The presentation and packing is as beautiful as the chocolates! Thank you for such outstanding service!"
Merri C, USA

Review 908: "I am writing in reply to the letter I received regarding my gift of chocolates. There were no problems whatsoever and the chocolates were amazing! I had such a great experience with the delivery and overall package. Thank you so much for everything and I am excited to use your services again in the future. "
Bianca P, Netherlands

Review 907: "Please note that my recipient confirmed receipt of the chocolates. He said that it was the most unique taste he ever received of a chocolate. He distributed to all his friends and they had high appreciation of the chocolate. I will soon order for another friend. You did not please me with your service but you 'wowed' me by your care and concern. Cheers and long live zchocolate. Keep up the good work! "
Asha B, Mauritius

Review 906: "Thank you for your letter. Really appreciated you taking such good care of the process and quality of the services you deliver. We have NO remark at all. Quality of chocolate is perfect, box is brilliant and we were very happy to receive such a present from our friends. Kind regards, "
Frank V S, Netherlands

Review 905: "Thank you very much all your constant updates regarding my order, it is indeed appreciated. I am very impressed with your level of attention & efficiency. I will definitely be a returning customer. All the arrangements you have made so far sound fine! Thank you again for all your help. "
Elaine N, Singapore

Review 904: "I have safely received the beautiful chocolates in the beautiful box! Thank you so much for such details and care in making the gift so fine and sweet. My recipient will be coming to Kuala Lumpur very soon and I will pass this wonderful gift to him personally, with lots of love and tenderness… I’m sure he would be thrilled! Thank you for your excellent service and I would not be hesitate to use ZChocolat again in near future. Kind Regards, "
Salina S, Kuala Lumpur

Review 903: "I'm sure you already know this, but the service zChocolat offers is just outstanding. The chocolates arrived in perfect condition today as you mentioned they would and I can see why this company is accredited with an A+ rating when it comes to customer service. Once again, thank you guys for resolving such matters and the way that it was handled... was just pure class. The chocolates.. well they speak for themselves and only someone who's tried them from zChocolat would know. Just simply amazing and delicious! Kind Regards, "
Nam L, Honk Kong

Review 902: "I would like to thank you very much for such a professional customer treatment I've experienced. That was my first purchase in your shop (not the last one I'm very sure about it) and it was a great pleasure for me. Your attention to even the smallest details is unbelievable and it just amazed me. In 1-10 scale I give your shop a perfect 10, well deserved. Phone support is great - very kind and professional, chocolates are delicious, and packed with unusual care, woody box and all customizations look superb, simply everything is as perfect as possible. Best regards and thanks once again for great work! "
Jan S, Poland

Review 901: "Thank you very much for being so generous and considerate. It makes me feel my husband and I are your only customers :) The quality of your products and your services are up to the mark, rather better. Keep up the good work! "
Hiba H, Morocco

Review 900: "My girlfriend is very happy with her gift and she tells me the chocolate is delicious. She also loved the stylish box and beautiful presentation. I also want to let you know I'm very happy and completely satisfied with everything. Thank you for your outstanding service and taking care of me. I wish you the best of luck and zChocolat has my personal recommendation to those around me. "
Jason W, USA

Review 899: "I became a customer of your service & goods for the first time this year when I ordered a special box of your fine chocolates to my boyfriend in Switzerland for Valentines Day. I believe that you would appreciate some feedback on your service and quality and so I'm happy to tell you that my boyfriend and I were very satisfied from both ends! The chocolates are great, the delivery was fast and my personalized packaging looked very stylish with the heart lock attached with it, just like I ordered. I would certainly suggest you to my friends and will definitely keep you in mind for further stylish presents and fine chocolates to my dearest friends and family. "
Julie M, Moscow

Review 898: "Thank you so much for your cooperation...Delivery was in time, the box was wonderful and chocolate beyond imagination....(too bad it doesn't last for more). I will recommend you to all my friends! "
Aggelikh C-K, Greece

Review 897: "Great company, great product, and amazing! My girlfriend loved your treats, and the beautiful packaging. I appreciated the quick delivery and amazing customer service. Will continue using zChocolat from now on!"
Oseas M, USA

Review 896: "I have ordered twice from your company and each time it has been a perfect experience from ordering to seeing my spouse enjoy her treats. Thank you for the ease of ordering and excellent quality of your product."
Hector S, USA

Review 895: "I stumbled on your company over a year ago, in search of the best chocolate in the world, for my girlfriend. I can honestly tell you that your products are the best that I have experienced and has set the standard. She is absolutely convinced that zChocolat is the very best in the world! The additional benefit of your company is the OUTSTANDING service that comes with the ordering and shipping of your products. I have now ordered several times and each transaction has been simple and absolutely flawless. The ability for me to customize each order with several different options, is a very nice touch. Your customer service is very professional and is a big asset to your company. I recommend, on every level, zChocolat as the premier gift for anyone that deserves the best chocolate in the world."
Scott W, USA

Review 894: "Thank you very much to the zChocolat family for an absolutely great service of product and its delivery, fully satisfying the customer. In addition to that, thanks for making a day perfect for my precious one ♥ ..."
Haseeb S, Pakistan

Review 893: "I ordered several boxes for clients for the holiday season and the feedback I have been getting from them is awesome! These are among the finest tasting chocolates they have ever tasted, and equally as important, the presentation was most impressive. Many told me they were amazed. I would give your company the highest possible rating for both quality and customer service."
Stuart W, USA

Review 892: "Without doubt the best surprise I have given my wife since our engagement! zChocolate was out of the packaging that I ordered so they gave a free upgrade, and couldn't have been more pleased. Aside from the trouble with DHL and their failure to update their tracking information it was a seamless delivery. I appreciate the great customer service from ZChocolate and would, without hesitation, recommend this to anyone! Thank you for the fantastic work"
Jeff Y, Canada

Review 891: "I am extremely impressed with your pleasant and precise service. Keeping me informed on the status of my husbands anniversary gift was priceless. I received it just now from DHL, I'm in Arizona, USA we are experiencing temperatures of above 110' f, and the cool pack kept them from melting. We are celebrating tomorrow, perfect timing. Thank you so much!"
Katrine E, USA

Review 890: "I expected the delivery in 6 days and it was delivered in 2 days! Thank you so much. she loved the gifts, the package and everything. Best customer support and best service. Merci beaucoup vous etes superbe!!!"
Wael Al K, UAE

Review 889: "Incredible customer service, extremely helpful and responsive. My order arrived exactly as I had hoped, and in perfect condition even though shipped from France to California - I can't wait to present this to my wife for our anniversary. Merci!"
Scott G, USA

Review 888: "zChocolat is where you find yourself unique and give the special gift to a special one. Best customer service ever! Thank you for making a unique and joyful day to remember. I will definitely order again."
Mona O, Qatar

Review 887: "I scoured the web for chocolates I could have delivered to my uncle in the UK to celebrate his 80th birthday (I'm in Canada). I have to say you are light years ahead of all the other offerings I found. So beautiful. So tasteful. Absolutely gorgeous stuff."
Gary L, Canada

Review 886: "Ordered as a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law. Every year I send her something different and this gift was a huge hit with everyone in the family. The youngest son wanted to take them to school and when he couldn't do that....he want to take a small bite of each chocolate to let his Mom know which was the best - that was a NO also so instead he took the wrapping so that he could at least smell the chocolate the entire day he was in school. Thank you zChocolat for having such wonderful candy and the detail you take in not only the presentation but keeping me notified as to the shipment. I will definitely be a repeat customer."
Marsha K, USA

Review 885: "You have a wonderful customer service team & I received a complimentary package today!! I love the product and I am so impressed with the speed of follow up on everything. Even my gift recipient now intends to use your services in the future. Thumbs up "
Cherry L, USA

Review 884: "Bonjour zChoc'ies :) Merci always for your service! My Pack arrived very well in Mexico after 9600km of travel. Just right at time (Valentines Day) like last time! Just one 'word' (but is more only a sound): *mmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* I am so happy and need share this comment, to tell everyone. Merci Danke Gracias"
Mathias G, Germany

Review 883: "I have just received my very first box of zChocolat - Touche x 2. Super fast & timely delivery, very nice & proper packaging, quality & yummy handmade chocolates, excellent customer service & communication. The wooden box is good for keepsake & refill. Thanks, zChocolat! Highly recommended."
Jocelyn A, Singapore

Review 882: "Just delivered !! I am so excited to give these to my darling husband.... I put one chocolate in my mouth, a dark chocolate with hazel nuts... the flavor was so intense, rich and velvety, each element of this chocolate opened itself to me, PURE HEAVEN...I may have passed out while eating it... but when I opened my eyes ......... Worth Every penny !!! the Customer service is OUTSTANDING ~~~~~ Thank you so much..... best service and quality !! High praise !! "
Brandi L, USA

Review 881: "I just wanted to say that I ordered from zChocolate again this year, and was just as impressed as I was two years ago. zchocolate is a must for benchmarking ecommerce sites. From the time I ordered to the time my mother received the parcel I must have gotten 6 emails updating me of my status. One was even saying 'we noticed there was delay at DHL and we have already inquired about it, your package will be delivered within 24 hours'. They didnt wait for me to complain. I selected the option to have zchocolate call my mom and tell her the package would arrive the day after (I ordered late), and the woman who called my mom was very pleasant and friendly. Thanks for staying on top of things and offering such outstanding service! With such a good quality product, i think you could even get away with having 'just ok' service. But your company mandate seems to be offering the best service AND best quality. How many companies are there like that in the world? Anyway. I'm a FAN!!!"
Mary F, Canada

Review 880: "I have ordered zChocolat chocolates many times for many different occasions because Pascal Caffet's delightful creations, zChocolat's services and customer care are exemplary. Last year my best friend sent me zChocolats for my birthday. Having been the sender, I never realized how extraordinarily elegant the box was in hand. Just unpacking it was a really nice experience, with my friend's gift message in a special pouch around the chocolates. The chocolates are gone but I still have the beautiful box."
Susan P, USA

Review 879: "There is absolutely no doubt. These are the most luxurious and delicious chocolates I have ever eaten. And the packaging ... unsurpassed. I am a new lover of zChocolat!"
Doreen P, Canada

Review 878: "I am very impressed. Can't believe my order shipped from France, passed Indian Customs and arrived at my desk in flat 2 days. Outstanding delivery !! The orders arrive in immaculate condition and nevertheless the chocolates are just out of this them once and you wont look elsewhere. Great Site and very User Friendly :)"
Prakash J, India

Review 877: "zChocolat is AMAZING! The best customer service and the outstanding chocolates with a 70% Venezuelan Chocolats :)))) I proud of it!!!!!! I absolute recommend it for a very high, nice and unforgettable gift !!! Bravo ;)"
Myriam P, Austria

Review 876: "Have just ordered a second present from you for a friend. So easy to do and such a lovely website! Also AMAZING products, am sure my friend will love it! I'll have to order one for me soon, I haven't tried the chocolates yet and I want to, I love chocolate! Thank you x"
Sam B, UK

Review 875: "Thank you very much for the exemplary service and the outstanding chocolates, packaged perfectly. We will be back for many more and very soon!"
Josh M, Australia

Review 874: "Without doubt the absolute best customer service I've experienced online. Like the chocolate you guys have the service side down to a fine art. I look forward to being a very regular customer!"
Liam S, Australia

Review 873: "One of the Best Company ever seen.... It is has the best service..... Thank you for making my Day.... You people are really amazing....."
Altaf M, Qatar

Review 872: "I ordered a beautiful zChocolat package all the way from New Zealand to be delivered to Malaysia. The service from your team was beyond my expectation, excellent. Thank You!"
Joanne L, New Zealand

Review 871: "I have given your chocolates for the past 8 years and I have never been disappointed by your service nor heard of any complaints of your chocolates. Please keep innovating so that I can keep the ladies happy. ;)"
Matthew W, Germany

Review 870: "zChocolat is a Godsend. I'm so very impressed, got my order delivered to Hong Kong in under 24 hours for my 10 year anniversary. A wonderful surprise for my wife and the engraving on the box will make it an unforgettable happy memory."
Brandon L, Hong Kong

Review 869: "I must complement your company. I ordered in February for a recipient in South Africa and it was the easiest and best internet order experience I have ever had. The recipient in South Africa is a chocolate lover and she advised me that your product is superb! Thank you again for your continuous informative updates and help with processing the order. "
Alan F, Canada

Review 868: "The Chocolates arrived in a perfect condition. I opened my box here in the office and all my colleagues just loved them and we all understand that they are made by a World Champion Chocolatier. You can be assure that I now know how real Chocolate can taste! Thank you for such a good Service. "
Nyship C, Sweden

Review 867: "Thank you for your letter. I did indeed receive a box of your chocolates – a gift from my lovely brother. They were in excellent condition and they are, as you must know, divine. I am hoping he will be so generous next year, too. Thank you again and regards. "
Rachael B, Hong Kong

Review 866: "I have just eaten the last chocolate! They were very nice. I was extremely impressed with the presentation of them - Please e-mail me your price list as I think that your chocolates would make very good presents for my family for birthdays and Christmas. I have never had a box of chocolates in a wooden box. A few years ago I bought my mother a box of chocolates from Harrods - I think yours are better. Yours sincerely, "
Peter S, UK

Review 865: "Your customer service is the BEST I've ever experienced! Follow up was amazing! My daughter-in-law said the chocolates were sooo good and felt very special that they'd'come all the way from France.I would definitely use your company in the future! Thank you! "
Lynn R, USA

Review 864: "Let me start with expressing how I am with your attention to details. Every single details of the shopping experience was wonderful. That what made me order your chocolate. Though I have landed at website by accident and have never tried your chocolate before. This email from you despite how simple might it seem, it is another sign on the high quality of your business. I guess that will only be topped once I actually receive the chocolate which i am looking forward to. I am also hoping I could visit you next time I am in France. Thank you for such a service! "
Adel A, UAE

Review 863: "This is regarding your inquiry on the quality and the condition of the package of chocolates I received. First of all, forgive me for stating the obvious but the chocolates were delicious little morsels of heaven. So much so, that I had a difficult time sharing and I've already ordered a batch for a dear friend in the USA for Mother's Day. I plan to order more in the future. I truly appreciate the top quality customer service I've received from your company thus far. Particularly when I ordered the chocolates to the USA - I was notified that upon checking the weather conditions at destination, you arranged for temperature sensitive packaging on my behalf at no additional cost. The quality of your product and customer service... down to the smallest detail, is above and beyond. Thank you so much! "
Nadine M, Spain

Review 862: "The Chocolates I have received were just fabulous.Different sorts of rich flavors, beautiful package, great details.Loved it! It was a great and unique present I have ever received.Thank you for all your work. "
Akmaral K, Kazakhstan

Review 861: "I received your chocolates with great excitement, only to find were better than I ever expected. It was a surprise gift from my boyfriend hand delivered to me in perfect condition all the way to Doha, Qatar. I was extremely impressed by the presentation of the whole thing. I had a fun time picking out the chocolates according to the booklet, and I must say they were the most delicious chocolates I have ever had in my life, hands down. The detail and the flavors were beyond this world. Thank you so much for following up with me through the letter on how my experience was, I will absolutely be purchasing chocolates from zChocolat in the future! Thanks again and kindest regards from Qatar, "
Andrea F, Qatar

Review 860: "Thank you very much for your enquiry about the receipt of the chocolates from your company. They were marvelously presented and arrived in good time for Christmas. Thank you so much for your efforts in delivering them, we found them delectable and a delicacy of the highest quality. "
Genevieve and Scott A, Australia

Review 859: "Thank you very much for your kind letter I received today regarding the chocolates that were sent to me. My husband had ordered the chocolates as gifts for our friends, relatives as well as for business gifts, and sent them to my attention. The chocolates arrived swiftly this year and the (small) problem was not with Zchocolates' delivery service but that we should have better estimated the date of arrival to be closer to the Christmas holidays as I had to make sure to change the ice packs regularly to keep the chocolates cool to avoid any deterioration in the quality before we presented to our gift recipients for the holidays as the weather can get unpredictably warm in December sometimes! So, nothing on your part, but for us to time the expected delivery better next time! By the way, we are very pleased with the positive responses from the recipients of the zchocolate gifts that we gave, and happy to share with you that many had enjoyed the wonderfully luscious chocolates and impressive packaging. Thank you again for all your support and quick response to our requests on our order and we wish you a Happy New Year ahead filled with health, joy, and success! "
Karen & Herman C, Hong Kong

Review 858: "Thank you SO much! If I can tell you the pleasure and appreciation in which this was received, priceless. Thank you also and again for your wonderful professional conduct. All the best for 2013, may you have a prosperous New Year! "
Mariana D L, South Africa

Review 857: "Thank you for your letter, which I received today. I can confirm that the chocolates were received in excellent condition and were absolutely delicious! They are certainly the best chocolates I have ever had the pleasure of eating and cannot compliment your company highly enough for the taste, variety and presentation of these chocolates. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a happy and prosperous 2013. "
Martyn L, UK

Review 856: "Thank you for your message. I can inform you that the package was received in excellent condition. I was very surprise to receive such a refined gift and have intensely enyojed the content. I have not experienced a taste of chocolates as refined as the zChocolates before. Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy new year "
Tom V H, Netherlands

Review 855: "My girlfriend has gotten the chocolates today! She is extremely delighted though she has taken her time off to wait for the arrival of the package. She is really touched to see my message on the card. I am really grateful with the company. You have put the customer's experience as priority and the customer service is topnotch! I will highly recommend the brand to my friends and I am looking forward to the next purchase. Lastly, a very happy new year to you and have a great 2013! "
Jamie M, Sweden

Review 854: "I would just like to let you know how hugely impressed I have been with your service! I ordered these chocolates to be sent to my two daughters and son in law living in Melbourne as a Xmas gift. Normally I would have chosen a gift basket but while searching came across your website and decided to purchase your chocolates as a special treat. The boxes were attractive and reusable and I knew would appeal to one daughter in particular as she collects Reindeer decorations at Xmas.Well, I have to say that the follow up on your part once I had placed my order was exceptional! The communications regarding packaging and delivery were informative and helpful. The feedback on the chocolates themselves has also been great. I am told they are delicious and are being savoured as an exceptional, special treat. I shall have to sample them myself in the near future. Working in a service industry also I understand how important it is to have efficient systems in place but also to have good staff to keep it consistently running smoothly. I feel not enough people acknowledge these things and it seems to me that you have both as well as a wonderful product. I thank you again and wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year for 2013. "
Linda Smith, New Zealand

Review 853: "With reference to your letter, I confirm that I have received the chocolates and would like to thank you for delivering in due time. I was pretty much impressed by the quality of the packaging, they remained perfectly fresh and in perfect condition. (usually chocolates bought on-line are a disappointment) Best chocolates I have ever had!I loved them! "
Sabrina H, Dubai

Review 852: "Thank-you for your letter. I have been meaning to respond with a short comment and not about any issues with the delivery or chocolates, they were the most amazing chocolates I have ever tasted in my lifetime!! I did indeed share some with co-workers and the comments were all the same. Best chocolates ever! They came in great condition and the box was very beautiful and well presented. Thank-you so very much for the follow up letter, it is very classy and shows the pride you have in your company and chocolates. "
Kelly S, Canada

Review 851: "Our clients have received the chocolates, and sent me a cute photo of them! Thanks for following up and making sure they got delivered. They said they tasted excellent! We found you guys through a google search, but it was definitely a good find! We’ll keep you in mind for whenever we want to send our clients presents. Thanks again!"
Sean S, USA

Review 850: "I have received the package today and as always, your company's products are Perfect, the chocolates,exquisite. I had several friends try it as well and as a result, have convinced quite a number of people to try out your company's services. I have no doubt that they will be pleased with your top notch products and legendary customer service. I sincerely thank you for sending the package. Your company has proven itself yet again. I will place my orders myself in the next few weeks. thank you very much again for your time, patience, and Outstanding customer service."
Ferdinand C, USA

Review 849: "I am writing to you to confirm that I received the chocolates in really excellent condition! The quality of your chocolates is immediately recognized by their elegant look, varied and finest taste. I would like to add here that every little piece of chocolate requires a few minutes of special attention, and I really enjoyed myself. :) Therefore, I decided to find some time to answer to your attentive letter, and to express my gratitude to you, for being such a warm, classy and unique way of passing along deep love feelings - in this occasion, from my darling to me. "
Ivana D, Serbia

Review 848: "I am most delightfully surprised by your company's devoted customer service. I write to you in confirmation that I have indeed received both my chocolates and your letter. It is indeed a first time I have encountered such high quality service as your company has had to offer. Again I was most delighted by the quality of your chocolates as well as your own service. Given the opportunity, I would (and will not) hesitate to turn to your company, when I should need to bestow a delightful gift upon someone."
Ognjen S, Serbia

Review 847: "I just wanted to let you know that the chocolates arrived in perfect condition. They were very cold despite the hot weather and the packaging was excellent. Thank-you for your dedication to the pursuit of oustanding service! "
Simon N, Australia

Review 846: "Thank you for sending me the chocolates and your follow up letter. I confirm that I received them in excellent condition and beautifully packaged. I shared them with my loved ones on Christmas eve itself and we all enjoyed them immensely. These are the best chocolates we have had in our lives. There were no issues with the chocolates or the shipping carrier. Thank you again for your chocolates - I will keep this in mind for future purchases. "
Shalini L, Singapore

Review 845: "I wanted to let you know that I think the tracking system you provide to your clients via e-mail notifying them of the delivery of the chocolates is a great idea and it works extremely well. Thank you for your continued excellent service and kind assistance. Wishing you too a wonderful day in lovely Provence. "
Mike S, USA

Review 844: "This is just to say how delighted I have been with your service from start to this final email. Trying to work out how best (and efficiently) to get a gift to Prague was proving hard work until I came across your website. Many thanks!"
Jan T, UK

Review 843: "Many thanks for your your your professionalism in delivering my order. It was accepted and will be relished with great delight. I will have no hesitation in placing future orders and I wish you continued success. "
Patricia K, Ireland

Review 842: "Thank you for your ongoing updates and delivery confirmation. We buy many things online and your customer service has been the best we've ever experienced. A definite 20 out of 10! I am sure our daughter will feel very special when she receives your gourmet chocolates. Kind regards "
Mario & Jenny M, Australia

Review 841: "Thank you for your ongoing updates and delivery confirmation. We buy many things online and your customer service has been the best we've ever experienced. A definite 20 out of 10! I am sure our daughter will feel very special when she receives your gourmet chocolates. Kind regards "
Mario & Jenny M,

Review 840: "I just wanted to say that your service is excellent and your product to be proud of! I really love your site, the product is so nice that price does not matter. Keep it up! "
Bram N, Curacao

Review 839: "Please note that my recipient confirmed receipt of the chocolates. He said that it was the most unique taste he ever received of a chocolate. He distributed to all his friends and they had high appreciation of the chocolate. I will soon order for another friend. You didnt please me with ur service but you 'wowed' me by your care and concern. Cheers and long live zchocolate. Keepup the good work. "
Asha B, Mauritius

Review 838: "Thank you so much for your help and assistance. Honestly, I have not seen nor eaten the beautiful chocolates you produce. The gift was for a family who is very special for me, who had done me a huge favour. Which is why the chocolates went to them :). I was told that they were surprised by the astonishing quality of the packaging and the amazing taste! I really hope one day I feel the need to greet myself with such amazing chocolates! Thank you, you will receive more orders from me :) "
Hone L, USA

Review 837: "I am very happy about the gourmet treat you sent, Paula loved it. The deliver was perfect this time, and I am sure that this is the excellence zChocolat practices every day. I'm looking forward to the next time I will have an opportunity to do business with you, and most of all, when I will be able to taste your delicious and exclusive chocolates. Thank you again for your attention. "
Rafael B, Brazil

Review 836: "Thanks for your feedback mail that I received few days ago concerning my order. I was deeply impressed by the good attitude and customer service quality that Both Zchocolat and You provided to me. I received the chocolate in perfect condition and with full of surprises. I never met any company which treat a simple personal client like this. I’m totally satisfied and will definitely suggest Your products to anyone I may reach. Thanks so much for your concern. "
Fei L., China

Review 835: "Good Morning! My friend in Arizona said the chocolates were FANTASTIC....:) so happy to hear! I will treat myself one of these days...service great...thank you for keeping me “posted” on the delivery...1st Class!!! "
Mary H, USA

Review 834: "We did indeed receive your chocolates yesterday and tried a select few and fell in love with your products. We will most definitely be buying more from you in the future. Thank you for the quick and timely processing of the order. I was very excited to have received the package so quickly. Again thank you so much!"
Bruce K, USA

Review 833: "These chocolates were the most amazing I have ever seen. Rich as they are, we are still enjoying them. The presentation with family photos included was unbelievable. What a truly special gift! Thank you for following up the service. Very special! "
Alison T, Australia

Review 832: "Thank-you for your follow-up letter, your attention to detail, exceptional products and customer service. We received our chocolates in excellent condition. They were exquisit and will resonate in our memory for some time to come! Many thanks. "
Jeff & Kim, Canada

Review 831: "Dear ZChocolat, I just wanted to write to you regarding my recent gift purchase. I'll keep this short, I promise. If I have one regret, I regret not becoming a VIP member on my first purchase. Your. Service. Is. Amazing. The email notifications and tracking were spectacular - I didn't need to follow anything up. The gift recipient is thoroughly enjoying her chocolates, and so, naturally I doubt she will save one for me to try. I am super impressed with the company, and will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you ZChocolat, Kind regards, A very satisfied customer "
Tim G, Australia

Review 830: "I am really impressed with your service. From the moment I went onto your website to select my purchase to the time it was delivered, I have been meticulously informed of the whole process. It has made one young lady very happy with her gift on her birthday. Not one day late. Most importantly, she will be able to enjoy the finest quality of handmade chocolate. I am really happy with your service and product. I cannot thank you enough for delivering your service and product as promised and feel it is money worth spending. Will definitely recommend them to friends and will continue to buy your chocolates. Well done and thank you. MERCI BEAUCOUP "
Denise J, Singapore

Review 829: "The chocolates from zchocolat were a real delight, from delivery (right on time) to packaging and finally to the taste and flavors. Rarely have I experienced such pleasure of taste and, I must say, I am positively impressed by your interest in your customer satisfaction. Wishing you a pleasant day, as sweet as the chocolates you so promote, and hoping to hear from you again. "
Dominic P, Romania

Review 828: "Excellent customer service and spectacular gift products do exist. They are here at zChocolat. I was looking for a website that might help me deliver a special birthday gift to my brother working by himself in Saudi Arabia - in an 'oil camp.' Found zChocolat. It promised delivery and first class service around the world. They delivered. My brother received a beautiful engraved wooden box with his name and 'Happy Birthday' on top and luscious French chocolates inside. And every service is available - from cards, to wrapping, to personal messages. Easy to use website made ordering a cinch. Best for me: I received an email about the package at each step of the way - from shipping, to receipt at customs, to delivery to carrier, to delivery to my brother. And, of course, he loved it. Sounds simple? It's not. I tried 2 other 'gift' sources who failed. I am very impressed with zChocolat and grateful for the top notch service and attention to detail. THANK YOU! "
Andrea J, USA

Review 827: "I am an avid shopper and buyer of all interesting gifts for friends. I am not kidding when I tell you that this service was literally the best I have dealt with. I could personally get someone on the phone and talk about all the details of what I wanted. Then I got step by step delivery emails to put my mind at ease. I don't know what you are all doing, but the rest of the e- commerce world should call you for tips. Outstanding! "
Melissa G, USA

Review 826: "I would like to take a moment to compliment you and everyone at ZChocolat. I received my order in yesterday. Everything was perfect! I believe this has been the 4th time I order from ZChocolat. The chocolates are AMAZING! I am in love with the Chocamadines! My wife cannot resist the truffles! Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service and value. I have said this before, ZChocolat is my FAVORITE! I look forward to continuing to receive these amazing chocolates! Thanks and God Bless, "
Will C, USA

Review 825: "I am more than satisfied with your superb & efficient service. Even the receiver is now addicted towards your delicious chocolates. I am happy that i have chosen zChocolat ROCKS!!! Many thanks & HUGGS to the Zchocolat team for making us happy. Soon I will be rendering your services and shall recommend your name to my family & friends. Keep up with the excellent work!! "
Abhijit S, UAE

Review 824: "Very satisfied with my order and with your customer service. He loved it! Especially the engraved box. Thank you so much! "
Ronda D, USA

Review 823: "It was really brilliant and helpful to choose you guys, my wife became surprised as well as me about everything, the summer packing, the quality of product, the professionalism in work, and the chocolate was delicious with nice smell. Everything was perfect, and I’ll work with you guys whenever I’ve an occasion. Thanks again. "
Khalid H, Saudi Arabia

Review 822: "I would like to thank zChocolat for their fabulous customer support. I was really satisfied and made my first experience as a client very impressionable. Thank you very much "
Hanan A, UAE

Review 821: "I have enjoyed very much the chocolates my wife sent last week from beyond the ocean. It was a great surprise. I have to tell you that I am very impressed by the elegance of the box, the message card and small chocolate book inside and of course the chocolates itself. I would like to thank you for your kind note and the professionalism. Best regards, "
Abdullah H, Canada

Review 820: "My friend received on her birthday yesterday. She loved it and sent several pictures. The wrapping and the gift itself were so impressive. I am greatly please w your service. Thanks a lot and will see you again"
Thai P, USA

Review 819: "Thank you for your prompt and impeccable service. I appreciate your continuous updates from the time of order, to the time of delivery. Your excellent product, as well as service, makes it a pleasure to patronize you. I initially had the privilege of tasting your fine chocolates which were sent to our office from a patient of ours. I also had the opportunity to visit your lovely Aix en Provence less than 4 weeks ago. We stayed two nights at the Cezzanne Hotel, but unfortunately I did not have time to visit your shop. Hopefully I will on my next visit. Thank you again for your outstanding service. "
Nikki G, USA

Review 818: "My friends in Jordan raved about the box I sent them during the holidays and even posted it on facebook. But I also wanted you to know how AMAZING your customer service is (in addition to your products). The well-written, informative, smart correspondence you send is an example for other companies. Few companies treat every customer contact with this careful thinking and meticulous design. Thank you for making buying your products with beautiful packaging a pleasure. Your firm exemplifies what customer service and user experience should be. I work in this area and love to see when companies are doing it so well. Félicitations et merci beaucoup. "
Barbara R, USA

Review 817: "My package was delivered on time. I have not yet opened it obviously due to the gift element but it looks wonderful. Thank you for your brilliant service. You have been the most attentive online purchase I have made & will recommend you to others. Warm wishes "
Alex W, Australia

Review 816: "Dear zChocolat team, Thank you for delivering my order to sister in Spain for her birthday in such a timely and well- organized manner! To begin with, the website is very impressive and the ordering of the chocolates is made very straightforward and easy to use. There is also a small nice range of gifts to choose from if we are keen on sending any more than the chocolates- which i thought was a great idea. Post ordering, the email from your team confirming the order and telling us how they would keep us updated about the delivery throughout the whole process is very assuring :) Indeed as promised, i was amazed at the number of emails I received along the way assuring me when the parcel was shipped, when it had arrived at the destination city, when the delivery service had left, when the email was sent to my recipient and even an email on when she read it and how it was signed for- this is top- notch service in my opinion and I believe very few companies in the world do this! I hear the packaging is also very nice from my sister ( the recipient of your chocolates) and sounds like exactly what I had asked for. The complimentary summer packaging is also well- thought of and am sure all your customers would really appreciate it :) my sis loved the laser engraving of her name in the box that she gets to keep and of course, the chocolates I hear are simply fantastic and lovely- I have not tasted them myself but I hope to one day :) Thank you again all of you for making my sister's birthday memorable ! Keep up the fantastic work guys! Definitely will not hesitate to order from you all another time :) Regards, "
Vidhya I, India

Review 815: "The service provided by zchocolat was second to none. Absolutely impressed by the seamless delivery and the updates provided. I would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends and will continue to use your service for gifts in future. Thank you and kind regards, "
Rebbecca W, Australia

Review 814: "I would like to thank you and your company for amazing service you provide! The Birthday present for my fiancé was wonderful,just like I wanted it to be. Thank you very much and I will surely recommend your company to friends and family! Thanks a lot once again for wonderful job done!! Regards, "
Elena M, Russia

Review 813: "I am more than satisfied, I was amazed by the level of your services! I buy so much online and I never came across such a wonderful service. "
Avishag O, USA

Review 812: "Thank you very much. It was an amazing experience coordinating with zchocolat. The chocolates were incredible, and the gift package looked great. It was a very good idea for a gift. I am glad I used zchocolat."
Maha K, Saudi Arabia

Review 811: "My recipient was over the moon about the gift, the packaging and the chocolates they both adored! They said they were the best chocolates they had ever tasted. They said there is a French chocolate maker down the road from where they live and these chocolates are nothing compared to yours. She posted them on Facebook!! Thank you. "
Louse F, USA

Review 810: "I'm very pleased to inform you and the management that this order was handled very well and was delivered as per the given timeline. I was very satisfied as a customer the way the whole procedure and above all the communication and prompt confirmations were handled, and the level of profissionalism was fantastic! and I can promise you that you guys have earned a permanent, promoting loyal customer!"
Sameer, Australia

Review 809: "I just wanted to thank you so much for going so above and beyond in helping get these chocolates delivered to our friend. She was absolutely delighted with the chocolates and enjoyed all the descriptions and the variety. She was also touched by the card with the picture we chose. This was a really positive experience. Thank you for helping make this experience so rich and memorable for all of us. Gratefully, "
Leslie G, USA

Review 808: "An excellent service your company has, I am very impressed. Once the order was place, careful attention has been given from the start. Destination is bangkok, I received an email from that the package will be posted as summer package. Once the package has left Paris, I felt like I was on the journey with it. I received an email for every single location where it had to cleared. And finally, in my mother's hand. Once I received the email that someone has signed for the package, I quickly rung my mother to see how everything was. She sounded so excited, the chocolates arrived safely. She was very impressed of how the package arrived 'very elegant'. Very delicious was her words. Once I heard her voice, it was such a relief as I know that she was pleased. Thank you for your platinum service. I will highly recommend your chocolate and your service to anyone to anywhere around the world. Kind regards "
Rose W, USA

Review 807: "OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! zChocolat is the besttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gift was delivered this morning even though I had asked it to be delivered in the afternoon. As my fiance works at the airport, he does not have a fix schedule and last night I just found out that he was off from work during the day today and that he will be going to work at 4pm. Then I was just hoping that the courier doesn't follow the instructions for the delivery time. This morning I was at work and I received text messages from my fiance and he could not just believe his eyes as he had thought that I had forgotten his birthday! He was soooo thrilled that he said that when he opened the outer box and read the card, his tongue and eyes were just frozen!! :) and then by the time he got to the chocolates and seeing his birth date on the chocolates, he said he was just going to fall down with excitement!!! :) Then, he sent me pictures of the chocolate box and the chocolates and the message card!! and then I couldn't believe myyy eyes!!!! OMGGG!!! The message was perfectly printed on the card with no mistakes!!! The chocolate box was sooooo beautiful with the message perfectly centered!!! OMGGGG!!! Then the chocolates with the right numbers!!!! After seeing the pictures that he sent me of the gift, i was shaking with surprise!!! Wow! what a morning!! I was soooooo lucky to have found your site while going through multiple other sites after being not so impressed by the variety of gifts available! And all the tracking and update e-mails by zchocolat!! WOW! Never seen something like that!!! As soon as my fiance send me the message-OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! without even saying anything else, at the same time, I received an e-mail from zchocolat that the order has been delivered and that it was signed by this person!!! With that information, I responded to my fiance's message by saying-do you like your gift? :) and then he was just on the ninth cloud!!!! and just couldn't believe that he just saw such a beautiful personalized gift!!! Zchocolat has made my day and I have to say that I do not have words to describe how overly impressed I am with your service and all the attention to details of the gift!!! Not to mention that my fiance is mine forever because of your gift! :) Thank you soooooooooo veryyyyyyy muchhh!!!!!! for taking the time and so much care in preparing my gift and updating me with every step until the delivery. I have to say that I am your fan for life!!! :) Now, I will definitely order chocolates from zchocolat for myself!!! Keep up the great work and thank you again sooooo much for all the work that zchocolat has done for me, from your website, Customers service, customization and until the delivery! You have impressed me for life! And zchocolat is definitely the place for all my future gifts! Thank you for taking the time to read my message and have a great day! "
Mani S, Canada

Review 806: "Good morning, I want to inform you that the package has arrived and Mr Faisal really loved it, that made me happy! I want to tell you that you have helped me so much. Thank you zChocolat for everything and your service is the best for many reasons : 1/ Professional 2/ Fast 3/ The company has the best stuff working for every details (love in details) It's the my first time for online shopping and you made it so easy for me. I have trusted you for this package and dealt with every details in it and you did not worry about anything, every questions I asked were completely answered. I really appreciate everything you have done. You made me happy and thank you so much zChocolat and I really want to thank you Christelle for everything you have done, you did everything, it was pleasure working with you. "
Bsma A, Saudi Arabia

Review 805: "Amazing selection! Quality products! She loved it! Quick shipping! Love you guys! "
Chase W, USA

Review 804: "My wife really liked the package and was very surprised that I took the time to find her something from a long , long way away. It was a great gift and the chocolate is excellent. Once again , I say thank you for being very helpful and professional with me. I have already recommended you guys to a few of my friends and hopefully they will order something from you guys as well. Thanks so much, "
Brad L, Canada

Review 803: "I am so impressed at the customer service for keeping me informed of where the package was and all that. I am so amazed how something can come from so far in a short period of time. Now the big day is on Sunday...and I promise you another email and let you know my wife's reaction! Thanks so much for everything,"
Brad L, Canada

Review 802: "I would like to thank you for ensuring timely delivery of gift to Singapore. The chocolates tasted heavenly. Thank you so much indeed!! Your mails gave regular tracking updates which reduced tension as to where the package has reached. Kudos to your quality of products and services. Best regards, "
Boolu Ann G, India

Review 801: "I am sooooooooooo greatfull to all of you zchocolat! It is so nice to see the way you all following my gift to my loved one who is very far from home and with this he will never feel that he is far from us, it is all because of you zChocolat. I am very Greatfull to all of you, THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF MY HEART GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THANKS ONCE AGAIN. "
Kaitan D, USA

Review 800: "Dear Madams & Sirs, Many thanks for all, You are excellent in every thing, quality ,customers service and delivery, you are distributing happiness your high quality products. Keep it up!"
Mohammed H, UAE

Review 799: "Dear z Chocolat, we just wanted to let you know that the above order arrived safely in Singapore yesterday ( Wednesday 20 June). Our daughter-in-law is delighted with her birthday present both from the presentation and the taste viewpoint. We were impressed by the efforts you undertook with the packaging to ensure that the Chocolats were not affected by Singapore’s heat. Many thanks "
Rod M., Australia

Review 798: "I had recently ordered and had shipped your chocolates to Thailand. The package arrived in great condition due to the extra effort your company took to ensure the product was packaged in order to accommodate for the hotter weather. The packaging itself was beautiful and well crafted. DHL also did a wonderful job finding what is considered to be a rural and remote location of Thailand. The recipients were overjoyed and I wanted to personally thank you for your dedication to service, a fantastic product, and also keeping me informed via email of the packages journey while traveling to its final destination. In addition, what made the whole ordeal so much better was the fact between the ages of 14 – 80 years old; this was the first time several Thai individuals had ever tasted chocolate! I will be using and recommending your ZChocolates company in the future. Thank you, again. You are the best! Best Wishes, "
Gregg M, USA

Review 797: "Dear team ZChocolat, I am totally impressed with your effectiveness and professionalism. The presentation and the chocolate it's just fantastic! I am sure I will enjoy every single piece of it. Thank you very much, "
Diana A, Bermuda

Review 796: "Thank you for your excellent gift service, the chocolates arrived and were a wonderful gift for my parents, who live so far away. I hope to enjoy your chocolates for myself one day. Your service and support in their speedy and special delivery was most reassuring and they were indeed packed to a very high standard ensuring they gave a most pleasing aroma when opened and still looked hand crafted to perfection. My parents opened them on Skype and this really completed the experience for us all as we could see the pleasure on their faces. I look forward to shopping with you again. Yours sincerely "
Kate B, Canada

Review 795: "My recipient already received his gift and is so pleased with the 'love in chocolates' package that I am smiling non-stop. I am glad to have found such a special company that aim for the love in details and commitment to guarantee the delivery in time at its final destination. Thank you once more to provide such a reliable assistance. Kind Regards from Brazil "
Paula S, Brazil

Review 794: "I have received the chocolates in good time and in excellent condition. Thank you for your time, efforts and concerns with my order. I really do appreciate it. The chocolates are beautiful and the presentation beyond my expectations. Again, thank you. I will not hesitate to recommend zChocolat to all of my friends and family. Have a great day. Kind regards,"
Aaron L, USA

Review 793: "Thanks for your message. I must tell you I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail and the extraordinarily professional manner in which my gift was handled! My friend loved the personal touches and again was also very impressed with the efficiency and timeliness of delivery etc. Additionally, I was very appreciative of the updates, from shipping to customs to delivery. It made a fun experience out of what can often be a difficult task (sending gifts abroad and especially to less common destinations). Thanks so much for such a pleasant experience that exceeded my expectations. Best, "
Mia A, USA

Review 792: "I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the speedy delivery of your beautiful chocolates to my mother in Portugal on Mother's Day. I just recieved an email from her saying that she couldn't stop crying when she recieved her gift. My brothers and I were unable to be with or contact her for this special day so you guys helped us heaps. I will definatley be recommending you to others. Thanks again and God Bless,"
Tessa O, New Zealand

Review 791: "I just wanted to let you know how truly happy I am with the products and services I have received from zChocolat. I am a first time customer who used your service to send chocolates to my Mother who lives over 500 km away from me in a different province in Canada. Your regular email updates kept me in the loop on where my package was during the delivery process from France, I got an updated email when the package was actually on the delivery truck which allowed to me call my mother to arrange for her to be home before the delivery truck arrived. On top of that, my mother was thrilled with the presentation of the gift, the packaging and, of course, the chocolates themselves. This was my first experience with your company and I can guarantee that it won’t be the last. Your customer service and attention to detail was better than I had hoped for. Thank you so much for making my mother’s day special. "
Dan B, USA

Review 790: "Thanks for the reply, glad to see a company that actually checks their surveys. My mother just received the Chocolates and had nothing but high remarks, she was very pleased. Thanks again for the high level of quality/service and I will definitivly be using you again for future purchases. "
Arthur M, USA

Review 789: "I cannot thank you enough for wonderful product and your fantastic service!Wow! Communication, shipping, ease of purchase and helpful web site is above ANY other company I have ever done business with. You have restored my faith in doing on line purchases. You are the shining example on how business should be run.(My Mother also thanks you, It was her Mother’s day gift.) Thank you again "
Adrienne F, USA

Review 788: "My girlfriend is very pleased with the chocolates and absolutely adored the rich taste of them. Plus the packaging itself was very lovely and might I add that I am very happy the way the chocolates were kept fresh and cold with the summer package. Very professional as a chocolate extraordinaire. It is my pleasure to inform you that I have selected zChocolate as my traditional anniversary gift to her and I hope to make another purchase same time next year. Keep up the good work and the excellent service you have provided. Je vous adresse mes plus vifs remerciements. À la prochaine!"
Jonathan, Malaysia

Review 787: "My sincere gratitude for this good service you have provided for me! Helps put the mind at ease knowing that you are constantly updating me the package's whereabouts. Keep it up! Perfect gift for our one year anniversary. Thank you so much."
Jonathan, Malaysia

Review 786: "Thank you for your exceptional service. I would have to say you guys are one of the best customer service I got in years. I was very happy to see how well you track your orders and keep the customer updated. I will definitively recommend you to my friends and family. I look forward to shopping from you again. I give you guys a 10 out of 10 for service and quality. "
Thineshkumar C, Canada

Review 785: "To whom it may concern, just a note to compliment you on the beautiful web site wonderful service provided - The chocolates I ordered in Australia ON THURSDAY 5 April were delivered to my sister in Tuscany on FRIDAY 6 April just 24 hr turn around - fantastic!! Being kept informed of each step was wonderful - Beautifully presented and ordering is so easy, each step clearly detailed which makes it easy to complete the order- one of the best sites I have used. I will be using this site again, thank you once again "
Dalene C, Australia

Review 784: "Just to say thank you for your excellent communication during the delivery of my brother-in-law’s birthday chocolates to USA. I was kept up to date with each step and finally informed of their arrival. My brother-in-law was absolutely thrilled with his present, impressed with the packaging (and he isn’t usually impressed easily!), loved the presentation but especially loved the chocolates! He’s been eating one each day to make them last and my sister has only been allowed a taste of one! Thanks again for a successful present as it’s difficult to know from a website whether what you see is actually as good as it looks! This time it definitely was. "
Adrienne S, UK

Review 783: "This was my first time shopping at zChocolat, and I must say that I am extremely impressed with your communication as well as the quality of your product! I knew where my order was at all times, and the recipient of your chocolates had only one word to describe them: delicious! Thank you for your attention to detail in both your product and in the shipping of your product!"
Lyt B, USA

Review 782: "zChocolat, Thank you very much for your timely delivery of my order, my recipient was pleasantly surprised as today is his actual birthday so the chocolates got there just in time! I also appreciate that you kept me appraised of the progress throughout the delivery process, that is truly outstanding customer service. I will be singing your praises and will definitely be returning for my next order. Thanks again,"
Lucy K, USA

Review 781: "Thank You so much, I just received my order and I just want to say that since I started internet shopping, I have not experienced such great service. Your service and the care you take to ensure delivery of customer’s order is unmatched. Thank You. You made my day because I received the chocolates just when I needed them. "
Pamela B, UAE

Review 780: "Just wanted to thank you for all the information you gave me and so glad to inform you that the order was received by my recipient in excellent condition, not to mention the fast delivery! Thanks again for the good quality and care, certainly I will order from you again. "
Bashayer A.A, Kuwait

Review 779: "I would just like to thank you for the wonderful service, not to mention the beautiful gift that you delivered to my recipient for his birthday on March 12. He was totally impressed with your beautiful chocolates and the lovely presentation box, and it certainly made for a beautiful surprise for him. Many thanks, "
Dianne S, Australia

Review 778: "I just wanted to thank you for your excellent Service and Customer care. You were so efficient at what you do that you made me feel like I was the only client you were dealing with. The fact that the gift got delivered on time and that she loved it, was just a bonus. Keep up the good work. God bless,"
Temesgen D, South Africa

Review 777: "I recently ordered the beautiful 3 drawer mahogony box with the 60 pce chocolate set. Thank you so much for the ease and efficiency it was to proceed with the order and for keeping me informed all the way - I live in Australia!! The gift - which is for my husband, our 7 year wedding anniversary came before the date. The delivery was super fast and very impressive. I have recommended your company to all my friends. Thanks so much "
Donna, Melbourne, Australia

Review 776: "My spouse got the package on the 1st. It arrived on time. She was shocked every moment.. from the time she open the cardbord packaging. to the point she saw everyting inside. Thank you very much. This gift is pricy but well well worth it. I dont regret it at all. Your compay dose a great job. I'm very pleased."
Jennifer, USA

Review 775: "To all of the hard-working team at Z Chocolat, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your magnificent service. From Brisbane Australia, I placed an order on the night of the 6th February 2012, and received it within FOUR days, all the way from Paris! I was most impressed by the speed with which it arrived. I was also extremely impressed by the fact that I was contacted the very day after I placed the order to tell me that there was a problem with the processing. When I rang z Chocolat I spoke to a very well-mannered, well-spoken, helpful lady who very quickly told me what the problem was. She did not need to place me 'on hold' for more than a few moments, nor have to transfer my call to someone else, or some other department. She said that the team had recognised my name to be 'Emma', yet I had requested simply 'M' to be inscribed on the plaque, and they were unsure as to whether I had made a 'typo' error in my initial request. I was astonished by the thoroughness and personalised nature of this service, and I felt very valued as a customer. Between lodging my order and receiving it, I received seven emails, informing me at each step of the way the progress of my order, from when it left your store, to when it reached customs in Brisbane, to when it was on the DHL courier, to when it was delivered, and... to epitomise the level of excellence in your service, the final email even included the name of the person who signed for my package! All of that, and then the joy of seeing my dear husband open the box on Valentine's day to find the charming mahogany box with the boat carving, the inscription, the personalised card, and the superb packaging, was just wonderful. My husband is a lover of fine chocolates, having watched his very own grandfather making chocolates when he was a small boy. He was delighted with the quality and taste of your chocolates. We will definitely be 'repeat' customers, and I have already told many people about the excellent service and quality products that you supply. Incidentally, you may like to know that I found out about your company by 'word-of-mouth' also. Yours Sincerely, Emma and Stephen "
Emma Z, Australia

Review 774: "I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the amazing service that you guys provided in delivering chocolates to someone in Italy for me… The regular updates on my order were fantastic and the fact that you were able to deliver it on Valentines Day was most certainly appreciated ! Again, thank you so much… You had a very happy man at one end of the earth and a very happy sender at the other…Regards, "
Stefanie J, Australie

Review 773: "The order I placed was received today and I have to say I am impressed by the quality of customer service you delivered. The whole packaging was beautiful. Keep up the good work. Regards, "
Juveria F, Pakistan

Review 772: "Thank you so much for your service. My partner recieved his gift and I got to watch him open it on skype. He loved it! The heart lock made it very entertaining to watch. Your quick reponse to my emails with concerns and questions was undoubtedly the best I've ever experienced. I also found your website extremly easy to navigate and order. I loved the way you could just pick the extras and see what they were! I will recommend you to everyone! Kind regards, Tessa "
Tessa M, Autralia

Review 771: "She got the chocolates and she was amazed by the presentation and the taste. You guys have made someone's day and got me some browning points too :) The exclusivity speaks for itself. Well done to you and the team. I will definitely use your company again and recommend it to my friends. Regards,"
Malik K., UK

Review 770: "I have been meaning to write to tell you that my mother-in-law was thrilled with her chocolates. She said that the chocolates were delicious but she was particularly impressed with the presentation and loved the sachet of lavender. I've rarely seen her so happy with a gift! Thank you also for all your help with setting up my account. I'm very impressed with the customer service. Kind regards, "
Eileen S, Australia

Review 769: "Rarely, anymore, am I impressed by a new chocolate discovery. Sameness abounds. In December I ordered several boxes of your chocolates for my clients at my spa and a few family members (oh yes, and one for myself). The day it arrived was the first of 30 days of exquisite discovery as I permitted myself to have one per day so the individual experiences did not meld into one another. Thank you for protecting the art of chocolate, the art of design and presentation and the art of service. "
Rebecca, USA

Review 768: "I received the 2012 wishes moments ago. It is not only your delicious chocolates, but your amazing customer service that make zChocolat amazing. Thank you for your excellence and for keeping romance alive and flourishing! I wish I could splurge on your products more often! "
Rachel, USA

Review 767: "I would just like to thank you and your wonder team at zChocolat for the extremely prompt service of my order prior to Christmas. They were all gifts and all the recipients just loved them. Thanks again and I'm sure I will be ordering again.Regards"
Joanne H, USA

Review 766: "Thank you: for the great product for the great follow up for the great commitments u kept for the great online shopping experience for the best service i ever get thank u zchocolat team .. i received my order today and am really amazed of the quality of service level "
Mohamed, Egypt

Review 765: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you & the zchocolat team for ensuring the delivery a successful one. I'm elated that my boyfriend received the gift with much delight! He's loving the chocolates too! He's extremely pleased with the customized packaging and the excellent quality of chocolate. Thank you for making this birthday surprise a success! Cannot express how satisfied I am with your service! Thumbs up! I would definitely recommend zchocolat to everyone. In fact, I'm gonna link you up on my blog! Cheers"
Qin, singapore

Review 764: "My friend was very pleased with the package and I have a best experience ordering from ZChocolat. The service was impressive and the delivery was prompt with a detail tracking information. Thank you and will recommend you to all my friends and family."
Mariati M. USA

Review 763: "I'm just e-mailing to let you know that my son and daughter-in-law are really enjoying the chocolates from your company zChocolat. The chocolates arrived in Japan in perfect condition, and just a few days after I told them they were coming. They will recommend them to all their friends who wish to send or enjoy for themselves, speciality chocolates. "
Carolyn, Canada

Review 762: "Just a quick note to say Thank you for you're excellent customer service and attention to detail on every order. My family in North Carolina USA loves the chocolate and the detail of how it was packaged and shipped... You're standards are very high which is so comforting.. Thank you once again for helping to create a wonderful Christmas gift for my family in North Carolina."
Karen, Andover, USA

Review 761: "Thank you so very much for your terrific customer service in keeping me advised about these shipments. Both have been delivered, and will be thoroughly enjoyed during the Christmas holiday. Actually, I must admit to opening my own package on arrival and sampling one absolutely divine chocolate. I'm smitten! Your detailed notifications about delivery were extremely appreciated, and definitely beyond what is generally expected from online shopping. Your service can certainly be described as exemplary, and your chocolates - well - indescribable perfection. Happy holidays to you all from a truly pleased customer. "

Review 760: "I would like to take this opportunity to commend the team. I sent some chocolates as a birthday present and the service, quality and range has been second to none. Also, in my opinion, extremely well-priced for what they are. I will be using this company again in the future. "
Andrew, Australia

Review 759: "Bonjour zChocolat, I am writing to inform you how satisfied I was with my recent order. First of all, it was very nice to get notified each time my gift got closer to its recipient. It showed right from the start how professional you were. The recipient was thrilled with the thoughtful details of her package along with the delicious numbered chocolates in it. Thank you so much for your professional and delicious service! I will definitely come back to Best, "
Ayse N, USA

Review 758: "I am a first time customer this year and purchased your 5 boxes of four chocolates. I will use them as christmas gifts. Your service is amazing and the package tracking was excellent. So 7 stars for your service and I am sure your chocolates are too. Thank you! John P."
John P. CA

Review 757: "Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the great service. I sent a box of hearts to a friend in Sydney Australia. They arrived exactly as scheduled. The recipient was completely enchanted with them and now thinks I am the most romantic man on the planet!! So that is a job well done. Great company, great service, will be using you again. Many thanks Mike"
Michael R. USA

Review 756: "Thank you for your excellent service and the finest products which are created by your passion. As a result, I am sure that you get a lot of compliments from your customers. My recipient was very impressed by the quality and neat job you have done. Thanks again! I am very happy with your services. :) P.S. I, of course, will order again. Paemika P."
Paemika P, Thailand

Review 755: "I just wanted to thank you and the zChocolat team for making this such a wonderful experience. I am blown away by your superior customer service and beautiful products. I will definitely have zChocolat bookmarked for when I need a special gift. "
Terri K., Australia

Review 754: "Today my loved one received her chocolates. We are shocked at your companies brilliance to make someone feel special. We thank you all!"
Martin P, UK

Review 753: "Shopping with you has been an amazing, extremely professional experience – well done for really personalising a remote shopping experience. "
Miranda I., USA

Review 752: "Shopping with you has been an amazing , extremely professional experience – well done for really personalising a remote shopping experience."
Miranda, UK

Review 751: "I would like to express my deepest and warmest thanks and appretiation for all of what you are doing as employees and as a firm (Zchocolate). I recieved a package of your new chocolates last week; and it was superb!!!!!. Thanks a million, and also a million thanks for your invitation...I am proud that i have knew such a company; always exellent and professional."
Georges, Israel

Review 750: "I would like to thank you and your staff at zchocolat for your outstanding service. The service was quick and efficient and every step of the way you let me know what was happening. A lot of businesses can learn from you. The chocolates arrived safely and on time and my daughter in Japan was very surprised when she received them and the beautiful way they were packaged and not to mention the taste, outstanding and delicious. We were envious. When my husband saw them and heard all about them(on SKYPE from my daughter) he told me this is what he wanted for Christmas, just more of them. No doubt you will hear from me again and thank you once more, you made my daughter very happy as well as her mother. "
Uter M., Australia

Review 749: "Just a quick note to say many, many thanks for such a great service! The goods were delivered today and the recipients were absolutely delighted :) As a new customer I have been extremely impressed with the service and I will not hesitate to use you and recommend you in the future. Kind regards, Steve "
Steve F, USA

Review 748: "Thank you very much for such an excellent product and outstanding service. My client was very happy and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this service. Thank you again. Rob D."
Rob D, UK

Review 747: "To Zchocolat, Thank You for the top shelf service, communication and quality of your chocolat!!! The presentation of the gift box, the beautiful card, and most of all the delicious and highest grade quality tasting chocolat. My friend loved her gift!!! Sincerely Michelle "
Michelle, USA

Review 746: "Hi and good morning, I just wanna say Thank You to you guys, your whole team who made my Day. Thank You for such a beautiful Service you guys delivered my Gift right on time. I am very pleased. To all zChocolate team, may God Bless You... Thank You."
Naeem, United Arab Emirates

Review 745: "I just wanted to say thanks for the good communication and follow-up on the chocolate delivery to Thailand."
Simon, Australia

Review 744: "Thank you very much. I am impessed with zChocolat's service and ease of use."
Charl, South Africa

Review 743: "My recipient called me and she was very happy as she loved everything...without you it wouldn't be possble :) ... once again thanks for everything."
Shirjeel, Riyadh

Review 742: "I have talked to my brother and learned that he got the chocolates! He was very surprised. He also loved your chocolate! I am really curious about your products, so in the future I will order for my self. Thanks for quick replies and fast delivery! You are the best!"
Zeynep, Turkey

Review 741: "I don't how to thank you for your support. The package was a surprise to Yasamin, and was the best ever in her life :) Thank you once again, and I'll sign up for a VIP membership soon :) Have a great day and zchocolat is the best !! "
Joe, Dubai

Review 740: "Thank you sooo much! I love your service! I am not buying gifts from anywhere else!"
Sharlene, MA

Review 739: "I am happy with the whole shopping experience and my recipient was happily impressed by your chocolates."
Mary, Italy

Review 738: "Since discovering your website on the Internet purely by accident, I have used your online service twice, once to my Mother in Brisbane and once to my wife in Perth (Australia). I congratulate you on your luxury, high end product, your concept and your service support. The deliveries were within three days as promised, the flow of delivery information was efficient and reassuring and the end result is a very happy mother and wife. The chocolates are wonderful. Thank you very much. "
Mike McGreevy, Australia

Review 737: "As a manufacture of the top quality cut diamonds in the world we deal with many high end clients and we are hoping to turn them on to your chocolates. We always love to give credit where credit is due. If there are any services you would like me to write a review for you I would be more then happy to. Thank you again for your wonderful products. "
Ashley Bailey, USA

Review 736: "I would highly recommend to anyone who is a chocolate lover and/or is looking for a gift to impress. I have ordered twice from and on both occasions, my purchase and special requests were met with swift and helpful response from their customer service. Both my orders were gifts with customized boxes for chocolate-lover friends and they were extremely impressed with 'the best chocolates I have ever tasted' and 'the gift box that I intend to keep for a long time'. Special thanks and appreciation to Christelle Maillet for her patience and prompt replies in assisting me with my purchases! "
Ngee Hong, Singapore

Review 735: "A Wonderful Experience And Fantastic Service. This is my first time to buy presents from your awesome site and really I was impressed throughout every step. My girlfriend was really also amazed with gift and it made me popular with her. Also i would like to thank your customer care team specially Christelle Maillet as she was of great help when I encountered some delays and cleared things up for me with high professionalism your follow up service is spectacular. Consider me a permanent customer and surely also all my friends will hear about your phenomenal service. Wish you all the best and success in the world and God bless. "
Dr. Amgad Hamza, Saudi Arabia

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Merijn Mulder, Netherlands

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Marko Mancic, AE

Review 732: "Again you came through with flying colours, delivery made on time! Excellent! Thanks a lot! With kind regards, cheers"
Robert Wendrich, Netherlands

Review 731: "Order received today. Many thanks. It's such a pleasure doing business with you. I wish more companies would follow your business model. Thank you. "
Joanna, Swaziland

Review 730: "I have just been told by my girlfriend (the recipient) that she just received the package. She's liking and loving it not just the chocolates but also the box as well.. Definitely fantastic... "
Rommel, Philippines

Review 729: "The package I had ordered for Yvonne was received in time and she was very surprised and extremely happy with the chocolates! I again want to thank you for all of your efforts, and as I said before your company offers a great service and great products too. It was a great experience to provide some sweets for my sweet! "

Review 728: "This is the second time am using this, the last time was for my parents anniversary and they loved the chocolates so much, the quality and taste was very good, this time is a close friend's birthday and I can't wait until she gets it. The packaging was great and the attention to details is remarkable, I wish you sucess and prosper.. "
Eman, UAE

Review 727: "Yesterday my girlfriend received the package and it was in GOOD SHAPE. Thank you so much for your excellence customer service. I will definitely recommend my friends to try your website in the future. "
Boon, Malaysia

Review 726: "Your creations arrived safely in Scotland this afternoon. My wife advises that the Chocolates are heavenly and exquisite. It is indeed rare when a product exceeds promotion. Your understatement is refreshing. I am indebted to your art. For future Chocolate gifts I won't look elsewhere. Avec respect et 'summa cum laude'."
Timothy, USA

Review 725: "Kerri's package arrived in time friday morning. Perfect service that all I can say always will be proud to be client of zChocolat the product the service your great care and fast respond everything is PERFECT. Thank you so much and thanks to all the zChocolat team have a nice day "
Ashraf, USA

Review 724: "Thank you to you all. The professionalism and quick responses and monitoring of my order was fantastic, I take my hat of to you. Your service is the best I have ever seen and I hope to do business with you in the future. My Brother messaged me and said he had received the chocolates. Thank you again."
Candy, Australia

Review 723: "Thank you so much for making my Alessandro so happy. The chocolates were a big hit and he was so surprised.Your continued contact during the shipping process was comforting and I will definitely use your services again.I wish you and yours happiness always."
Bianca, USA

Review 722: "Your service is fantastic as is your product. Thank you very much."
Nancy, USA

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Joy, UAE

Review 720: "She was very touched with the gift and delighted with the chocolates. I must say that, despite expecting an excellent service, you managed to surprise me. You are above excellence. :-) Thank you."
Rui, Portugal

Review 719: "That was fantastic, if only things in life went as easy, well-informed and as full of qualiy and care as that. "
Michael, United Kingdom

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Nina, Slovenia

Review 717: "It was a wonderful experience and my friend was very pleased. Thank you! Looking forward on ordering again soon."
Janice, Singapore

Review 716: "Thank goodness....somewhere that sells chocolates in beautifully hand crafted boxes. What a great idea! And the engraving on the side of the box is perfect. Thank you!"
Alan, Australia

Review 715: "GREAT website & service! Love the comprehensive list of options & ability to customize! I'll be using your service again for many of my innumerable clients & worldwide customers! Glad I found you - Thanks!"
Curtis, USA

Review 714: "I just wanted to say thank friend recieved this gift and thought it was unbelievable from the box to the chocolate never know what you are going to get when you order on-line and I just wanted you to know I have already told many friends about your website and plan on using you again in the future. Thanks for such an exquisite gift. "
Beth, USA

Review 713: "Thank you so much for your efficient service! Our friends were absolutely thrilled to receive what they did, and HOW they did! This couple is very special and very wealthy... they have everything, they have done everything, seen everything, and nothing surprises them anymore, UNTIL we sent them your chocolates :-) It is always a pleasure dealing with you and I wish that in the future I can do so more often! "
Nina, Spain

Review 712: "I just wanted to thank you again for your help with my VIP status. I placed a larger order last night, and am looking forward to getting more chocolate (along with the gifts I ordered for some friends). I received my VIP gift already, and I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the new collection!!!!!! Everything I've tasted so far has been outstanding. I ordered a large refill package for myself, and I have an idea it won't last very long once it gets here. My husband and I will devour it! Again, my thanks. I love your company!"
Lynn, USA

Review 711: "Great service. Love your product. I used your product to get my wife. Now married, I have not had the need to 'woo' her so much. Thanks so much. We still have your 'box' with the heart and inscription on it from 3 years ago. We would always use your product when we have the need. Nothing this Christmas. Baby on the way. Good luck. You have a great product, and your business no doubt places customers first!' "

Review 710: "I love you product and company! I use you every year for my customers in Europe... "

Review 709: "I have never been anything but enormously satisfied with your products and top notch customer service. I have recommended your company to numerous friends and colleagues and continue to regard zChocolat as one of the best companies I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. My lack of patronage has only to do with the economy, I'm afraid, as I'm sure you're hearing all too often. As business picks back up and my family and I can loose our purse strings, I promise I will return as a loyal customer. Happy Holidays to you and your family."
Dorothy, USA

Review 708: "Hello, I am pleased to say how much I LOVE zChocolat, and that my fiancee is already a VIP member just from all she sent to me. I got a huge trunk (wooden book actually) full a while ago, and lost the little instructions for how to make cocoa with that amazing hint of cinnamon cocoa powder. Thank you very much, and if there is anyplace I can leave a customer rating, I will gladly give you all the stars of excellence I can! Honestly it is the best most amazing chocolate in the world. All the choclates are long gone of course, only the cocoa remains!"
Sarah, Germany

Review 707: "Just got a response from one of the recipients: the most amazing box of chocolates - not only are they delicious (yes even at 9.25am - it's never too early for chocolate) but the box they came in is divine."
Kathleen, USA

Review 706: "Thanks again for the beautiful box full of the delicious chocolates! Wow, we were so impressed with the detailing on the box, from the logo to my engraved name. And the chocolates--again, wow! They were phenomenal! We have been so pleased with not only your product, but also with your fantastic service. You truly have been wonderful to work with. The follow-up emails on the unsuccessful deliveries is just another measure that you all are taking to ensure our clients our getting their gifts. Thank you!"
Ashley, USA

Review 705: "Thank you for the email. I am very impressed by the fact that a corporation like zChocolat keeps track of little purchases such as mine. I felt I had to reply to say that there are no words to describe the outstanding quality of your services or your products. I could not imagine anyone EVER being disappointed! It is just not possible- it was a very special occasion that I ordered those chocolates for and I had several special requests and unlike with other company's, zChocolat did not fail to impress at any level. All my requests were met effortlessly and the chocolates I hear were sublime. The only reason I have not used your wonderful company again is purely finances. With the Rand being a little weak, it makes the chocolates somewhat too expensive for our budget- although I have to say, if you can afford them, they are worth every penny! Thank you for your concern, just another example of your excellent service. Have a magical festive season."
Liz, South Africa

Review 704: "For such outstanding service. I'm extremely pleased. "
Zahili, Canada

Review 703: "Just wanted to share with you one of the reactions to the gift boxes we sent with your help last week: Thank you Magdi for the special delivery all the way from France! I got the package ten minutes ago and was wondering who it was from and what was in the box ... given the package was sent from France. Carmen and Roberto are on vacation, so they have not seen the so exquisitely package and the taste (Roberto and Carmen, fyi... they are hand made in France by Pascal Caflet World Champion Chocolate using 400 year old passionate tradition). On their behalf and my sincere appreciation, I want to say thank you and wishing you a blessed 2010! "
Magdi, USA

Review 702: "Terrific website - I loved the displays of the products and how you could customise the orders. Great work Mat "
Matt, New Zealand

Review 701: "Thank you so much for very kindly resending the card and the truly unexpected additional box of chocolates. Along with the original package it has really helped to cheer my Mom up now that she is home from hospital and stating convalescence. I thought you might like to know that apparently she had named the little teddy bear 'MOT'. My Sister asked what that meant. Mom (87) said 'My Own Teddybear'-she never had a teddy bear of her own as a child or even later in life. I guess you helped me score enough Brownie points to last a loooong time!!!(Sorry, that's probably a USA saying-'Brownie, as in Girlscouts/Girl Guides...)Many thanks again. "
John, USA

Review 700: "Congratulations on a job well done. The lovely lady who received this gift was impressed before she even took off the gift wrapping. She was so shocked at how beautiful the mahogany box was and how amazing the chocolates where. She loved the fact that her name was engraved on the side. This is a gift she will treasure forever. Thank you so much for making her day (A dozen red roses that I gave her with this gift made it even more special). "

Review 699: "Guess what? My brother's present did indeed arrive on his birthday on the 20th. He said the chocolates are absolutely delicious and the packaging was very impressive. Thank-you so much for your wonderful service and we can't wait to surprise someone else with a box of chocolates."

Review 698: "The chocolates were delivered this morning. WOW what a complete delight from the suspense of opening the packaging to the taste, sublime. I will definately be ordering new products and I am going to sign for VIP membership. May I offer my sincere thanks for such wonderful services. "
Steve, United Kingdom

Review 697: "Just want to thank you in advance for the wonderful service and products. You always make me look thoughtful and informed... "

Review 696: "The best chocolates in the world!!"
Gregg, Canada

Review 695: "I just wanted to express my gratitude. This gift was amazing!! It brought tears to my wifes eyes. You all really do an excellent job, a true work of art in each chocolate."
Mike, USA

Review 694: "We received our chocolates early this afternoon, they were in perfect condition. The packaging of your product was absolutely superior to all others I have tried. In regards to the chocolates I believe new adjectives need to be created to describe how delicious your chocolates taste. Although I have ordered from you before, it has been a while since the last time, and if possible you have even surpassed the flavor of the previous chocolates. Thank you so much for all your assistance in placing my order and the quickness with which they delivered your exquisite treats. It is an absolute pleasure to do business with Z Chocolate."
Shirley, USA

Review 693: "I just wanted to inform you that my chocolates was delivered in a perfect condition and I really loved them!! :) "

Review 692: "Beside the best chocolates on the planet, you also have a customer service that is out of this world. Thank you. Have a great day! "
Miguel, USA

Review 691: "I have received my wonderful Cacao 'En Poudre' and can not wait to try it as I know that it will be so wonderful!! I love hot chocolate and when I vacationed in Paris, we would enjoy a delicious cup while sitting outside at one of the many wonderful cafes. Receiving this gift of cacao from your company brought back many wonderful memories of my time spent in Paris. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!! Oh, by the way, everyone that I gave zchocolats to for Christmas raved about how delicious they were and they loved the packaging and the lavender scents. "
Nancy, USA

Review 690: "My friend in Germany received the gift I sent and she told me that those chocolates were the most delicious she has ever tasted. Thank you for doing such a good job."
Ron, USA

Review 689: "We actually received the last order on time, they still did not follow the instructions given at the time of order. As always, your chocolates are outstanding!"
Excy, USA

Review 688: "I loved the chocolates that one of my vendors sent for the Holidays and will continue to use your services. "
John, USA

Review 687: "Beautiful websiteand, beautiful products. The only thing that I found a little difficult, maybe it is because I am using Mac, is that when scrolling, it scrolls through very fast, and I ended up needing to use the scroll bar instead of just the easy-scroll of mac. But all in all very impressed Thank you "
Jenny, Australia

Review 686: "Love love love this website and very happy with the ideas put behind this company."
Crystal, USA

Review 685: "Fantastic website, loved using it. Well done!"
Duncan, United Kingdom

Review 684: "Spectacular web design and ease of use. Thanks"
Nathaniel, USA

Review 683: "Very elegant photography which enhances the experience. Thanks for the updates. "
Mike, USA

Review 682: "It is my first ordering from your website and I love it since I can't find other website that sells on-line and deliver to the Caribbean. Iwill be ordering more in the future. Thank you for your service."
Malcolm, Netherlands

Review 681: "Beautiful and fun :)"
Takahiro, Japan

Review 680: "I like the chocolate designs and the website looks really good, please improve the loading speed!"
Joe, Canada

Review 679: "I have shopped with you for at least 5 years now and I am always very pleased with the website and the delicious product. Thank you. "
Lewis, USA

Review 678: "Brilliant site and fantastic way to be able to send gifts."
Danni, Australia

Review 677: "Great Website. This is my second order from you. I know it wont be my last. Thank you!"
Jason, USA

Review 676: "This site is wonderful. It has all the right touches. Merci beaucoup "
John, USA

Review 675: "Dear zchocolat team,I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service I received when sending my husband his Valentines Day present.The chocolates were amazing and so was the service!"
Aysha, Australia

Review 674: "Those are the best chocolates ever! We've only had 3 and, each one was a treat. I shared with Joe (but he knows better than me how to get into the box without me around) and we both were in awe of the flavors. I want to savour them after dinner. I think that will be tomorrow night, I have a board meeting tonight (and this really good cook makes our dinner). So, 'yes' the chocolates are really special and worth the expense and wait. Well, I didn't buy them so I'm not sure about the expense but they sure made me happy! I love you. "

Review 673: "I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the package that I received yesterday in perfect shape. I finally enjoyed your superior chocolate and no doubt I will be a loyal customer. Thanks for all the efforts you spent to satisfy my needs. "
Sultan, UAE

Review 672: "They are the best chocolates I have ever tasted! Wow! My colleagues loved them too. "
Tina, USA

Review 671: "Wow I am simply blown away by your service. Thank you for your efficiency and fine quality, and for making my gift so special from a distance. "
Lameze, South Africa

Review 670: "I gave my friend a lovely surprise and all went well on timing. Thank you for being a serious company and for keeping me updated with all the information."
Barbara, Spain

Review 669: "Just wanted to say thank you for your incredible service. I very much appreciated the concierge service and being updated during delivery. My friend loved her gift and has commended zchocolat's presentation of the card, packaging, and wonderful chocolates. Thanks very much!"
Rolla, Canada

Review 668: "fantastic service :) didn't expect a follow up call from France to check on some missing details of my order. thank you!"
Jermaine E Jx

Review 667: "Wow, we just ate like half the chocolates. They are delicious! My husband says zChocolat are now his favorite. He especially loved the Z chocolate, I for one favored #6. I can't wait to tell everyone about zChocolat!"
Diana Yang

Review 666: "What an impressively pictured and worded website, product and delivery tracking service you have! You are right to be very proud of your professionalism on all levels. Thank you so much! I have finally found a quality, reliable gift service and will be making use of it in the future"
Desiree, Roumanie

Review 665: "We usually don't get immaculate customer service like this in the US, so we are truly impressed with your company's professionalism and customer care, and we will refer to all our chocolate-lover friends."
Emre, USA

Review 664: "I have never received a service of this quality before - truly the highest quality"
Stephanie, USA

Review 663: "I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the replacement which I received yesterday in perfect shape. I finally enjoyed your superior chocolate and no doubt I will be a loyal customer. Thanks for all the efforts you spent to satisfy my needs. "
Sultan, UAE

Review 662: "I have shopped with you for at least 5 years now and I am always very pleased with the website and the delicious product. Thank you."
Lewis, USA

Review 661: "It is my first ordering from your website and I love it since I cannot find other website that sells online and deliver to the Caribbean. I will order more in the future. Thank you for your service"
Malcolm, Pays-Bas

Review 660: "I want to thank you very much for the work done. Today, my friend got his wonderful chocolate box at the delivery time I required. It is little wonder that people are far from each other but able to please each other with your help. You are giving joy to people. Thank you very much."
Fenya ,

Review 659: "I have to say I was blown away by the quality of service provided by just the website alone. I was looking for a gift to send to my long distance girlfriend for our one year anniversary. Of course, she is a chocolate lover. Your product was perfect for what I was looking for!"
Christopher, USA

Review 658: "Your website is beautiful. I have just posted your site to my Facebook page to share the BEST CHOCOLATE in the world.I wish you great progress. You are true artists!!!"
Susan, USA

Review 657: "I do think your website is superb, you must be very proud. I would also like to thank you for your customer service, few companies treat their customers as professionally as you do. Well done."
Mark, Royaume-Uni

Review 656: "So so many thanks to you !!!!! You really add something magical when it comes to giving a gift... I have never experienced a service like that even when dealing face to face .... She loves it and I am extremely impressed! You have won a loyal customer."
Ivailo, Afrique du Sud

Review 655: "The website is gorgeous....One of the nicest I have ever seen. And your quick and gracious reply to my note is impressive and thoughtful. Four stars"
Robert, USA

Review 654: "I would love to thank you for your professionalism, effeciency and updating me with every single status of my command until arriving to the destination point...I am realy greatful and impressed!"

Review 653: "I just wanted to say how impressed I am of the level of service you provide. I don't think I have ever had such a reaction to a present before. The packaging was amazing, the service incredible, and the chocolates were divine. I will truly recommend your product to anyone who wants to impress the special people in their lives"
Maria, Australie

Review 652: "I am just impressed by your company customer service and I have never seen such a personal and satisfying customer experience for a long time. Well done!"
Albert, Hong Kong

Review 651: "The service is more than excellent, and I think everytime I will have an event, I will choose to send zChocolat"
Sagui, Egypte

Review 650: "I just wanted to express my gratitude. This gift was amazing!!! It brought tears to my wifes eyes. You all really do an excellent job, a true work of art in each chocolate."

Review 649: "The gift was of excellent quality and is more importantly a memorable gift!"
Jun Haan, Malaisie

Review 648: "We first ordered chocolates from your company for Mother's Day. My mother was out of the country on a trip around the world. She was so excited about this long awaited vacation but disappointed that she couldn't be with her children on this day that is so special to her. We sent your beautiful chocolates to a hotel in Italy and arranged with the Concierge that they be waiting in her room when she arrived. Three things happened: 1) The entire plan went off without a hitch. Even when it involved the assistance of several people in several locations. For this, I thank zChocolat for being so organized and reliable. 2) My mother loved this decadent indulgence. Something so personalized that she had never seen before. Now she has an engraved memento of her vacation that can be refilled with wonderful chocolate or simply kept as a souvenir. 3) We all had such a pleasant experience, you have won great fans and customers for life! Rest assured that WHEREVER you go, we will find you and purchase your wonderful chocolates. "

Review 647: "I bought your chocolates as a birthday gift for my aunt, and I want to tell you that first, she absolutely loved them, and second, your customer service/ notification of the delivery process etc. is the BEST I have ever dealt with – online or in person. I love your company "
Amy, USA

Review 646: "I don’t often or easily offer praise to a company but zChocolat has earned my highest respect. Every detail of your products and services are extraordinarily well done. I believe “elegantly brilliant” from start to finish to follow-up best describes zChocolat."
Russell, USA

Review 645: "The quality of the box and how well it was made astounded me. Your company is obviously very committed and focused to provide such a high quality product and level of service that you may have not realised the impact your hard work has on others"
Jonathon, Australie

Review 644: "This is the best service I have ever experienced from purchasing online. From the email updates to the incredible packaging. It is a very impressive online business you have created"
Jeff, Australie

Review 643: "My friend LOVED the chocolates. Unfortunately they are so good that my father has been chasing her to try to steal them (and eating too many at once too!). I look forward to ordering more gifts from you, your service has been excellent throughout!"
Katja, Canada

Review 642: "Speed of the website. Speed of delivery couldn't be better! I placed my order on Wednesday night and I already received it today, less than 48 hours later which is phenomenal, especially coming from overseas. "
Michael, USA

Review 641: "My mother received the chocolates and to say she was impressed was an understatement! Your help, patience and understanding has been greatly appreciated and i will definitely recommend using this service to my family and friends! "
Michael, Australie

Review 640: "I just wanted to say THANK YOU - The chocolates arrived in Sydney safely and the recipient was thrilled to say the least. Many thanks - the chocolates are fabulous, the box is fabulous, beautifully presented and wrapped, and the most efficient service I have ever experienced. It has been a pleasure dealing with your Company"
Christine, Australie

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Melissa, NY, USA

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Brad, USA

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Lawrence, UK

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Brandon, MD, USA

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Diane, USA

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Jonathan, FL, USA

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Lucy, USA

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Diane, USA

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Robyn, USA

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Lisa, CA, USA

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Kris, USA

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Mary, NJ, USA

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Ray, CA, USA

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Ben, Australia

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Paula, Washington State, USA

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Stephanie, USA

Review 556: "You are great--thanks so much for making this so easy :)"
Margaret, MA, USA

Review 555: "I love you guys, but my husband, the chocoholic loves you more!! He has started to ask me when we are getting another shipment from the z-guys. He'll be pleased to know this one is on its way."
Virginia, TX, USA

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William & Caroline, USA

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Scott, USA

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Diana, NJ, USA

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Roni, CA, USA

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Michael, United Kingdom

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Debra, USA

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Joan, NY, USA

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Don, USA

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Epice, USA

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Fred, USA

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Review 543: "I wanted to let you know that even with me providing the in-correct zip code the purchase did arrive to my wife's work place. She had most of it eaten by the time she got home. She said it was so good that she just kept eating, she said this was the best premium chocolates she has ever had. (...) She loved the wooden box and I helped her finish the candies last night."
Scott, TX, USA

Review 542: "I did the ordering and the gifts have arrived, many already enthusiastically devoured by the recipients. Thank you for your wonderful product and best wishes for your continuing success! "
Mary, Maryland, USA

Review 541: "Great chocolate, good prices, excellent presentation, fast delivery... I'm very pleased with you."
Matthew, TX, USA

Review 540: "I am in receipt of your chocolates, they were received and in good condition, very good flavor and selection contained, only problem we have is making a selection as to what we will taste and enjoy next, thanks for such a great product."
Mary, Maryland, USA

Review 539: "Thank you very much for your diligence and ownership of your product. I wish that all of my dealings with ordering over the internet were with companies such as yours.."
Gary, MI, USA

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Hedda, NY, USA

Review 537: "I rarely give feedback of this sort, but in your case I think it is appropriate. The first time I used your service was to send a present to a six year old little girl who had just had a terrible accident in South Africa. (...) I sent the three drawer box of chocolates and am following it up with a monthly refill to give her a bright spot to look forward to each month. The response I have received from her and her family has been overwhelming. Your product is truly unique and I believe is helping this little girl to (...) recover. Bravo!"
Dan, CA, USA

Review 536: "Have problems at this end. First order of zchocolat mysteriously disappeared before I could wrap it as Christmas presents. The second (replacement) order just arrived and I'm putting it in my bank box for a week till present time. I hope it has a longer life."
Sue, CA, USA

Review 535: "Your service is so good I ordered again, and I have yet to taste one of your chocolates!"
Jim, Tennesse, USA

Review 534: "It's funny because it's TRUE! Those are the BEST chocolates I've EVER tasted, and I've tasted a lot of different chocolate in my life. I really liked the coffee bean chockie. IT MELTED IN MY MOUTH AND BUZZED MY BRAIN! Pure euphoria!"
Sherri, USA

Review 533: "I have never tasted chocolate as good as those zchocolates; they are incredible! I'm going to have to find a better paying job so I can support my new addiction. (...) We've already inhaled the top row of heaven, but there are still more chockies underneath (at least there were when I left home this a.m.)! Rob and I are piggies when it comes to these zchocolates. (...) We are incapable of sharing an opened box of zchocolates with anyone in our family."
Sherri, USA

Review 532: "I received the chocolates via DHL. They are some of the most delicious chocolates I have ever had. We/I will be ordering from you in the future."
BU BU, Washigton, USA

Review 531: "My purchase experience with zChocolat has been terrific. I look forward to future purchases"
Peter, MO, USA

Review 530: "Let's see; you answered my initial email in 20 minutes, indicated that you were going to resolve the situation, and then sent 3 more emails to keep me up-to-date over the next 2 days. (...) Thank you for your fast effective response to my concerns. At least some companies still know what quality means."
Stephen, MN, USA

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Review 500: "I will definitely be back to purchase again"
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1. With respect to the product: my mother tells me the chocolates you sent are excellent; as well, she really likes the drawered-box in which they came.

2. With respect to shipping: given your notification to me at the time the order shipped, and my mother's notification to me at the time she received the package, I can only surmise that your shipping partners and channels performed perfectly.

3. With respect to tracking: I didn't have cause to track the order while it was being shipped, however, I looked up the shipping information after my mom received her gift ... and I thought the tracking information fascinating enough that I cut-and-pasted the details into an email for my mother to see how I could order her chocolates from my home in Sydney, Australia, have them shipped from France, and arrive at her doorstep in Seattle, USA, in a matter of a couple of days. You've got to love the time we live in.

Again, thanks for your wonderful service ... you can count me as one of your dedicated customers."

William, Australia

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My mother called me to let me know ALL about the chocolates that came. She told me about the packaging, the amazing box, the wrapping, the paper that my message was written on, the quality of the chocolates and hinted at how refills could be ordered! She told me how special she felt when she received the package and how my gift had brightened her Mother's Day considerably (...).

If this weren't enough proof that your chocolates were a hit, one of the first things out of my dad's mouth when I got him on the phone was how impressed he was with the chocolates too. He wanted to know where I ever found your company. After talking some, and telling him about the website and prices, we agreed that the extra cost is well worth the attention to detail that you put into your product.

Thank you for making a hurting woman feel special and loved on Mother's Day.

Thank you for making a concerned son rest at peace with the knowledge that his love was appropriately conveyed to his mom on this Mother's Day. "

David, TX, USA

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An unknown fan...

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Richard, GA, USA

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Jerry, USA

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Lisa, USA

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Stephanie, CA, USA

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Margaret, MA, USA

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Libby, IL, USA

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Erin, MA, USA

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Karey, Canada

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Beth, GA, USA

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Lisa, CT, USA

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Joyce, USA

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Sally, TX, USA

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Melanna, PA, USA

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Michelle, TX, USA

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Yvette, USA

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Jacqualine, USA

Review 418: "I am not surprised you are the #1 chocolate site on the Internet. I was pleased with everything. Your site is intuitive and a delight to use, and the link provided in your acknowledgement -- to the DHL tracking page -- is very cool. Watching Karen's package travel from Marseilles to Aurora was almost as much fun as eating the chocolates (well, not really but it was great). Thank you."
Charley, USA

Review 417: "I have never been so impressed by the customer service that you guys show your customers. E-commerce sites usually don't care about the customer once their order is processed. But you guys are unique in that you follow up with your customers to see about customer satisfaction. Your ordering process and customization was excellent. Not to mention that you guys have a beautiful and high-quality product. Speaking of which...

My friend Lisa loved the birthday gift! She was so impressed by the beauty and quality of the packaging, she didn't want to open it (I don't know how to top this gift for next year--I may have to give birth, or something...). A co-worker was there when I gave Lisa the gift, and she too thought it was a very, very cool gift. Lisa brought it home and shared the chocolates with family and I assume their reaction was the same--such that I think Lisa's grandmother might be a potential customer soon : ).

As for the chocolate--outstanding. I ordered a sample box for myself to share with co-workers and everyone I gave a piece too thought the chocolate was divine. When it comes to gifts in the future, you guys will be tops on my list. Great product, great service. Keep it up!"

Ernie, CA, USA

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Andrea, USA

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Eddie, UK

Review 414: "Our truffles traveled from France to Michigan USA in two days! We are enjoying the lovely chocolate very much. They were a gift from our daughter. She gave us your tracking number and I 'watched' the package as it came toward us -- a great feature."
Malinda, MI, USA

Review 413: "I have always been pleased with your services. This time, my order went as smoothly as ever. We, including my mother in California, love your products. My mother will be please to always have a supply of your chocolate. Thank you. "
I-ming, CA, USA

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Dana, California, USA

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Pamela, USA

Review 410: "Wow, you people are amazing, responding even to my comments, you're messing with my notions of doing business online, it's not supposed to be this easy and friendly! I would like to mention that I greatly appreciated the concise response to my special request even though the request was not possible, it was nice to hear why not so quickly, infact I was so impressed I ordered something else from you today, my second order in two days, and look forward to coming back whenever possible, Thanks again!"

Review 409: "I received my taster box and I was so pleasantly surprised at the incredible difference in zChocolats and what we Americans have come to think of as chocolate. Vast difference! There are only 4 pieces, but each one is an amazing experience in delicious, unique, delicate, fresh flavors!! You are absolutely correct.....'just never like this'! Your chocolates are akin to the finest delicate wines. Truly, incredibly delicious! Needless to say, I will be back! Thank you so much! "
Jonna, Virginia

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S & M to the attention of Victor and Bob

Review 293: "Just a note to let you know I did receive my gift of chocolates in December and again experienced 'A Little Bit of Heaven' with each bite. I sent your customer service department a note when I received my gift and shared my appreciation for your product, as well as my delight in receiving them again as a Christmas gift. I also sent a special thank you to the company that provided such a wonderful treat.

Your company has truly mastered the art of perfection in your confections and they far surpass any other chocolates I have ever tasted. May your company have another successful year as you continue to provide your wonderful chocolates for 'sweet-lovers' such as myself."


Review 292: "I would like to congratulate the zChocolat team for their services. The ordering and shipping was flawless, the order arrived exactly when it was scheduled to, and the quality of the chocolates was amazing. Also, the custom nameplate was perfect, the lettering was very beautiful and it was perfectly centered and level. Again, thank you for such wonderful service and chocolates.

I'm sure my girlfriend would also like to thank you also, I've heard nothing but positive comments about the chocolates themselves."


Review 291: "I was very pleased with the communication on the status of the order. I also liked the phone call to the individual receiving the products. It is a very nice touch. I spoke with Marianne and she said the chocolates were out of this world. Thank you"

Review 290: "Hi! Dave received his chocolates in good condition & was very pleased, both with them & the box. He is a clinically certifiable chocoholic & very discriminating & he rated your chocolates very high on the scale. Thanks,"

Review 289: "The chocolates were excellent and very well received. Richard's wife, Sabine, is French and said the most glowing things about your chocolates. Excellent job, thank you so much. PS - I really appreciate being kept informed during the whole delivery process; it is very reassuring. Thanks again... "

Review 288: "I would just like to say that I couldn't have been happier with the service provided by your company. I don't think I have ever received such treatment. Thank you for all of the courtesy emails and for the follow-up. Judy absolutely loved the chocolate and told me it was the best she has ever tasted. Thanks again! I am sure to be a return customer."

Review 287: "Dear zChocolat,

Sue and Gary received their Chocolats and called the arrival evening to express their appreciation for the gift. THEY LOVED THE CHOCOLATS!!!! I found your service to be EXCELLENT, and it was a pleasure to have a company take the time to email me each day on the progress of my order. It relinquished any concerns I have experienced in the past, as to whether my gifts would arrive. I plan to order more very soon, for my daughter and son, to be shipped to their colleges. Just so you are aware; Gary was burnt over 80% of his body and went through several skin grafts. Sue is his girlfriend and now care-giver. Receiving my gift of your chocolats, brightened both their days and gave them a smile, they had not experienced for awhile. It was difficult for me to decide what to send to them and now I know I made the correct choice. THANK YOU!! The card and brass plate makes the gift 'timeless' and a wonderful marketing idea. Thank you, again, for giving Gary and Sue a painless moment- A new lifelong customer."


Review 286: "Thank you for your follow-up. I was EXTREMELY satisfied with the service, and Mike and Lois were delighted with the chocolates. Your tracking service was amazing. Thank you for your care, every step of the way. I will definitely be ordering gifts from you again--what a delight! With best wishes,"

Review 285: "This was really a new experience - a wonderful one! I was very happy when I found your site on the internet, and even more happy to see that you ship to all over Europe where I and most of my friends live. It was easy to order and you were very quick to ship. As I used your 'summer shipping' service, I received a nice fresh ballotin, perfect in order, no 'crushed' pieces as there often is when buying by Internet. And the chocolate - absolutely superb! I buy a lot of artisanal chocolate, and this is one of the best tastes I ever discovered. A good choice and lovely combinations. I also liked the idea of having the possibility to choose your own preferences. Thank you for following up the order, the shipping and the 'result', and also a very great thank you for the extra gift of the chocolate card - much appreciated! See you soon with more orders this fall, both to France and Sweden. Until then I'll enjoy my new passion of Z-chocolat... Best regards,"

Review 284: "Thank you, I have received my order. I'm very pleased. Everything you do makes me feel very special. Don't change a thing. I wish your company a very profitable future. I will remain a loyal customer."

Review 283: "My mom was very pleased with the chocolates- I have now sent your chocolates to both my mom and mother in law and they have been completely thrilled. They are the perfect gift!-- although what I have purchased for them is more than I usually spend on birthday gifts I can justify it because they enjoy them so much. I am not positive- but I think you also engraved a better inscription on the plaque than I had requested- I think I said - To a great mom- love Nicole- but you substituted wonderful- Both moms horded their chocolates and opted not to share them with anyone-- I love it- Maybe one of these days I will treat myself-- Thanks again"

Review 282: "Your product speaks for itself -- your packaging accompanies it perfectly, YOUR SERVICE -- is customer perfection. TRES BIEN, merci"

Review 281: "Folks..... Thanks for your interest. The shipping was flawless. I really like the 'cold box' that kept the chocolate in perfect condition. Your email updates are an excellent touch that allowed me to track my shipment. As for the chocolate is absolutely awesome. It's the best that I've had (and I've had a lot from many parts of the world). My second order from you was for my son's 17th birthday. It was the perfect gift for a young man who loves his chocolate. I've given your site to several friends who also obsess about their chocolate. You'll hear from us again and you may use excerpts or this email in it's entirety as a testimonial to your excellent service and even better products. Thanks."

Review 280: "Hi, I was EXTREMELY happy with your service. You kept me informed every step of the way with the delivery. I was so very impressed! Then to top it off I was told the chocolates were delicious and now you are concerned about my feedback. It's a pleasure doing business with such a professional company like yourself. I only wish there were more companies like this out there. I can't thank you enough. You will definitely hear from me again! I have you saved on my favorite websites. Sincerely,"

Review 279: "I am entirely satisfied with the level of service that your company has provided. I was told that the quality of the product was superior as well. Thank you for your attention."

Review 278: "Everything worked out just fine. Thank you again. You are an exceptional company. I have never dealt with a company so intuned to customers concerns. Thank you,"

Review 277: "My husband was delighted with the chocolate. The packaging was impressive and the quality of the chocolates were even more impressive. We were very satisfied with your product and service and will use your company again in the future."

Review 276: "As a matter of fact, my parents were thrilled with the chocolates and the presentation box when it arrived on schedule. All in all you have an excellent service and one that I have told a number of people about already and will continue to do so. Thank you for your follow up and professionalism."

Review 275: "Greetings All: My experience with zchocolat has been most professional--in a couple of words: a pleasurable and informative experience. The services provided were all that I was looking for--now and in the future!! Perhaps I shall have to order one for myself also--ha ha!!, No, seriously, I may have to send myself one of the 'top of the line' presentations for my own enjoyment!! Again, thank you for being there with exactly the level of presentation and quality I desired."

Review 274: "Dear,

I just received an email from my parents in Canada where you were kind enough to deliver a box of chocolates for me. They were absolutely delighted with the gift but even more impressed with the quality of your product, the box and the engraving.

In a world plagued by advertising hype and realities that fall well short of promises, you have surprised me. Thank you for making my long distance 50th anniversary gift to my parents a success and you can count on my future business. Cheers."


Review 273: "The chocolates were a great success! Thank you! New clients will be ordering from you."

Review 272: "I was a bit worried that the chocolates were not going to make it on time for my Mom's birthday. As it turned out, they arrived on her birthday which was great. My mother is French so she appreciates fine chocolates and she said they are some of the best she's had! Thanks for helping make her birthday great!"

Review 271: "Dear zChocolat-iers,

Thank you for your kind inquiry. My friend was indeed extremely happy with your chocolates and has devoured about 90% of the 27 Gourmandise chocolates in 20 minutes after the box was delivered to him. He praised my 'good taste' in selecting the gift and I am extremely grateful to zChocoalt's team for the high-quality customer service that you provide during the entire process of selecting, ordering and delivering the chocolates. Keep up the good work!"


Review 270: "Wonderful chocolates, arrived on time as promised, will be ordering more in the future, it's good to deal with a firm who deliver what they promise!"

Review 269: "The chocolates were outrageous! My brother in law, I think put it best when he said 'Eating one of these chocolates.... it's like your mouth having an orgasm'!!! I know that is raunchy, but that's what he said. He thinks the chocolates are better than sex.... we laughed, but to tell you the truth.... I think so too! They were really great. Thanks for your FANTASTIC customer service. You guys are simply the BEST. I wouldn't buy my chocolates anywhere else. There is just nothing like them...and nothing like your dedication to customer satisfaction."

Review 268: "Greetings to all at zChocolat,

Thank you for your inquiry as to my satisfaction with my last order. Of the many companies with whom I do on line business, you are the ONLY one who bothers to ask. From the initial ordering process, through the many follow up e-mails, to the final delivery, I could not have asked for better, more caring service.

Despite the extreme heat at the point of destination, your summer packaging assured that the chocolates arrived in pristine condition. Mrs. -- loves your chocolates and was especially touched by the brass plaque saying 'Mom' that was affixed to the box.

I did not realize that zChocolat was the #1 chocolate site on the Internet but I probably should have. As far as I am concerned, if you sold chocolate or ping pong balls, you would still be the number one customer service company on the Internet. Thank You and Best Regards,"


Review 267: "As usual, I was very happy with my order. The Easter assortment was very impressive. I had a very nice lunch at home with several guests. The Americans were entertained by the unusual (by American standards) shapes and the French were nostalgic...many childhood memories and stories behind the chocolate shapes were shared. Thanks again, I am always impressed by your outstanding service and consistent quality."

Review 266: " mother-in-law recieved her chocolates and LOVES them! Thank you for such wonderful service and (word has it) great chocolate....."

Review 265: "Excellent Customer Service!!!! Thanks for the updates and the confirmation of delivery. I particularly like knowing that the recipient signed for the package. This has been one of the best online purchase/delivery experiences I've enjoyed."

Review 264: "Dear

Thank You very much for the outstanding service in delivering the box of chocolates!!! My family received it promptly as you scheduled it. They liked the candies, although it was consumed too fast. At least, I know that you do a great job in the business. I am very pleased, and happy. Keep up the excellent job in serving your customers. I'm looking forward to ordering again from your company sometime soon. Thank You again, and GOD bless your business!!! Respectfully Yours,"


Review 263: "I'd just like to say that your service is amazing. To be able to keep track of the package until delivery was very reassuring. It was a gift for my mother and she thought it was wonderful, I think it made her day! Thank you"

Review 262: "Thank you again for all of your wonderful customer service attention. My folks were as impressed with the packaging and presentation as they were with the chocolates! It was a wonderful anniversary present."

Review 261: "I have to tell you this story: You just delivered some cocoa for my daughter at my work address. With all the forced overtime, I usually work an 11 hour shift and when I go to pick up my daughter at the night nanny's house, she is usually asleep. But last night, Maia must have smelled the cocoa on the wind, because she was waiting for me on Nora Lin's, the night nanny's, porch when I picked her up. She was so excited when she saw the bag. Over an hour later, we were sitting at the kitchen table with our steaming mugs of cocoa, colouring. Most days I'm a conscientious mother and would never give my child chocolate so late at night, but she was so excited, I couldn't resist her pleas. Every now and then a topsy turvy day is good for the soul. We were up way past midnight, giggling and sipping yet another cup. Since your cocoa was our main ingredient for our soulful topsy turvy night, I just wanted to thank you. Last night was one of the those rare nights that Maia will probably look back upon when she is a mother and remember warmly. She will remember the cocoa in the canvas bag that she got to spoon out and stir, the richness of it's colour and taste; she will remember the ritual of adding just enough sugar and swirling the right amount of milk; she will have the name zchocolate etched in her brain as a magical chocolate fairie land that sent her a gift of cocoa dust (gold to a four year old child). Thank you again!"
Cheryl and Maia

Review 260: "Greetings to the Artisans of France and zchocolate. I am writing to tell you how much betsy enjoyed her early mother's day chocolate. I appreciate your attention to detail. Thanks!!!!!"

Review 259: "The chocolates were very extravagant and tasty. Everything was fine with the delivery and the package. I don't think I've ever eaten REAL European chocolate. This was definately a great experience for my tastebuds. Thank you."

Review 258: "Morgan was delighted with the chocolate, and she is very picky. The delivery was timely and perfect as well. Thanks!"

Review 257: "My daughter and her family loved her chocolate and said it was the best chocolate she has ever tasted. I am so glad you ship overseas, and I was very satisfied with the service and the product!"

Review 256: "I always have a wonderful experience with your chocolates. I am sad to say I am 'addicted',but I guess that can't be too bad of a thing! I ate 58 pieces in 3 days. That is the sad part! I guess I will just have to order more:o) Thanks for the best chocolate I have ever had!"

Review 255: "I am more than pleased with the quality of my purchase and its speedy delivery. I was also very impressed with the tracking system. I knew where my chockies were at all times! The chocolate was so delicious. My only complaint is that I did not order more! But no worries, I will be ordering more in the future. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

Review 254: "zChocolate Team,

I could not be more pleased with every aspect of my purchase: your website, your updates, the speed of the delivery, the quality of the packaging, and the gift itself. Needless to say, my brother to whom I sent the gift was very very pleased. Thanks,"


Review 253: "Absolutely perfect!!!! C'est bon! Whenever I need another gift I will return to your site. Thank you for such perfect service."

Review 252: "Greetings zChocolate Team,

I am more than satisfied with the service I received regarding Joe's order. Thank you for such exceptional service and for such consistent communication with me. You have proved beyond a doubt that you care for your customers and I will definitely be ordering from you again in the near future. Thank you for caring and for creating such exquisite personal gifts for loved ones."


Review 251: "you have the easiest on line ordering thx zoooooooooooo much ...merci beaucoup....i hope i spelled that right!"

Review 250: "The chocolates were a gift and have been very well received by the person they were bought for. The chocolates were of excellent quality. The delivery process was very efficient & informative and the chocolates were received very promptly. I will definitely consider using your web site in the future for ordering chocolates."

Review 249: "Virginia was thrilled to receive her chocolates, and was especially taken with the box with her initials on it! Thanks again."

Review 248: "Hello zchocolat,

Both my recipient, Fran, and I received our chocolates this morning. I thank you very much. I was extremely pleased with the presentation and quality of taste, not to mention your great customer service. Fran was simply overjoyed with her gift. Thanks again for making my gift a huge success. I look forward to using your services again."


Review 247: "(Very) Dear zChocolate Team,

I was thinking of writing you before receiving the query below to tell you how impressed I am with your service. I've never felt so confident and reassured after sending anything to anyone, and feel you could serve as an example to all other businesses, online or otherwise. Thank you for your consideration. You can be sure I'll pass on recommendations to others. Thanks again,"


Review 246: "She e-mailed me her extreme delight! She did note the difficulty she had in beating her family off HER chocolates. Thanks again for making me look good! This was a birthday surprise."

Review 245: "Dear zChocolat, I bought zchocolat products as a gift to my mother for her birthday. She was more than pleased with the quality of the chocolate and it was delivered in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work."

Review 244: "Thank you for the terrific service and for the wonderful chocolates, our clients enjoyed them thoroughly. We will definitely be ordering from you again."

Review 243: "Dear zChocolat, Thank you for such extraordinary service! This was my first time ordering from you and it certainly will not be my last!"

Review 242: "Dear,

I gave my friend her birthday gift early because I could not wait to see her expression. She was overcome by tears. The packaging was so nice she carefully tear the wrapping paper with out touching the seal. When she saw the beautiful box, she could not believe it that her initials was on them. Truly a surprise for her especially when she tasted the chocolates. I have to give you guys five stars for this. Very good job from the time I order to the time I put them in my mouth. I would definitely re-order again, Thank you for making that day a special one."


Review 241: " Many thanks, everything was excellent and I think you now have several new customers as a result! Keep up the great work and chocolate."

Review 240: "I did receive an email from Sylvie that she had received her chocolates and that they were delicious! Thank you for helping me be able to deliver chocolates to a friend who is far from my home."

Review 239: "Hello team,

I was completely impressed with all aspects of my experience with your company. I found ordering online to be simple and fast and I loved the choices. I was pleased with the reasonable shipping costs and the tracking was excellent. I also loved the ongoing contact from you during the process and speedy replies to questions. Norm said he loved the chocolates. Thank you so much for making this gift-giving experience a delight!"


Review 238: "Everything was perfect. Thank you so much. The order arrived super fast and was in perfect condition. And as I hear, they taste like as if a piece of heaven is melting in your mouth :-). Great service and products...I am definitely going to be coming back. Thanks again...."

Review 237: "I live in the FSU, my parents live in Canada. It was their 50th wedding anniversary and I was at a loss as to what to do for gift since there are 10,000 km between us. Zchocolat was an easy pick - the product is excellent, the presentation box superb and the customer support and professionalism was the best I have found on the web yet. I have recommended them to my friends on a number of occassions already and I am sure that anyone using them will be equally impressed and satisfied."

Review 236: "Thanks again, I got a happy call from my client thanking me for the wonderful gift."

Review 235: "The chocolate arrived right on time and our client loved it! Thanks again for the great product and service!"

Review 234: "Dear Taralee,

Thank you for your letter, I can say that everything about your recent delivery of chocolates was excellent in every way. One problem however, they did not last long enough !! Many thanks for the wonderful service"


Review 233: "Dear Taralee,

I and my husband were very pleased by the chocolates, very fine quality, lovely box and my husband like the way the whole thing was carried out. Very professionnal and very quick. Very good customer service. WELL DONE."


Review 232: "I received my order in great shape and everyone enjoyed the treat. We also ordered for a vender of ours and his company sent a two page letter, that went on and on about how great we were for sending the chocolate and how great the chocolate was! I think you have a winner here so keep up the good work. I'll be back!!"

Review 231: "Thank you so much for your excellent service. The chocolates were delivered fast and they were superb as my friend tells me. I am ready to try them myself and will not hesitate to recommend you to my chocoholic friends. Sincerely, "

Review 230: "Not to be crass.. but you guys kick ass! Thank you so much. There are so many fly-by-night companies on the internet and your crew (husband and wife.. whatever) are top drawer! I can't believe it flew to Los Angeles so fast from France. I only placed the order Monday afternoon and the box is sitting on her desk in LA as I write this.. processed, shipped and received from across the globe in 3 days flat. I think I'm still waiting on a CD I ordered from another webshop 2 weeks ago!!!!! You guys rule. Thanks again."

Review 229: "I was entirely satisfied with the order. Yael received the package intact, on time, and was thrilled. I am so glad I found your site. Best wishes,"

Review 228: "It was perfect, thank you! Your chocolates are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for your service"

Review 227: "I am responding to your letter asking if our shipment was satisfactory. First, it was a wonderful surprise to receive your chocolate as a gift. Our friend knew we love Provence. The candy melted in our mouth. Delicious! DHL delivered it promptly. Thank you"
Terry and Jack

Review 226: "Excellent! Christine was thrilled with the presentation and the quality of the product! Thanks for making the day so special for her!"

Review 225: "Dear team:

I am replying to you because I have been ordering items for several years through the internet and ordering from you was the very best experience I have ever had. You kept me informed constantly and explicitly. I never had any other vender keep me so very up-to-date with my order beford this experience. You really know how to make a buyer feel well taken care of and very special.

AND that is not all! This purchase was a birthday gift for my father-in-law. The praise for the exquisite wrapping and the charming box was superlative.

AND that is still not all! The zChocolate candies: supreme perfection!! According to my in-laws! (since I have never tasted any I have not opinion but I hope to soon). Thank you so very much for your wonderful service and your wonderful zChocolates!"


Review 224: "Thank you. This order was, like my previous two, flawless. The chocolates arrived in excellent condition, and they are truly the best I've ever tasted. (They were a birthday present for my husband, but he is kind enough to share.) Keep up the good work."

Review 223: "As always, everything was perfect. You're among the elite in on-line gift shopping."

Review 222: "My order was delivered in perfect shape, on time and it was the best chocolate I've ever had in my life. A+ in every aspect. Thank you!"

Review 221: "I could not have been more pleased. I would estimate that I shop online 'more than average', and I must say, your site has provided the best level of customer service of any I have dealt with. I look forward to utilizing your services in the future. Thank you & regards,"

Review 220: "As always I was more than satisfied with your chocolates and your customer service. You guys are the best!! Thank you!"

Review 219: "I just received my chocolates and had a piece a real divine so moist, soft, fresh and just delicious. Thank you so much for your prompt service and a fine product. I intend to be a regular costumer. Merci."

Review 218: "We both loved the chocolates and i'm planning to send more to him and my sister."

Review 217: "We have absolutely no complaints. The chocolates arrived in perfect condition. We ordered them for a French-themed party we were giving. After my husband & I tasted our first chocolate, we immediately ordered another box for ourselves (to eat after the party). OK one complaint, after eating your chocolates, I can no longer eat -- - it offends my tastebuds. You've turned us into chocolate snobs. Will certainly order more from you. Many thanks.

p.s. I am generally a very tough customer & do not hand out compliments easily."


Review 216: "The two orders I made through your web site both arrived in a very timely manner. The chocolates were superb and the email notifications I received at every step of the process were much appreciated. You have a wonderful product, which made a very significant impression on my girlfriend, particularly the second time. I am glad that I found your company and decided to try odering a box."

Review 215: "Thank you, the chocolates were wonderful and were delivered very quickly. Everything exceeded my expectations, and I will be ordering again! Merci beaucoup! "

Review 214: "I would like to extend my thanks to all who were involed in ensuring that my 'special shipping' was taken care of. My wife was visiting Paris with a friend and I wanted to ensure that she got the chocolat whilst there. It arrived with absolute perfect timing and after sampling what little she brought home, she and I are very impressed with the quality.... It is guaranteed that we will use your service again!"

Review 213: "My daughter and I both received from your company, the most wonderful chocolates we have ever had. The quality, taste and incredible presentation were outstanding. I've told all my friends (but have actually shared very few), just wanted to let you know. Fantastic product."
Lisa and Rachel

Review 212: "Yes, and the chocolates are delicious! I have been so impressed with your service - the chocolate is the icing on the cake! I'll be ordering from you again!"

Review 211: "I was absolutely amazed at the order she received. I know that she was very shocked. I had kind of over looked Valentines Day for a few years and just taken her out to dinner. Never getting her flowers or anything. This time I got her roses,(...) and bought her Chocolates from another country. She called me the minute they came to the door. I can not tell you how amazed at the packaging and display. She did not want to open the box up. So far, we together have got half way through the second level. We have loved every piece we have eaten. Will we get more??? You bet. We are trying to find others to have them shipped to. Your chocolates are masterpieces, it is sad we have to eat them. Thanks for helping me light up my wife's Valentines Day."

Review 210: "Dear Team,

I thought your service was brilliant - efficient, clear, and beautifully presented. I know that Damien (and his wife) were delighted with their chocolates and I will definitely use you again when I need to send a special gift. FYI - Below is the note I got from Damien's wife:

Dear Amanda,

Firstly, thank you so much for the very gorgeous chocolates that have just arrived - very surprising and very impressive. Damien couldn't resist two immediately! So, well done!"


Review 209: "Through the years I have eaten quite a lot of quality chocolate. Mostly from shops in Brussels and airports. I have to say that your chocolates are better. The filling is of a much higher quality. The whole experience was very good and we will order refill-boxes through life."

Review 208: "I am very pleased with the order and am about to place another one. Thank you,"

Review 207: "Dear zChocolat: Many compliments on your timely delivery, excellent communication, fabulous boxed and initialed wrapping and delicious chocolates. My mother was thrilled with the present and of course, I was extremely happy that she was happy. A wonderful experience all around. Thank you for your caring service and exquisite product."

Review 206: "As always my zchocolate purchase was everything I had hoped. Thanks for a great product."

Review 205: "Everything was wonderful as usual. I even received a lengthy e-mail from my sister who I hardly ever hear from thanking me for the pleasant surprise. Thanks for helping us connect."

Review 204: "My mother is tough to please and she liked your chocolates. She complained about the wrappings though, said they were too fancy. Ha."

Review 203: "The guest that enjoyed your exquisite chocolates are still talking about it and are sharing the wonderful mahogany wooden box. Thanks again."

Review 202: "She really liked it. She said it was one of the best gifts she had ever gotten. You'll be on my mind at other special occasions. I thought your e-mail updates during shipping as well as the easy tracking links were great. I was very impressed with how quickly you were able to get it to me during such a busy time for you. Many thanks."

Review 201: "I wanted to share with you a letter I received from a Vender of ours after sending them ZChocolats.

Dear Harold, We were delighted to receive your unique and generous gift of ZChocolats from France today. The staff and I truly enjoyed the flavorful experience. We couldn't believe our eyes as we opened the box. What a presentation! We appreciate your business and value our working relationship. Thanks again for your courteous gesture!"


Review 200: "I have to say that I am VERY impressed with the service that I have received from I am a frequent online purchaser, in that I buy something on the internet about once a week from any number of stores and I have NEVER received the kind of service that I have from Complete 110% routing information was very appreciated for a particular Valentine's day deadline was very stress relieving. I have been telling everyone about your wonderful service in hopes that other companies will do more like you and others will reinforce good service behavior and order thru you. THANK YOU!"

Review 199: "The chocolate and the service that I received from your company was superb. I was so impressed with the quality of your chocolates that I recently placed another order. It seems so rare (especially here in the USA to find a company that offers excellent customer service and an exceptional product line. Keep up the good work"

Review 198: "Thanks for your inquiry, the buying experience was very pleasant. Victoria was overwhelmed with the quality of the product. I am having a party in March and will have to order some to serve that evening. Information feedback was more than what was expected. On a scale of one to ten it was a ten."

Review 197: " I recently placed and completed an order with your company. I participate in eCommerce very frequently (usually 3-5 times per month, usually with different companies, usually including international eCommerce about once per month), but I rarely feel compelled to write a note of thanks after the purchase is complete. However, I feel so compelled this time. I placed my order Tuesday evening from the east coast of the United States and my order was received on Friday afternoon for under $9 of international shipping. I would like to thank you for your competitive prices, cheap, fast shipping, and outstanding communication throughout the entire order. Finally, the recipient of this gift was thrilled to receive it, and there can't be much better of a compliment than that. Thank you very much, it's been a pleasure doing business with your company =) Sincerely yours,"

Review 196: "Dear zChocolate,

The Chocolates I ordered were apparently too good, because I didn't even get a chance to try even 1 of them. The 2 ladies I gave them to loved them so much they're gone. My Mom Really liked the box it came in. Thank You for your time and business."


Review 195: "Thank you again for the chocolates. My wife has finished about half of them and she loves them. They are absolutely wonderful. She even let me have a few bites. I will gladly order from you again and recommend you to everyone. Thanks again and have a great day."

Review 194: "Phenomenal service! Thank you so much....Maura, my mother, has not stopped talking about the package and has exhausted all vocabulary words (and her vocabulary is extensive) pertaining to how wonderful the package was...she went on and on for days about every detail of the box, paper, notecard, etc. Thank you very much for making it so special. I will DEFINITELY come back for more in the future and have recommended your services to others when possible. Thank you !"

Review 193: "To say I was satisfied with the chocolates is a gross understatement! They were divine!! I especially liked the pistachio marzipan and the coffee. Can't wait to place another order. Regards"

Review 192: "My friend received her chocolate today......I have never heard her so excited about a gift.....She LOVED the chocolate....She said it was the best she had ever eaten.......She will be ordering from you, herself for gifts for other people....I really appreciate the quality of your product and how fast you delivered it for me....I will not hesitate to purchase more gifts from you in the future. You made it all so easy...Thank you..."

Review 191: "Dear folks:

My parents absolutely loved your products. My mother loves chocolate and I've sent her almost every kind there is, including XX, etc. She said that this was the best chocolate she ever had. Congratulations! Regards,"


Review 190: "Thank you for the great experience in using your service. I sent three different locations (OR, MI, & FL) Christmas chocolates, and all three were delivered promptly and the recipients were delighted with the contents! Thanks so much. I am extremely detail oriented, and appreciated the tracking system employed by your site."

Review 189: "Everything was great, the chocolate is still a hit as a gift. I plan to buy some for myself soon, to see what the hubbub is all about! Thanks."

Review 188: "Yes, we are totally satisfied, and will use your services again when needed. In fact, I am very eager to find out for myself just how wonderful your chocolates are, and plan on ordering a small sample size soon. I was very impressed with the whole ordering process...the up-to-date tracking from the moment the shipment left your establishment, going through customs, the pick up/delivery from DHL, and the client receiving the order. Very efficient, very informative! Thank you again for everything!"

Review 187: "The recipients loved their gift and also said they went to your web site to order more for themselves and for clients and friends. This is the first time I have ordered from you and I am extremely pleased with the high quality of product and service (including your follow-up). I commend you for your excellence in customer service and I plan on placing many more orders with you."

Review 186: "Dear ZChocolat: The order was entirely satisfactory. Wonderful. I've recommended your company to several friends. I am a newspaper editor and writer, and plan to write about your exemplary service and chocolates sometime...Thank you."

Review 185: "Dear zChocolat Team: I was just in Europe. There was no chocolate that was better than what you sent."

Review 184: "Just a quick note to say that everything was perfect with the above order. Once again I am delighted and impressed with your service. I am also aware that the recipient, Anne, was totally delighted with her gift. Thank You."

Review 183: "No question, only one comment - YOUR COMPANY IS THE BEST! Will be back with more orders and recommend you to everyone I know!"

Review 182: "I received a note from Iris in which she says: 'We got the chocolates from France! They are absolutely wonderful and the presentation is so nice, too.'

My current plan is to order a refill for them for Christmas of this year. In the meantime, I hope to place another order in the near future so that we may enjoy some of your chocolates (and maybe even share some with our family!).

The entire process went smoothly and I particularly appreciated the updates on the status of the order (...) Your customer service approach is top-notch. In a time when we see a rather widespread decline in (or more sadly, a redefinition of!) true customer service, our experience with your company was refreshing! Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful New Year."


Review 181: "We were all entirely satisfied with the delivery and especially with the chocolates. They were delicious. I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you,"

Review 180: "Everything arrived beautifully, and Laurie told me how wonderful they were. she said that they were the best chocolates she received this christmas. Thank you for everything,"

Review 179: "Good morning! I am not so good in english. I talk spanish. Thank you very much for your service. All was really Great. I will think in when I have to send other gift. Thanks again and have a good day!"

Review 178: "Dear Chocolate People:

The order came fine. I do believe that I have never tasted anything as heavenly as your chocolates. The order was a present for my Mom and I was sorry to tell my Dad that XX would no longer suffice. I plan in the future for any occasion where I can send anyone chocolates for any reason (if I can afford to) I will send your chocolates. Every time I see a XX bar or any chocolate at the store I think to myself if I buy that I might as well be eating dirt. Thank God there are people out there who make chocolate like you people do. Sincerely,"


Review 177: "I was entirely satisfied with my shopping experience! As I understand it the chocolates were very well received by the whole family. The summer packaging kept them beautiful and delicious! Thank you. I'll be back without question but next time I'll be looking for something for myself! Sincerely,"

Review 176: "Just a short note to say thank you for a first class service, one that I must confess is very easy to use. My order was delivered on time and in perfect condition - the chocolates were the perfect suprise gift for my girl friend (a self confessed choco-holic!), once again thank you."

Review 175: "The service, the product and the response time were outstanding. The gifts went to some true chocolate connoisseurs. They thought these were the best chocolates they have experienced. We will definitely be ordering more. Thank you again,"

Review 174: "Dear zChocolat, ...Repeat business, repeat excellence! Respectfully,"

Review 173: "Dear zChocolat, ...As usual, your customer service, shipping and of course...Product... were as I have always experienced... EXCELLENT!!! Your company is one of the only companies in the world who provide such excellence and I look forward to the next time I require more of the world's finest! Respectfully,"

Review 172: "The chocolates were the most delicious we have ever tasted. I appreciated the email updates as my package traveled from France. The only problem was that we did not order enough- we will be wiser next time."

Review 171: "Your service is par excellance! I hope that is the correct expression. I have never experienced such a thorough service, and my father whom the delivery was sent to was delighted. No problem and a lovely much appreciated gift, thank you. I shall certainly recommend your service."

Review 170: "Susan is a confirmed chocoholic - she said they were the best chocholate she ever tasted and I will certainly be sending you some more orders in the future. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service."

Review 169: "Thank you for the inquiry. Although, I did not get to see the chocolates, Ann told me they were wonderful. In fact, she was slow to share them with her daughter and son-in-law. She wanted to enjoy all of them herself!!!! But she finally relented and shared one or two!!! Thanks again."

Review 168: "Thank you for the follow up. I was told that the chocolates were wonderful (yummy, yummy, yummy as the recipient stated!). Also, as the sender, I very much appreciated the constant updates on the process of the delivery. This service was well beyond my expectations and beyond other online services I have used. Thank you -- I plan to make zChocolat the place to go for gifts."

Review 167: "Hello, and thank you for your email. I was thrilled with the excellent customer service I received from your company. I have never dealt with a company that was so genuinely customer service oriented and it was a pleasure. I would definitely do business with you again in the future. Keep up the great work!"

Review 166: "To the Staff at zChocolat,

I'm glad that you sent the prompt for feedback. I planned to email you anyway and this offered a good moment to do so.

I wanted to extend my most sincere thanks, appreciation and admiration for the smooth and thoughtful way you conduct your business (especially with respect to online orders) and the spectacular quality of the chocolates. I can say with certainty that I have never encountered (until you) such a level of professional, efficient and informative assistance. Your emails updating me on the status of the gift package were wonderful and truly alieved any concerns I had regarding progress of the delivery. I was both amazed and grateful with the sophisticated and attentive level of service that I received from zchocolat throughout the entire process.

I had an opportunity to visit with the individual to whom I sent your chocolates and I was able to steal a sample. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience. The quality of the chocolate was outstanding (I had the dark chocolate with lavender honey). The flavors were distinct but blended together to create a delightfully, mouthwatering moment. I only wish that I could have convinced the person to whom I gave your chocolates to part with more than just the one--but he would have none of it! Not to worry, soon I will order some more for myself. Thank you again for a truly memorable and, dare I say it , enjoyable on line shopping experience. Sincerely,"


Review 165: "Greetings,

Although I didn't get to taste the chocolates myself.... I heard they were wonderful. And your service was simply outstanding. So on a scale of 1 to 10, I give you an 11. Thanks and all the best!"


Review 164: "Dear Team,

I was extremely pleased with my order to my mother, Reine, who calls your chocolates 'the best she's ever had', which means a lot coming from a French woman. Your site is extremely easy to navigate, which means a lot coming from a guy in the interactive business. Nice work. I'll be back."


Review 163: "Everything was great. I gave them to my husband for Christmas and I have only gotten one!!!!!!! He is really enjoying time I'll have to order some for myself (:"

Review 162: "Yes I was entirely satisfied with my order and there were no problems at all. I was extremely impressed by the constant follow ups and information sent to me and next time I'm sending chocolates I will definitely use your service."

Review 161: "We loved them, everything was perfect and we appreciate your fantastic customer service. Thanks again!"

Review 160: "I would like to take this chance to thank you for a great shopping experience. Not only did I enjoy picking the chocolates out but, I also enjoyed the response I received when she opened the package. I don't think it could have been better."

Review 159: "You can't perfect perfection as I have said before! You are the finest business online! Merry Christmas to you all!"

Review 158: "I suggest that your site's ease of use and speed be applied to all the other slothful e-commerce sites out there. I cannot recommend zChocolat to my friends highly enough."

Review 157: "As usual...the best website I have ever used"

Review 156: "Both I and Elaine were very pleased with the service and product. Ordering via the web site was very easy and delivery was prompt. In my opinion, you achieved success by deliverying an intercontinental product fully transparent to the customer - you could have been down the street. In terms of quality, I can't speak to that myself, but the opinions I've heard from family who devoured the product, quality was excellent. What set you apart from other high quality providers was the uniqueness of the mahogany engraved box - nice touch - and a good differentiator in the market. In short, I have no inputs for improvement. My only complaint is that I didn't get to sample it myself! Good luck with the business"

Review 155: "Dear Customer Service,

I bought the chocolate for one of my college professors and it was a big success. It may have even made the difference in my grade. I enjoyed watching my order make its way from your part of the world to mine. I would have expressed my appreciation sooner, but after reading the letters from your other satisfied customers there seemed to be little left to add. Thank you for everything."


Review 154: "Dear zChocolate team:

Thank you so much for the consistent updates regarding the progress of my order. I am truly impressed by your exceptional customer service and would recommend your services to everyone. Thank you so much for making my first experience in ordering internationally so amazing. Regards,"


Review 153: "PERFECT! WONDERFUL! The two boxes were gifts for my friends and they were totally bowled over- one has already eaten the entire box! Thanks for getting me out of a jam!!!! I was VERY LATE in Chanukkah shopping this year and really got caught."

Review 152: "Thanks so much. I am telling all my friends of your impeccable service. Many companies could learn from your technique and attention to detail. Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)"

Review 151: "I asked one of the district nurses, if they liked the chocolates? They said how wonderful the chocolates and the wooden presentation case were. I was very happy that they liked and enjoyed the Christmas present. I really wanted to thank them for all of the help over the years. All I can say is THANK YOU, for helping me giving them this special present ! With many thanks and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Yours faithfully,"

Review 150: "Your chocolates were marvelous! I had an ulterior motive for sending my brother, Denis, and his wife, Gina, the order. We arrived in New Jersey for an early Thanksgiving visit on November 19th..the very day I asked that the chocolates be shipped! Denis and Gina hosted a family gathering of 18 family members the following Saturday and your chocolates were passed around the table time and time again after dinner.

It was the only time there was quiet that evening..only the sound of sighs and yums could be heard. The order was delivered on time, and was beautifully packaged. The chocolates were as wonderful as they look at your great web site. You have an avid follower for life and I think you can expect to see more orders from the clan."


Review 149: "Hi guys--

Just a quick note in response to your letter. I did receive the box of chocolates--what a treat! They were delicious. All arrived in beautiful condition. Am keeping the wooden box for posterity. Happy Holidays and keep up the good work! Many thanks,"


Review 148: "I am absolutely thrilled with the delivery of my order. Ja-Ann loved your chocolates and from now on I am only allowed to order chocolates for her from you. Thank you for the outstanding chocolates and exceptional delivery service. I'll be ordering more soon."

Review 147: "Dear zchocolat!

V. impressed with service and the surprise chocs had just the desired effect for my stepmom. Cheers for making her day! Thanks"


Review 146: "Everything was excellent. I am frankly amazed at the level of service and wish that other internet businesses followed your good example.

Though I have not personally sampled the chocolates I am advised by the recipient of this gift that they are very good indeed. Thank you,"


Review 145: "Thank you for soliciting feedback on my recent order. The first time I sent chocolates to Christine, she was my fiancee. Now, as my wife, I'm thinking she'll never receive store purchased chocolates again. She was truly delighted. Thank you. Regards,"

Review 144: "Roberta (my mother) told me that your chocolates 'are the best chocolates that I have ever had in my life'. Now I want to order some for me and others at Christmas. Thanks !!!"

Review 143: "Thank you. Your excellent customer service is why I keep coming back."

Review 142: "Thanks very much for your continuous updates throughout the delivery process. I appreciate it. I have to admit, in my online shopping experience, I have not received such consistent and responsive customer service in a long time. I will come back for more. Thank you."

Review 141: "Just to say the chocolates were indeed delivered to my father whose message on the answerphone to me started with 'mmmmmmmmm......' - they were very well received! Beautifully presented too. A great website - very easy to follow and extremely efficient service altogether. Thank you. Hope to get to eat one one day! Best wishes,"

Review 140: "I have received my order as of today at approx: 9:30 am Central Standard Time USA. I am well pleased with your service: Outstanding performance 5 stars- I will recommend your company to all my friends. Respectfully Submitted,"

Review 139: "I have to say what a wonderful product. My mother, Regina, loved the chocolates. I knew she would because it is of course chocolate. But she especially loved the box that was monogramed with her initials. Your company was perfect from the ordering process to the time the product was received by my mom. Thank you very much for the wonderful choice of items and personal touches. I will be sure to order from you again. I have and will continue to tell my friends and family about you. I didn't know you existed. I just did a search online. The variety and the quality of your products will keep me coming back. Thank you from a happy customer."

Review 138: "As always, a pleasure to shop on your site. In all honesty, you're one of the best Internet companies I've ordered from."

Review 137: "Bonjour! I don't have ANY suggestions as to how you could improve your products and service. The package arrived in a timely manner and the chocolate itself was spectacular! Now I know how chocolate SHOULD taste! I plan on ordering again soon. Thank you for your outstanding product and your friendly and dependable service!"

Review 136: "Hello Zchocolat:

This order was for a very good friend and highly visible profile community leader who did a tremendous amount of great things to make our city come to life. He called me on Tuesday to thank me for the best gift he has ever received. He is a chocolateolic. He adored the rich flavor of the chocolates, he was throroughly impressed with the wooden box, the special wrapping, the card.....all the exquisite thought and detail that goes into making your customers feel truly special. Many thanks."


Review 135: "In reference to my order the outcome was very successful. I have placed many orders online and I must say that this was the absolute best I have experienced. The 'time to ship' and 'time to delivery' was fantastic and far better than any other company I've ever dealt with. In addition, the quality of the product was very good and my wife was very well pleased. The customer service was fantastic and surprisingly good. In all, you did a very good job. Thank you very much!"

Review 134: "Dear zChocolat Team:

Thank you for your inquiry as to my experience with your service and the quality of your product. I must say that both are impeccable! Your chocolates are a sublime dream from Heaven. And, your service is exceptional. Thank you for a marvelous experience. I shall be back with you soon for another order. With best wishes,"


Review 133: "I had a great experience shopping with Your customer service is top notch. I was impressed with the speed of the delivery and the packaging in which you shipped the chocolates. The wrapping was very classy as well. I received the shipment a couple days earlier than my girlfriend's birthday, and it was sweet torture for her to be around the beautifully wrapped box of chocolates and have to wait to open it. On her birthday, she opened the chocolates last and absolutely loved them! Thank you for helping me give her a great birthday."

Review 132: "Bonjour ZChocolate folks,

You did a beautiful job and I'm very pleased with the results. The package arrived precisely on time and the chocolates were in perfect condition. The recipient was very pleased as well and the chocolates proceeded to disappear immediately! They were delicious, your service was wonderful and we will not order chocolates in future from anyone else, you have spoiled us... Merci,"


Review 131: "And the beautiful packages were carefully opened and admired and then I offered the beauties around. Carpe Diem will take several diems to finish and a careful sampling of each of the varities on offer. True works of art. Thank you and Ciao"

Review 130: "Thank you so much for your quick and informative reply. It's been my experience that it is rare that a company shows such prompt and personalized attention to customer correspondence. I haven't even tried your chocolate, but I already have a high opinion of It is nice to do business with an internet retailer who is not simply a faceless robot who takes credit card numbers. Your reply to my endless questions has assuaged any fears I had about doing business with your company. I will definitely tell all my friends about my happy experience with"

Review 129: "I needed a very special gift for a very important person--and that is exactly what I got! Communication was excellent, product was excellent, summer shipping was critical and the recipient felt special! A great experience and I will definitely use you again."

Review 128: "Deborah called me and was THRILLED with her gift. she said the beautiful wrapping was gift enough! Thank you so much for the excellent service. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future. Cheers,"

Review 127: "Thank you for making the abosolute BEST chocolates I have ever eaten in my life! Each is an individual pleasure in its own right!"

Review 126: "As you can tell, we are now hopelessly addicted. I asked my husband if he had a favorite chocolate and he said all of them. My daughter tried them and now she is sending them as a thank you as well as requesting her own. Thanks again!"

Review 125: "Thank you! The order was shipped promptly, it was delivered next day (!), and it did not melt in 100F heat that day, thanks to your summer packaging! Chocolate was the best, packaging unique and original. I will definitely order again and recommend your site to my friends!"

Review 124: "I received the chocolate as a gift from my son. There were no problems with the order. The chocolate is the best chocolate that I have ever tasted."

Review 123: "I was very pleased with my order. The package arrived in a remarkably short time and in good condition. The candy was wonderfully fresh, very delicious and beautifully boxed. I will certainly keep you in mind as a source for gifts to others and to myself."

Review 122: "Al was thrilled when he received his order. He had told me that he had opened the gift and was going to share with the office until he had tried one piece. Well, he said they were so good there was no way he was going to give one piece away. Thank you for the outstanding service."

Review 121: "Everything was fantastic!! Gary loved the chocolates!! Great customer service. Will be sure to use your services again in the future! Thank you!"

Review 120: "I was very satisfied with the order. It was easy to order at the website, and the emails that notified me of shipment and delivery were very helpful. But most importantly, my father raved about the chocolates, saying they were the best he has ever had. Thank you!"

Review 119: "This order was a gift for my chocoholic boyfriend. And we both enjoyed the chocolates very much. He was impressed with the wooden box as he grew up with a carpenter for a father. And the flavors... They were fantastic. AsI've mentioned in a previous email, the packaging was great especially for this heat wave we're experiencing in New Jersey. Thank you for the pleasurable experience in dealing with your company."

Review 118: "My experience with ordering with you was 100% E-Z!! I was pleased with the ease of ordering on the web site. I was pleased and surprised with all of the communication from you all the way to the confirmation of the delivery time to the door! The only thing that makes me unhappy is that I did not get the chocolate! Thanks and I will order from you again."

Review 117: "The order was received promptly and she was thrilled. They were delicious. I even got to taste ONE."

Review 116: "On my end it was a great experience - I definitely plan to order from you again. Walter loved the chocolates! Having been in the 3rd party fulfillment business myself, I was very impressed with your process and the options available on your website - not to mention the ease of sending to Canada - which many US companies are not currently set up to do. Thank you!"

Review 115: "(...) my father, was extremely impressed with the quality and condition of the chocolates he received. You should expect to receive more orders from me in the future. Thank you very much."
Thomas, Idaho, USA

Review 114: "Thanks so much for the chocolates that you shipped. They were not only impressive, but also delicious. One comment was that your packaging was original. The Signature Series box with the two refills which we received would be perfect for our holiday gifts."
Rosemary, NJ, USA

Review 113: "Thank you so much for the delicious chocolates!!! Without a doubt they are the best chocolates that I have ever had. and my family agrees. Really though... that was very sweet of you... merci;-))))). A bientot!"
Annie, USA

Review 112: "I ordered a box for myself last Sunday afternoon so I could try them before sending them as gifts. They arrived from France on Wednesday morning. Just delicious, and what a beautiful presentation with the gift card on top in plain sight. That has been a problem in the past from other vendors..."
Linda, LA, USA

Review 111: "(…)The recipient was amazed at the gift and the packaging was superb. These chocolates might be expensive, but they are the best we have ever had. Given everything - the packaging, shipping, tracking, customer service communications, order process, and absolutely superb product quality - they are well worth the price and you can be sure we will be ordering again and again!"

Review 110: "My girlfriend received the order and is delighted! And I am delighted with your polite, professional responses. You have a lifetime customer, here!"

Review 109: "Thank you. I was advised by Tracy the chocolates were the best she’s ever had.Your service was excellent (...)"

Review 108: "The service was excellent, and the information throughout was clear and updated regularly. Claire was very pleased with the gift. The personal valet service was excellent and achieved the perfect result. Thanks for the excellent service I will be sure to use it again and will recommend to friends."

Review 107: "Flawless customer service, with an amazing level of follow-up and care. I will definitely look to zChocolat again in the future."

Review 106: "Everything was wonderful.  She liked the chocolates very much.  I was pleased, especially, with being able to track my shipment and with such timely delivery. Thank you.  I'll be happy to order from zChocolat again in the future."

Review 105: "I was entirely satisfied. Having been lucky to receive some of your products before I was well aware of the quality. I was very impressed with the packaging you used with this order. (…) All in all, thanks for delivering in time and for going the extra mile with the packaging. Customer Service does make a huge difference for me. And for the little bit that I have dealt with your company it looks like it is one of your priority too."

Review 104: "Very pleased with the service and your excellent summer packing, 40 degrees has been the norm for Jennifer this August! Many thanks"

Review 103: "I just wanted to thank you for the efficiency of your company in contacting me periodically on the status of Pat's order. She was thrilled to received chocolates from France and since she considers herself a chocolate gourmet, she said that they were the best she had ever had. THANK YOU SO MUCH. "

Review 102: "Silvano was very satisfied with his chocolates and that means I am very satisfied..... AGAIN! Thank you for your professionalism and also of course, your beautiful product!"

Review 101: "Regarding my satisfaction with the service and quality of the product I ordered, I am both completely satisfied and delighted with the entire experience.  From ordering online to the daily follow up and ultimate delivery of the gift I ordered, your service was impeccable.  The quality of the product is exemplary!  I must say that of all the online ordering I have done, your timeliness and friendliness is--by far--the best I have encountered. Thank you for your dedication and exceptional customer service.  I will certainly recommend your product and website to all of my chocolate-loving friends."

Review 100: "I was very happy with my order. I was also very satisfied with your thoughtful and accurate emails about where my order was and when it would be at my home. I want to thank-you for your wonderful service and for your absolutely delicious chocolates! I have been telling people about your wonderful service and your wonderful chocolates. I was really impressed when I received the email that told me when my shipment had passed through customs. The people that I talked to thought that was really something special--that you kept track of an order that came in from overseas as to when it actually passed through customs. That really shows your customers that you have impressive follow through with their orders. Thanks again (…)"

Review 99: "I was present when Donald opened his magnificent gift (…). Each person sampling a piece verbalized that this was the BEST chocolate that they have ever tasted!!  Not only was the packaging excellent and beautiful, the chocolates arrived in PERFECT condition.  I did have some concern living in the deserts of Southern California, but the chocolates were all perfect!!  (…). Again, thank you very much for such perfect service."

Review 98: "(…) My daughter sent them to me for my 60th birthday. They were absolutely wonderful!  They arrived packaged beautifully and were definitely the best I have ever eaten.  I will order from your company in the future.  That is great customer service. "

Review 97: "Everything was absolutely perfect!!!  I was pleasantly surprised with your company.  Not to mention, the chocolates were delicious!!!"

Review 96: "I am very pleased to thank you for the effecient, prompt, and courteous service and most wonderful choclats. Mary, a lover of fine chocolat thought they were the best she has ever had as did all the fortunate friends she generously shared them with. She will most likely be a future customer and I will continue our relationship as well."

Review 95: "Your service and product are exemplary. My friend and client commented 'is to die for'. I am a fan and now devoted customer of zChocolat. With the holidays fast approaching, I am sure to be satisfying and impressing any number of friends, colleagues a family."

Review 94: "I have never sent anything where I was informed so throughly as with this gift. You made giving and sending this gift so easy and lots of fun by giving a continued update of there the gift was in the delievery process."

Review 93: "I recently ordered chocolates from your site and sent them to a friend as a 'thank you'. They absolutely loved them stating, 'the box and packaging was over the top beautiful and the chocolate was amazing!! This was the first time I've purchased chocolate on-line....thanks for the great service!!"

Review 92: "(…) as usual - no worries about your service, product, or customer satisfaction.
Chris & his wife tell me that the chocolates are great, and your service is continually the best I've seen in mail-order or internet-order businesses."


Review 91: "As always your company went above and beyond the call of duty in keeping me informed as to the status of the order, shipping times, and even more amazing DHL information which can be as difficult to get as pulling teeth at times Thank you for your attention to detail, it's what I try and inspire my customer service people that work for me to live up to. And as always, your chocolates got rave reviews"

Review 90: "I was so very satified with the chocolates!!! The candies  were gone not long after the box was opened!!  You are, by far, the best chocolatiers ever!!!  There is nothing that compares to your delicious candies!  I do not think anyone in the world makes chocolates like the French!!!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful products with those of us here in the U.S."

Review 89: "I remain happily and completely satisfied with your detailed information, support and incredible service (and chocolate...although sadly...since it went to Portugal, not Michigan, I did not get to sample!). (…)I am conscious and dedicated to improving customer service...and you have certainly offered much inspiration in that regard."

Review 88: "The group of ladies I sent the package to just called and told me how good the chocolate was. They were bursting with joy & more complimentary than I've ever heard them! Yet here I set...sans truffle. My sadness knows no bounds.
Thanks for you hospitality and helping to make these ladies happy."


Review 87: "We were completely satisfied and have subsequently placed an order for friends in France based on my parents' comments.
Your service and your product are excellent. You are one of only a few online companies I use (and I use many) which I will now consider a preferred supplier. The regular updates and the kind customer service, not always easy to deliver virtually, make your company stand out. I will certainly recommend you to others."


Review 86: "I am very satisfied with the order I have placed with your company, and most importantly this is the first time I have placed an order via internet and actually got processed. I have tried about three times placing order via internet through other companies purchasing various product, and they didn’t processed my order. Like many other companies there are auto-reply when your order is processed but somehow it ended up just right there and no follow-ups. But its different with yours.
Congratulation for your professionalism! Keep up the good work! "


Review 85: "Thanks for getting back in touch. After posting to you previously, I talked the matter over with the recipient, basically just to confirm that zChocolat had taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the package arrived in the condition it was intended.
We were both highly impressed with the degree of professionalism that this order has been treated with by yourselves.
When I asked for her suggestions as to how the packaging could be improved on, she felt that while the external packaging was exemplary. "


Review 84: "Thanks!  What a great company!  Your communication about the status of the orders is outstanding."

Review 83: "We received the chocolates which were absolutely delicious. Your product is extraordinary and I have recommended it to countless people. They were some of the best chocolate I have had in my life. My colleagues, who are equal chocoholics, were in violent agreement."

Review 82: "I just wanted to write and tell you all how incredibly efficient and easy ordering from you was. Your company will receive my business again. Thank you!"

Review 81: "Thank you for all email updates and status reports. I have never had such courteous, prompt and efficient service. I can't wait to treat my family to your chocolats."

Review 80: "The service and product were impeccable: quick and on time, great packaging (incl. the engrave plaque) and the chocolate was incredible!
I have already recommended zChocolat to friends and I am sure I will use your service again in the future."


Review 79: "(…) This is an amazing service which I would be using as often as needed and will definately refer it to my friends.
I have never had such great personalized service before. Thanks to zChocolat, Richard would never realize that I forgot his birthday."


Review 78: "I am fully satisfied with your services and your chocolates are MARVELLOUS !!! Alan loves your chocolates and he dare not finish them as he treasures so much.
Delivery is very very good 10/10 rating. Tracking is perfect. Packaging is captivating, well done.
You guys are really doing this business and I think you should be awarded for this. WELL DONE ! I will shop from you again in this coming Christmas for a present to my dentist. I think she will love it."


Review 77: "Thank you again for your excellent service. Yet again your service has been magnificent, and I'd like to believe that your chocolate has at least a little to do with the fact that Rebecca and I are now married :-)
Thank you again for offering an excellent service."


Review 76: "Thank you all for your special services in delivering the fine chocolate creations of Pascal Caffet to my wife, the most important person in my world. I know that in the future I will, from time to time, use your delightful services once again.
I wish all of you, from the chocolatiers to the delivery staff, the warmest and best holiday season possible, and the best for each of you in the coming year.
It is nice to be in a business (your business) where your clientele is interested in love, not war. Live long and prosper."


Review 75: "I am very impressed and extremely pleased with your total quality service.I spoke with my Mother this evening for over 45 minutes and she could not stop talking about her birthday present from France. I have never seen her so happy with a gift. She says the chocolates are almost to pretty to eat.
Likewise, she was very impressed with the mahogany box, card, engraving, phone call, and wrapping. She has already sampled three of the chocolates and says she has never in her life tasted such exquisite tasting chocolate.
Once again, thank you for making her birthday a very special memory for years to come. Might of fact, your advertisement should state this 'Our Chocolates Leave You With Sweet Memories For Years To Come'."


Review 74: "Your service appears to be impeccable and I appreciate it very much. I will be ordering many more as time goes on."

Review 73: "If I were to be accurate about the 'experience'...the resultant of a very small box of imported chocolates...flown out of France...over an Ocean...across Lands far and a tiny Farmhouse in the middle of Cornflake County...driven with careful and deliberate course...back across the US to great expectations of Chanukah and Christmas...a seemingly minor yet delicious gift in my opinion, fitting for a very beautiful,  sophisticated, Worldly, Intelligent and 'self proclaimed chocolate abuse  victim'...
  Your expertise made a very special Holiday. If I thank You properly as You deserve, it will be in a Novel at some time in the future. That may come close to the tremendous 'gift' you afforded me to share. A very special Woman in my Life, had always wanted to receive zChocolate.
I thank You, with the greatest heartfelt, sincere and genuine praises. "


Review 72: "I just wanted everyone at zChocolat to know that my epicurean family was very happy with the gift I brought this year. Thanks very much for your excellent service."

Review 71: "Your service and product are above reproach. We were proud to have our gift stand out among the other presents. Thank you for exceeding our expectations."
Donna and Jack

Review 70: "My family and I were totally satisfied with your chocolates, the delivery, and your services on-line. The chocolates are excellent! I received an e-mail from Linda concerning the chocolates as well, and she was thrilled with them. She has never had anything like them before and loved the box they were enclosed in.
You can count on future orders from us! Thank you for your interest in our satisfaction. "


Review 69: "I have received the chocolates! They arrived in great condition and they are wonderful! Thanks so very much. "

Review 68: "The order was great! It was a gift for my husband for Christmas and was delivered in plenty of time with all instructions followed exactly, including the note sent with it. The candy is wonderful, also. We'll probably want to order more of those dark chocolate bars in the future. We tried the bitter dark one and also the dark with orange and both were like none we have ever had before. Just to let you know that we were completely satisfied. Thank you very much"

Review 67: "As always, your delightful chocolates have spread succulent joy to many of my friends, who had received zchocolat as gifts. One of my closest friends (after opening her chocolate gift), told her husband not to even think asking her to share....'these are all mine and I'm going to saviour each bite'. A true chocolate lover.. "

Review 66: "I sent two packages over the holidays and just wanted to express my extreme happiness with the quality. Thank you for helping me to send a sophisticated and simple gift."

Review 65: "Thank you for the update. As someone who works in the service industry, I applaud you for your exceptional customer centric approach of doing business. As the old saying goes 'people who receive bad service tell 10 others of their experience, however those that receive excellent service rarely tell anyone'. I can promise you that I will tell at least 80 people of my experience with your company. Why am I so sure of the number? That is the number of employees currently work here. We have a monthly meeting this Thursday and I plan on presenting the entire transaction from start to finish (I know it won't be complete, but I will take my chances). I will challenge my organization to represent themselves internally and externally with the values I have experience with zChocolat. * Professional, * Focus, * Accurate, * Communicate. Thanks again for leading by example."

Review 64: "I must admit the entire experience was quite an education. Americans have been taught 'The World's Finest Chocolate' is made here and is normally purchased by the pound. I must admit, I was expecting a larger portion size when the order arrived and my first thoughts were those of disappointment. However, once the gift was opened and Suzette and the rest of the staff were able to taste your chocolate my opinion changed. It was far superior to anything we had all previously experienced. Thank you for the experience and education. It will be difficult to revert back to American Chocolates now that we have tasted truly some of 'The World's Finest'. You will be hearing from me again."

Review 63: "I just cannot get over zChocolat!. Do you have any from how many sites I buy? Almost all of them have a small survey at the end asking how I liked shopping, is there anything else I need, etc. etc.   I get the obligatory thank you 'your opinion means a lot to us' when I submit my survey from the computer generated name of the day. NO ONE but zChocolat ever gets back to me in person to thank me for my comments and actually comments on my comments.  With zChocolat Team I always feel like I am talking to a live human and not some dumb box full of circuit boards.  That is really special and that is just one of the many things that sets zChocolat apart from just about everybody else. You continue to amaze me with your mix of professionalism, efficiency and personality.  Please don't ever change"

Review 62: "(…) I truly appreciate your company's service's for such a small gift, but to me its very important. I will use your services in the future and recommend to others."

Review 61: "I placed orders for your chocolates for two occasions; Touché for my mother's 79th birthday and the Survival Pack for a friend to cheer her up. Both packages where shipped quickly and in exceptional condition. My mother could not have been happier with her absolutely gorgeous, personally engraved box. She cried! My friend was overwhelmed by the superior quality! Your product is, by far, the best I have ever seen! Your company and it's business ethic are outstanding! Keep up the great work. Merci!"

Review 60: "Thank you, terrific service and follow-up. And, of course, the chocolates, DELICIOUS, A HIT"

Review 59: "Your customer service is the best that I have ever experienced the chocolate is just an added bonus. "

Review 58: "I am a customer service manager for a large firm. I cannot tell you enough, how impressed I have been with every aspect of your service. From the E-mails...The phone call...The order...The Valet service...The notifications on tracking...And this follow up...You have just secured a customer and anyone that me and my wife talk to. (…) Keep up the excellent work."

Review 57: "My mother was so blown away by your chocolates that’s all she talks about and the box with the engraving on it,' good by fanny may' made her cry, because when she first came to Chicago as a young girl that was her first place of employment and her favourite candy for 55 years; and now there gone. so it brought tears to her eyes. the chocolates.....she couldn't believe that I found chocolate covered orange peels her favourite and hard to find any more,...she was elated it was the best 70th birthday present. Thank you for making it happen."

Review 56: "Thank you very much for your follow up.  I am so pleased to tell you that the recipient of your wonderful chocolate gift was nothing less than ecstatic with your product. (…) We presented her the beautiful little box of chocolates and could see from her reaction that we made a good choice!  The birthday girl worked previously as a chocolatier for a local chocolate company (…) and she has a special affinity for all things French so this seemed like the perfect gift.  We were so happy to learn that she absolutely LOVED the beautiful box and the exceptional chocolates.  Next time we will order enough for everyone.  It was worth the extra expense. Your service has been outstanding and I truly appreciate your follow up.  We will keep you on our list and I am sure you will be hearing from us again"

Review 55: "Thank you so very much. I certainly do know where ALL my special gifts are coming from in the future. My friend John was so surprised and delighted. Thanks for the awesome service. Actually I've recommended your company to my company for our client gifts. GREAT JOB!!!!!! "

Review 54: "The package was received promptly. Marion was so delighted with the packaging; she left it wrapped for almost a week. This is the second time I've placed an order with zChocolat, each time you exceeded my expectations. I will order from your company again in the future and continue to recommend zChocolat to friends and family."

Review 53: "I just want you to know that everything was wonderful, including delivery. My husband and I devoured the chocolates in two sittings--we couldn't help ourselves! They were amazing. I'm sure we will order from in the future. Thank you for your interest and concern. Clearly you're running a great company in every way."

Review 52: "Feedback on the chocolates? The box, the wax stamp and the note (for those who got it) has been OUTSTANDING! The wrapping is so elegant! Thank you so very much for all of your help. This was an excellent choice for us and we are very happy!"

Review 51: "I am so pleased to have found your service for my special Valentine.  My recipient was absolutely charmed with the gift.  It was a gift to me, just to hear them describe their surprise with the Concierge call service, their anticipation of pleasure and happiness in receiving the gift.  My goal was accomplished in making them feel special and loved. The service, the presentation and the product was of distinction that is indescribable.  Only your eyes and your mouth can express the truth"

Review 50: "Thank you for the following up letter. I rarely get this degree of service in the real world and this is a first on the Internet! This alone has impressed me. I am very pleased with the product and the delivery. I was thrilled when I gave the gift to my Beloved and saw the happiness it had brought him. I will be shopping with you again soon. Thank you so much for your high degree of professionalism and adding the extra touch of caring attention. You have won over a customer for life"

Review 49: "I was completely satisfied with everything. Before my husband even received the chocolates, I was impressed with the ease of using your web site and how it took me through each step to showing the final product. When the gift arrived, they were the BEST EVER chocolates we had ever tasted. We will definitely be using your site again."

Review 48: "Wonderful service. My wife was absolutely satisfied with not only the quality of the chocolate and the beauty of the packaging, but with the delivery as well. Thank you very much, and we will definitely return in the near future."

Review 47: "I was indeed very happy with the service I received from your team, from start to finish. I am very impressed with the professionalism of the entire operation. Thank you very much. "

Review 46: "I must say I am highly impressed by your very efficient and highly professional business. The order was indeed delivered successfully, on time and as requested. Thomas was so, so impressed and I'm sure the many others I will inform of your website will be after ordering. Therefore I will be ordering again from you in the near future and I wish you continued success."

Review 45: "I would love to tell you how satisfied I have been with our transaction. First of all placing the order was easy and quick. Your website is very well set up and I spent a long time shopping for the right gift. You offer a very nice selection of options and they were all well displayed and very well organized. I think the options you have provided make you stand out among your competition. The option for the follow-up telephone calls on the day of shipping is a very nice touch and I can see where that may make all the difference when sending that very important gift. And the special packaging for shipment to hot weather is another example of the extra care. It was this option that made up my mind to choose your chocolates for his gift. I was afraid of sending chocolate to Florida, but you solved that problem.
The follow up service after the order was placed was extraordinary! And actually, your messages that tracked the package thru the shipping process actually became part of the gift (…). It's a bit of fun watching an international shipment as it progresses.
I am completely impressed with your follow up after the sale. I wish I could tell you how good the chocolates were but alas, they are 800 miles away. (…)
Ken told me they arrived in good condition and I'm quite surprised at the care you took in the packaging. (…) In short let me say that your customer service is AWESOME. You will be my first thought whenever it comes to picking out a very special gift for a very special person. Thank you very much for the care and attention. I wish everyone offered such thoughtful, caring and complete service. I am one extremely satisfied customer and I'll be more than happy to spread the word."

Ruth Ann

Review 44: "Here is the email from my recipient: That was a wooden casket of the most sumptuous chocolates inside we have ever seen, all handmade, with two refill packs, all wrapped in bitter dark chocolate thick paper, contents of which are superb; the chocolates are worthy of a queen eating them. "

Review 43: "Thank you again for demonstrating that quality customer service does still exist. This is exactly the kind of service that will keep us as loyal zChocolate customers for years to come!"

Review 42: "I am very impressed with the level of service I have received from your company and will not only use you again but will certainly recommend your service to others ! "

Review 41: "Everything was exceptional, as always! This is such a superior way to show how very much you care for and love someone! A truly appreciated gift for a truly special someone! It was delivered on time for Father's Day and the summer packaging was also superior as the contents were still cold and in sumptuous condition! People at zChocolat do a fabulous job making sure the customer comes first, something rare and appreciated in our world today."

Review 40: "Both Rafael and me are very satisfied with your way of making business and I hope you'll build very soon the # 1 site in the Internet and remain there for a long time. Your chocolate service is expensive, but it is worth"

Review 39: "Thank you for not re vealing what it is as she really was curious to know. It is a pleasure to work with you , you are very professional and I will surely recommend your service to others and use it again. "

Review 38: "I want you to know how much joy you bring into people's lives. Mother (all 89 pounds -- eating a quart of ice cream each day ...) and I had a z-choc yesterday. We shared them with an IMPORTANT friend. Mother (kinda) said, these choc are the BEST in the world....and wouldn't let me eat more than ONE .. thank god."

Review 37: "How can I put this into words. I was more than satisfied! I was very, very pleased indeed. Although I didn't get to see the chocolates or the box (something which I intend to rectify soon by placing an order for myself), Melanie's reaction was such that I know the gift was everything I imagined, if not more. I wanted it to be extravagant, beautiful, luxurious, tempting and delicious, and you more than met my expectations."

Review 36: "I found your company through another Web site when looking for a present for my husband for our 6th anniversary. I have to say that I have been completely impressed with not only the amazing chocolate, but also the incredible customer service I received. At no time did I worry that the chocolates would not arrive on time, since I was kept apprised of each step in the shipping process. I frequently order items online and I would say that my experience with zChocolat was in my top five best experiences."

Review 35: "Just writing to let you know how amazingly thrilled I am with my transaction with you. At first, I was reluctant to order from you, fearing such a long-distance transaction and all the problems that could entail. However, all my concerns were quickly put to rest once I began receiving email updates letting me know the status of my order. I loved knowing exactly what was going on...when the package was shipped, when it entered the country, and when it was delivered. I've never experienced such excellent customer service from any other company. To top it all off, my mother-in-law who received the chocolates was absolutely thrilled to receive such an indulgent, spectacular gift of chocolate. She is dealing with a lot of difficulties right now and has had a very tough year, and she phoned me when the chocolates arrived to let me know what an extraordinary gift she'd received. She allows herself one chocolate per day, and looks forward to that moment all day long. Sometimes, it's the only moment of joy she has, so I was delighted to have been able to, through you, provide that for her. Thank you for such a wonderful gift-giving experience. Your company stands out amongst the crowd."

Review 34: "(...)As someone in the retail profession I have been very impressed witht he level of customer service your company has offered despite being out of the country. I strive to offer that level of service at my store and look forward to ordering from you again soon."

Review 33: "You have more than exceeded my expectations! From your delicious selection of the finest chocolate I've ever tasted to the quick delivery and updated emails letting me know where my order was. I was rather skeptical of your promise to deliver to the US (and hardly a major port since I live in South Bend, IN) in 3 days, but it was delivered to me at 9:00 am on the third day. Your company has provided me with the best customer service I've ever received and will tell everyone I know. Expect many more orders from me!"

Review 32: "The service was excellent from the very beginning. When, after I had filled out and sent my order online, but could not connect with your 800 number to give credit card info, I then emailed this problem, expecting to have to wait around all day for a response. Instead, within minutes, I got a call from you to take the info. The gift was beautiful according to my recipient and I am impressed you can turn around a customized gift so quickly. Additionally, when my recipient was not home on the day of arrival, a Friday, due to a medical emergency, the local DHL rep recognized that the Valentine's package to an elderly lady shouldn't have to wait (and melt) until Monday, and took it upon herself to get it delivered on a Saturday."

Review 31: "I found the entire experience with zChocolat one of the BEST experiences I've had dealing with an internet order. The website was one of the most simple and yet informative that I have ever used. The constant e-mails detailing the process of the order was very much appreciated. As for the product, it was better than I could have imagined. One has never had chocolate until tasting a zChocolat!"

Review 30: "I am so grateful for your wonderful service and I must admit quite amazed. I haven't seen a company with such great attitudes. It was a true pleasure using your internet site and ordering the best gift ever. My friend John told me the chocolates were outstanding and he had trouble putting the box down."

Review 29: "I was very happy with the whole process. The ordering was easy, the customer service was fantastic, and most of all, Laurie could not be happier with the chocolates! I plan to continue the club I signed up for. (...) Please note that we found out about you via a TV show on Foodnetwork, called Top 5. "

Review 28: "I love this personal valet service. It was wonderful feeling like I was actually in on the delivery of this very special birthday gift, though I couldn't be there in person. The updates kept my anticipation growing, though I know she will absolutely love the chocolates."

Review 27: "Please be advised that the chocolates were a gift and we totally enjoyed them. The presentation box along with the delivery service was excellent. Chocolate quality was outstanding."

Review 26: "The chocolates arrived in beautiful condition and tasted absolutely wonderful. (...) I traveled to Aix en Provence a couple of years ago—I loved it! If I visit again I will definitely stop in for more chocolate."

Review 25: "Thank you for your interest in my thoughts about the quality of your products and the related service. Both were superb for this order and past ones as well. Your products are sooooo... good they're gone!"

Review 24: "I received my package in time for Valentine's Day and it was wonderful! Each chocolate was so flavorful that I had trouble eating just 2 or 3 pieces at a time. I was very reluctant to share the chocolates and did so only to be polite. "

Review 23: "I am pleased to tell you the chocolates arrived in perfect condition and were superb!"

Review 22: "(...) The specialized packaging (everything was beautiful and intact), and its timely receipt. DHL was marvelous, too. I was not at home at the first delivery attempt and when I called to reschedule, they brought the item within about 20 minutes (and were very courteous on the phone and at the door upon delivery). The gift was intended for Valentine's day and arrived a few days in advance, which worked out splendidly for me."

Review 21: "All contents were received in excellent condition. No problems were experienced with the product and DHL was in time for Valentine's Day. In fact, I consumed the entire box in about 2 hours. I couldn't control myself your product was Sooooooo good!"

Review 20: "Many thanks for such expedient service. My choclates arrived this morning and I am savoring one right at this moment. They were a gift to me from me. I'll be sure to reorder when the time comes. Merci bien...J'adore le chocolat et, enfin, Je vous ai trouve. Quelle joie!"

Review 19: "(...) My husband ordered them for me for Valentines Day and the engraved box was fabulous and the chocolat was delicious. There was only one small problem, but its nothing that you could have done. The problem was that my husband ended up eating more than I did even though he got them for me. So in other words, we loved them and will order again from you. Thank you so much. "

Review 18: "I was highly impressed and delighted with the delectable chocolates, not to mention the beautiful packaging and personalized note. It was an unbelievably pleasant surprise, and I thoroughly enjoyed each hand-picked chocolate - the very best I have ever experienced. In addition, the delivery and follow-up were impeccable and extremely impressive. Thank you for a wonderful experience. "

Review 17: "I received my order in perfect condition and in time for Valentine's Day (which my husband had requested). We have been very impressed by your business concept and in the way you have refined your concept to deliver superior customer satisfaction. Well done."

Review 16: "I did receive my order and was extremely satisfied with the product and the delivery. The chocolate came in excellent condition and I enjoyed it greatly."

Review 15: "I am pleased to tell tell you the chocolates arrived in perfect condition and were superb!"

Review 14: "I really appreciate the personalized message on each box for my husband's birthday. It's an extra special touch. Also, I ordered minis for a diner party. I can't wait to give them to my guests tomorrow night!"

Review 13: "I did receive the fine chocolates, and they were in perfect condition. I would also like to say that the chocolates were not the only thing that I was impressed with, the beautiful box that they were housed in was a wonderful touch. (...) my experience thus far with ZChocolat has been wonderful!"

Review 12: "Thank you so much for the delicious chocolate!  What a treat!  It arrived in perfect shape.  You have a wonderful product and if I ever need to talk about chocolate in an article I will mention zchocolat!"

Review 11: "I was beyond satisfied with my order(s). My client was *thrilled* with both the chocolates and the presentation. The other order was for my husband, as I was curious as to the quality of the actual chocolates and wanted to sample them myself before I ordered more gifts in the future. I was delighted! The chocolates are rich, creamy, awesome little works of art and the packaging with our company logo came out beautifully. In addition, throughout the whole ordering process everyone was wonderfully helpful, courteous and responsive. will be the first place I look to for special gifts, both as thank you's and for the holidays, and I know we'll be getting refills for our own personal box!"

Review 10: "One of the absolute best websites I have ever done business on ever! Very nicely organized and easy to follow. You have thought of every detail of customer service and set the standard for others to follow."

Review 9: "Gone, all gone. I think I said they were very good but I didn’t know that they were that much better than others Chocolates companies. I can’t remember eating a whole box of another brand in a couple of days. The French chocolates have one very special quality, they kept calling my name. “Kim, I’m here, just a few feet away. Come on, eat me.” It just kept calling and calling. The chocolates were wonderful and I wanted to thank you again."

Review 8: "The problem each of us had with the chocolates is this....WE CAN'T STAND AMERICAN CHOCOLATE NOW! Your morsels of heaven are so far superior to the over-sugary, under-cocoa chocolates to which we have become accustomed. Oh sure, we've tasted the best (and know where to find it), but our budgets don't allow for a constant supply!"

Review 7: "I can't decide which is better: your chocolate or your service. As soon as I loose the 5 pounds I gained from the extra box I received ('order 2 get a 3rd box free')....I'll order more. Getting your emails about where my chocolates were during transit was fun....'Your chocolates just cleared customs' was especially neat."

Review 6: "I have never had such a pleasant shopping experience! Everything, from your site design, information located within, the ordering process, the follow-up ... everything was fantastic. I only wish that every business operated the way that you do. My husband was thrilled to bits with his gift ... the box and more importantly the chocolates were outstanding ... the best chocolates we have ever had. I used to travel a lot around France with my family (...) and these fantastic chocolates brought back so many memories for me ... even though I don't really remember eating chocolates quite like this!!! Your company is amazing and I will be singing your praises to everyone I know. The gifts are so unique! I found that I was just as excited to see them as I was to give them to my husband! The engraving feature is such a classy and wonderful touch, and very much worth the little extra. The gift wrapping options are beautiful, and I was really impressed with the way you followed up with me at every stage ... telling me when it was expected to ship, when it did ship, when it was at customs, when it left customs, when they tried to deliver it the 1st time ...when they actually managed to deliver it, to this final email. I have never felt so good shopping on the internet. Please continue the excellent work and congratulate those magnificent chocolatiers!!"

Review 5: "I received the chocolate and it was truly wonderful. The packaging was incredible also! Thank you so much for a decadent and delicious experience! "

Review 4: "I can't even tell you how very satisfied I was with both the service -- the best I have ever received from an internet order -- and the quality of the chocolate. I couldn't believe how many times I was notified about every step of the process -- from the confirmation of the order to the passage through customs to the actual delivery of the chocolate. It made me feel very secure that the order would arrive and at the correct time. Even the phone call to my roommate to say that there was a package waiting for him was at the correct time and really piqued his interest. And the interest of everyone else who knew he had a package waiting. I was able to try the chocolate myself and found it to be very high quality. I would rather have one piece of really good chocolate than a handful of domestice crap. This chocoalate was truly satisfying in every way."

Review 3: "I received my package in excellent condition and had no problems at all. The chocolates were of excellent condition and very tasty. The box was lovely. Thank you very much for such good service."

Review 2: "DON'T CHANGE A THING! I have now used you web site twice to order gifts for both my wife and my Mother. On both occasion, my wife and Mother were ecstatically happy with your product and the condition in with which it arrived. Please note that I too am quit pleased and will continue to use your company's services in the future."

Review 1: "I would like to thank you for the updates and the amazing chocolates. I didn't get a chance to try them yet, but my recipient couldn't stop eating them while thanking me for the chocolates. Your website was easy to use and the delivery was quick. I would highly recommend it to my friends, but it'll be my choice of chocolate from here forth. I thank you for your amazing service and chocolates. "