How it started

When zChocolat opened its doors in 1999, an innovation process of the chocolate ballotin as we know it immediately began through a constant evolution of our boxes. We wanted to create a genuinely new alternative to traditional chocolate ballotins. Fashioned to be the ambassador product of our brand, the zBox is a culmination of a decade of efforts from logisticians, to designers and even chocolate makers. It displays chic and modern lines that blend perfectly with the elegant black and white color combination. With a more sturdy, keep-sake kind of gift, you offer not only a delicious variety of chocolates but also a box that can be kept, refilled and re-used for different purposes.

A product of France

Our boxes are made in France,  in the "Pays de la Loire" region, a northwest region of France, known for its many forests and excellent wine. They are manufactured in an eco-friendly factory abiding by the High Quality Environmental Standards that uses over 70% recycled carton as well as an ecological ink originating 100% from plants. Moreover, our manufacturer :


The zBox feel

The sleek square shape of this box is due to its sturdy double-folded carton packaging. With smoothe edges underlining the reflection of a black glossy mosaic finish to a black matte background, the quality and durability of this chocolate box is clearly unparalleled. The inside framing of white carton peeks through just enough to add a touch of zChocolat's renowned black and white cachet.


The zBox look

Presented in a new freshly conceived black woolen pouch, this innovative, sturdier keepsake gift comes in different sizes and themes: Institutional, Romantic, Birthday, Get-well, Wedding and Anniversary, Thank you and Holiday. Displaying a soft glossy mosaic pattern, this refillable and reusable chocolate box takes “chic and modern” to a whole new level.


Image atop the lid

Customize all zBoxes from our Institutional line by replacing our logo on a black plate atop the box with a personal photo, corporate logo or a themed-image from our library.


Diamond-engraved message

Add a personal 25-character diamond-engraved message onto a black plate directly affixed to the front of your zBox.