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Write it with chocolates

Use our personalized assortment to write years, birthdates, anniversary dates, phone numbers, secret codes and much more with our numbered zChocolates. For example, to celebrate a friend's birthday, send our 4-piece Dawn box with the chocolates numbers 07 17 for someone born July 17th..

Use the iPhone and iPad Web Applications

In addition to this website, we also carry an iPhone and iPad Web Applications. The iPhone Web Application is an "extra light" version of this website perfect for mobile shopping. Connect from anywhere and place orders in just a few clicks even with a weak signal. The iPad Web Application is neat, fast and takes advantage of all the great features of the iPad. It can also be used with your desktop or laptop if you have poor bandwidth. To install either application, go to or, touch the "arrow out" icon on your device and select "Add to Home Screen" - that's it. Since both are Web Applications, they are compatible with any smartphones and tablets as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Save on shipping costs

We charge a flat shipping fee per delivery regardless of the destination, size or value of your order. You can save on shipping costs by ordering several gifts and delivering them by hand to family and friends. And when you order 3 gifts for delivery to the same address, the shipping is complimentary ;-).

Send gifts to dozens of recipients in a few minutes

If you have several gift recipients, save time and email us your gift recipient list in Excel format at You can also request our Excel Order Form for Multiple Recipients directly from our Customer Service team.

Add a personal touch

All our gift services are elegant and unique ways to finish off your present with a personal touch that will make a grand and lasting impression.

Order now and ship later

If you do not want to miss an important date several days or even weeks ahead, place your order now and schedule delivery at a later date. You select your delivery date when adding an item to your shopping cart.

Order by phone

If you are not comfortable placing your order online, we will be happy to take your order over the phone.

Do not store our chocolates in the fridge

Our chocolates do not contain any preservatives and are meant to be eaten within three weeks after delivery. If you need to store them for a few days, keep them in a cool place (15°C to 20°C, or 59°F to 67°F) such as an air-conditioned room, but do not store them in the refrigerator or worse, in the freezer.

Resend chocolates for less with our assortments

When sending more chocolates to a previous recipient of a zChocolat gift box, send assortments from our assortment collection. Assortments contain the same number of chocolates as the original box, fit perfectly inside the original box, and cost less than purchasing a new box of chocolates. To find out which assortment is appropriate for a particular box, unfold the description to the top left of the concerned product's page and click on the "Chocolates" tab which contains a link to the pertaining assortment.

Our concierge services will rescue you!

If you are late for a gift or not absolutely certain it will arrive on the appointed date, use our concierge services to notify your recipient that a very important gift is on its way. We offer a choice of two notification methods: a phone call from a zChocolat concierge or an email sent from

Consider our VIP services

If you expect to use our services several times a year, we highly recommend that you review our VIP Membership Services, which will save you time and money.

Share your experience

At zChocolat, we listen. We are not perfect and there is room for improvement. We have set up a dedicated email address to receive all feedback: All messages are read and responded to in a timely fashion. Feel free also to post on Facebook.