Toothesome Truffles

An ideal, oppulent gift, to share with family, friends or even co-workers: this black matte, sleek edgy-shaped ballotin, adorned by a fine cocoa pod image, filled with 89 divine French truffles will be the origin of many smiles! Layered with Venezuelan dark chocolate over hazelnut pralinés and dusted with bittersweet cocoa, these delicacies gratify the senses with their incredibly complex aroma, taste, and texture that linger delightfully on the tongue. A true cocoa experience that they will never forget.

USD 136.01 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in



Give a new life to your palate with this sumptuous truffle assortment: enrobed in bittersweet cocoa powder, these 70% dark Venezuelan chocolate truffles will overwhelm your taste buds with their velvety hazelnut praliné filling. The contrast between the silkiness of the praliné and the dark chocolate fervor will bring pure effervescence to the degustation experience as you bite down into this intense chocolate bliss.


Consider gracing this zBox with a stunning personal 25-character diamond-engraving adorning a frontal matte black plate. Accompany your gift with a personal greeting card which can be instantly customized with one of our suggested themed images, a personal photo or corporate logo. Running a tad late? Feel free to use our concierge services to make sure someone knows you are thinking of them before their gift arrives.


Black matte wrapping paper finished with a beautiful white satin ribbon and a wax seal bearing the zChocolat logo is also available to emboss your gift with a final touch of sophistication. This zBox comes enclosed within a soft woolen black drawstring pouch marked with an embroidered Z on a fitted external pocket to hold your personal message card and chocolate booklet. Lastly, our complimentary summer packaging will be automatically effective within destination countries reaching temperatures above 20°C (67°F).