A new zBox for the blazing days of summer

Welcome the sunshine season with zChocolat's all-new Summer zBox 37, deliverable to all vacation spots worldwide with our summer packaging. Honoring the sweetness of the hot weather epoch, this mint green zBox will give you a refreshing boost with an exquisite assortment of 22 orangettes: tangy strips of candied orange peels surrounded by a delicate layer of 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate, 15 delicious fruit-filled chocolate recipes – from tangy passion fruit, coconut and unctuous mango puree to creamy pistachio-almond paste – from our numbered collection including our all-time favorite: the White Z chocolate. Available only from June to September, the Summer zBox 37 is a perfect gift to start the summer and give your recipient a fresh and fruity vacation treat.

USD 75.61 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in



The Summer zBox 37 contains a new assortment regrouping a pair of fruit-filled chocolate recipes: our number 3: a rich smooth caramel intermingled with tangy passion fruit, coconut and unctuous mango puree; our number 7: a coarsely minced sweet and salty pistachios blended with a creamy pistachio-almond paste; our number 11: a fresh seedless raspberry purée; our number 13: a rich smooth raspberry ganache; our number 17: a sumptuous praliné made from Piedmont hazelnuts; our number 20: a perfect splash of zesty orange that brightens a creamy ganache; our number 23: a silky ganache composed of 62% dark Venezuelan chocolate brightened with the floral essence of violet; plus one of the all-time favorites: the White Z chocolate. The second assortment contains 22 orangettes: tangy strips of candied orange peel surrounded by a delicate layer of 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.


Wish a “Happy Summer!” - or the cheerful message of your choice - in style by personalizing this zBox 37 with a distinct 25-character diamond-engraving on a matte black plate adorning the front of your gift. Accompany your sun-filled present with a personal greeting card which can be instantly customized with one of our suggested themed images, a personal photo or corporate logo. Running a tad late? Feel free to use our concierge services to make sure someone knows you are thinking of them before their gift arrives.


Finalize this gift with our elegant black wrapping paper ornamented with a white satin ribbon and a Z logo wax seal. This zBox comes enclosed within a soft woolen black drawstring pouch marked with an embroidered Z on a fitted external pocket to hold your personal message card and chocolate booklet. Lastly, our complimentary summer packaging will be automatically effective within destination countries reaching temperatures above 20°C (67°F).