Soothing Succulence

Bring an ample dose of comfort and ease to a close-one enduring a difficult time with the Survival Kit zBox 60 - a chic and modern ballotin choice combining the finesse of texture and color. Its sleek and smart look comes into perfect harmony with the white matte surface adorned by a black survival symbol. Containing 4 assortment trays of 15 chocolates including our 2 most popular traditional and exotic assortments as well as a delightful praliné tray and Z chocolate assortment, your friend will rise of decadence upon reception of this spirit-mending present. The box may be customized with a 25-character diamond-engraving - a perfect gift to console the mind, spirit and tastebuds. Accompanied by a red flashlight keychain with a compass and whistle to make sure your recipient always finds the way back to their favorite chocolates, this box is truly perfect to mend an upside-down smile.

USD 136.40 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in



Heaven is not far with this succulent composition of 4 different 15-piece assortments: our traditional assortment with its delicious crisp pralinés, lush ganaches, solid chocolates and velvety caramels, our exotic assortment composed of exciting flavors such as pistachio, Sri Lankan coconut, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, Chinese ginger, coriander and violet completed with a special praliné assortment regrouping the most scrumptious pralinés of its kind: Piedmont hazelnuts, Valencia almonds, Dutch sesame seeds, pistachios, coriander, French walnuts and grated coconut from Sri Lanka, all drenched in dark or milk chocolate and a delectable Z-piece assortment. As palates differ, we also give you the possibility to change the proposed default assortments or even individually handpick each chocolate for full relishing assurance. If your recipient enjoys this assortment, it is refillable with our Triple Pack Refill.


Append your wishes of serenity and comfort and say: 'To keep you going' - or the message of your choice - by gracing this zBox with a distinct 25-character diamond-engraving adorning a frontal matte black plate. Accompany your gift with a personal greeting card which can be instantly customized with one of our suggested get-well -themed images or personal photo. Running a tad late? Feel free to use our concierge services to make sure someone knows you are thinking of them before their survival kit arrives.


Black matte wrapping paper finished with a beautiful satin ribbon and a survival symbol wax seal is also available to help perfect your gift with a final touch of nonchalant sophistication. This zBox comes enclosed within a soft woolen black drawstring pouch marked with an embroidered Z on a fitted external pocket to hold your personal message card and chocolate booklet. Lastly, our complimentary summer packaging will be automatically effective within destination countries reaching temperatures above 20°C (67°F).