Chic & Modern

Fashioned to be the ambassador product of zChocolat, the zBox is a culmination of a decade of efforts from logisticians, to designers and even chocolate makers. The result is an unparalleled demonstration of chic and modern lines that blend perfectly with the elegant black and white color combination. Presented in a soft black woolen pouch, this innovative, sturdier keepsake gift comes in different sizes. Displaying a soft glossy mosaic pattern, this refillable and reusable chocolate box takes “chic and modern” to a whole new level.

Each zBox has been composed with a default assortment proposing a wide array of savors with some of the finest chocolates in the world. However, if you know your gift recipient's taste, you can replace the default assortment with his/her favorite chocolates. Learn how.

Optional gift customizations

Personal engraving

You may also personalize each zBox with a personal 25-character message diamond-engraved to a black plate for a USD 11.27 supplement. We recommend using your recipient's first and last name.

Personal gift card

Our standard gift card is complimentary, add USD 3.84 to make it personal with a photo or corporate logo.

Optional gift services

Refill with assortments

All zBoxes are keepsakes and can be refilled at any time with your gift recipient's favorite assortments.

Handmade wrapping

Select our elegant black matte wrapping paper ornated of a glossy mosaic and embossed with a handmade wax seal with our logo for a USD 9.02 supplement. You can also customize the wax seal clasping your gift with your recipient's initials, for an extra USD 9.02.

Each detail counts

All gifts in this collection are presented in our complimentary black woolen pouch with your gift card and our chocolate booklet inserted in the frontal pocket.

zBox 8

USD 31.58 - 2.68 X 2.68 X 2 in

A perfect 'just-because' gift - the zBox 8 is a chic and refined ballotin choice combining the gracefulness of texture and color coming into perfect harmony with the black glossy mosaic fully draping the box. Containing two assortments of 4 of our most acclaimed recipes, your recipient will take...

zBox 8More details

zBox 15

USD 45.13 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

Remind someone you are thinking of them with the exceptional display of elegance and refinement that is presented through this glossy gourmet black box marked with a Z: feel how the textured varnish contrasted with a matte background underlines its sleek edgy shape. Containing a 15-piece...

zBox 15More details

zBox 30

USD 74.46 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

The generous styling of the zBox 30 is a demonstration of refined elegance and makes this box a 'must-have': the harmonious blend of a subtle black finish and stunning mosaic gloss express the timeless sophistication of the black and white combination. Holding our 2 most popular traditional and...

zBox 30More details

zBox 45

USD 104.93 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in

Share the chocolate bliss at a dinner party with the zBox 45 - a chic and modern ballotin choice combining the finesse of texture and color. Its sleek and smart look comes into perfect harmony with the black glossy mosaic fully adorning the box. Containing 3 assortment trays of 15 chocolates...

zBox 45More details

zBox 60

USD 135.40 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in

Take a stand for class and luxury with our black and white zBox 60 as the elegance of its modern silhouette is accentuated by the subtle detailing and contrast of a gloss and matte texturing. Perfect to offer as a gage of friendship, this plentiful box of 60 chocolates will delight your...

zBox 60More details