About the Valentine's Day Collection

A French chocolate kiss
For Valentine's Day

The French are renowned for their romantic sensibilities and gourmet prowess- and chocolate is by no means an exception. zChocolat coalesces the essence of French seductive savvy, and epicurean savoir-faire into a stunning, singular box of chocolates delivered with the utmost care to your beloved's doorstep - anywhere in the world.

The shape of love

Our large, 1/2 pound, 4-inch wide heart-shaped chocolate is entirely made by hand. It marries an intensely aromatic 70% dark chocolate with a sensual praliné studded with roasted caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts. You may purchase this heart in 2 products: our 'Je t'Aime' and our 'My Heart'. Click on the video below to see how our master chocolatier, Pascal Caffet, fashions the exquisite My Heart.

Give away the key to your heart

Behind a heart, lies the soul of a person - their true self, their joy, their fears, their weaknesses. This Valentine's Day, give them the key to open your heart and fill it with joy and chocolates.

Two halves of one

According to Greek mythology, the original human had 2 heads, 4 arms, and 4 legs. This helped them think more wisely, run twice as fast, and harvest twice as much, so the gods decided to weaken the human by splitting them in 2. From there on began the quest for every human's second half, the only other person who knew and understood them inside and out. To this day, each human is still in search of the partner who has the unique key to their heart and soul.

The 'one and only' key

With its dainty look, slim figure, and mysterious allure, this romantic key was the obvious choice to emblazon the mahogany boxes of our Valentine's Day Collection.

The key to
melting their heart

Our small hearts appear in four sumptuous colors, each with an equally distinctive flavor profile: a delicious dark ganache cloaked in a white exterior, a creamy milk hazelnut praliné coated with 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate, a Vanilla Bourbon caramel dressed in a dark 70% Venezuelan couverture and a divine ganache-infused bergamot, hidden under a daring red robe.

An indelible print of love

Picture perfect

Surprise your sweetheart by commemorating a favorite photo or a romantic-themed image directly inside the lid of our romantic mahogany boxes. +[USD 16.99]

A romantic engraving

Evoke fond memories of your teen years when love was as simple as two names carved into the bark of a tree by adding a diamond-engraving to the gift box. Each striking engraving can contain up to 25 characters (e.g., memorialize the day you first met, honor your anniversary or include an original romantic message). +[USD 11.32 to USD 16.99]

Letters of love

Being in love is never forgetting that special little detail that keeps your story alive. Born on Valentine's Day, this premium white, mosaic covered matte wrapping paper is adorned with a black satin ribbon and embossed with a handmade wax seal revealing a heart by default.

Consider transporting your beloved to a more romantic era, when intimate penmanship between lovers was still a cherished art form - surreptitious correspondence was often safeguarded from prying eyes by wax seals. Engender a similar sense of anticipation and intimacy when adding their initials to the wax seal clasping their gift. Wrapping alone is USD 9.06. Add another USD 9.06 for customization with initials.

You can never
have too much love

Add another dimension of romance with an exquisitely carved mahogany key-shaped accessory, festooned to the drawstring of the pouch enclosing your gift. +[USD 7.92]

The code to your heart

Give your other-half the unique power to unlock your heart by completing your present with a touch of romantic genius. This heart-shaped padlock with your personalized 4-digit combination secures the top of the pouch enclosing your gift. We recommend giving a hint to what the mysterious combination may be in your card, such as an anniversary or another memorable date to ensure that your recipient is the only one that opens their gift box. +[USD 22.66]

Write with chocolates

If you opt for our Romantic zBox 6, you may consider "writing out" with our numbered chocolates a special date or year, such as the year you first met. +[USD 3.97]

Build anticipation

Our Concierge Service will personally call or email your recipient on the day of your choice to build anticipation on their upcoming gift without revealing the content of the package. +[USD 10.77]

Long-lasting romantic gifts

If your special someone has already received a zChocolat gift box, consider our chocolate assortments to assure their keepsake box is ceaselessly endowing love.

Worldwide delivery

zChocolat delivers its chocolates worldwide to 244 countries throughout the year for a USD 17 fee regardless of the size of your order.

Choosing the delivery date

To guarantee your beloved receives your gift in time for Valentine's Day, we recommend selecting Friday, February 13th as your delivery date, as not all destinations can be delivered to on Saturdays. Packages will be labeled: “Valentine's Day gift to be opened on the 14th” to ensure your gift remains a mystery until the big day.

Valentine's Day tasting events


On Valentine's Day 2013, in the Royal ballroom of the One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel in Dubai, over 1000 guests tasted a special-edition My Heart with a ginger twist.


On Valentine's Day 2012, in the Palm Court ballroom of the London Waldorf Hotel, over 700 guests experienced the decadence of zChocolat's Romantic Collection.

Valentine's Day zBox 6

USD 31.73 - 2.68 X 2.68 X 2 in

Surprise your sweetheart with this hint of romantic novelty as the Romantic zBox 6 is a chic and refined black matte ballotin choice combining the gracefulness of texture and color coming into perfect harmony with the white heart-drizzle mosaic draping the box. Containing a delicious duo of...

Valentine's Day zBox 6More details

Valentine's Day 12-pc

USD 32.86 - 3.46 X 5.43 X 0.79 in

This romantic assortment of 12 luscious heart-shaped chocolates will melt your recipient's heart instantly as it reveals the Toquade: a delicious dark ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, theMystique: a Vanilla Bourbon caramel dressed in a dark...

Valentine's Day 12-pcMore details

Valentine's Day zBox 12

USD 45.33 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

Say Je t'aime with a 12-piece chocolate collection and express your deepest feelings with an elegant display of romance and devotion in this beautiful matte gourmet black box adorned by a white shower of hearts atop the lid. Containing a 12-piece assortment of our delectable heart-shaped...

Valentine's Day zBox 12More details

Valentine's Day 27-pc

USD 56.66 - 3.46 X 5.43 X 1.57 in

Overwhelm your loved one with the best of both worlds: romance and traditional recipes.  The 2 lovely assortments presented include our lush heart-shaped pieces declined in 4 couvertures: black, milk, white and red as well as a traditional assortment of our most popular recipes in our numbered...

Valentine's Day 27-pcMore details

Valentine's Day Opal

USD 58.93 - 3.07 X 3.07 X 1.5 in

Every great love starts with a perfect chocolate. Our Romantic Opal will leave them breathless as it demonstrates the exceptional quality of a sleek square shape combined with a beautiful lacquered finish letting the rich-toned grain of the mahogany wood peer through a golden entwined pair of...

Valentine's Day OpalMore details

Valentine's Day zBox 27

USD 74.80 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

Express your love in delicious French couverture chocolates and offer the Romantic zBox 27 - an ideal revelation of fanciful finesse that will naturally make them fall in love again as its harmonious blend of a subtle black finish and stunning heart-drizzle mosaic underlines its unparalleled...

Valentine's Day zBox 27More details

Valentine's Day Sapphire

USD 90.67 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 1.5 in

When the simplest thought of your loved-one brings a smile to your face, let it show with this striking assortment of 12 heart-shaped chocolates. Included are milk chocolate Suprêmes with hazelnut pralinés, black Mystiques with vanilla bourbon caramel, white Toquades filled with chocolate...

Valentine's Day SapphireMore details

Je T'Aime

USD 90.67 - 5.87 X 6.65 X 4.09 in

Proclaim your passion and amore with this bounteous, half pound chocolate masterpiece. Almost as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate and handmade by World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, it is the perfect marriage of intensely aromatic dark chocolate and a sensual praliné studded with...

Je T'AimeMore details

You and I 6

USD 92.93 - 3.07 X 3.07 X 3.62 in

True love has the power to unite two people as one. Their hearts are brought together and with one half missing, the other half cannot beat. Show your sweetheart that they are your other half with the ultimate romantic duo. These two boxes—the mahogany inlaid with gold, and carved mahogany...

You and I 6More details

Valentine's Day zBox 42

USD 105.40 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in

Indulge their every chocolate fantasy with the Romantic zBox 42 - a chic and modern ballotin choice combining the finesse of texture and color as its black matte look harmonizes with the tenderness of a white heart shower mosaic adorning the lid of the box. Containing 3 dreamy assortment trays...

Valentine's Day zBox 42More details

Valentine's Day Ruby

USD 128.07 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 2.52 in

Where there is love, there is chocolate! Give a gift that will melt in their mouth and flutter in their heart with this succulent cocoa duet. Our Romantic Ruby is a complete double trove of chocolates snuggled together inside an elegantly polished mahogany box. Laden with an arousing assortment...

Valentine's Day RubyMore details

Valentine's Day Diamond

USD 165.48 - 4.21 X 6.3 X 3.31 in

What loved one wouldn't succumb to the temptation of this box filled with three layers of luscious chocolates? Unless you choose otherwise, included are three assortments composed of: our sublime heart-shaped chocolates divided into a foursome of dark, milk, white and red robes as well as our 2...

Valentine's Day DiamondMore details

My Heart

USD 170.01 - 5.87 X 6.65 X 4.09 in

Dazzle your Valentine this year with the most romantic present of French chocolate and let your gift be the one to say “I love you”! Nothing declares your passion more clearly than this voluptuous heart made of half a pound of pure love - and chocolate. At 4 inches wide, My Heart...

My HeartMore details

You and I 54

USD 213.08 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 4.67 in

Let your Valentine know that without them, you are only half of one whole. The patterns on these two 2 boxes—outlined in gold inlay on the mahogany box, and inlaid with carved mahogany on the basswood box—combine to form a key, symbolizing that you are the key to each other's hearts....

You and I 54More details

Valentine's Day Adonis

USD 226.68 - 6.3 X 3.7 X 6.7 in

You'll have their heart skipping a beat with this truly impressive and breath-taking gift. This luxurious mahogany Romantic Adonis conceals a display case revealing a golden entwined pair of hearts inlaid atop the lid and three fine brass-knobbed drawers, all filled with an exquisite selection of...

Valentine's Day AdonisMore details

Valentine's Day Ambrosia

USD 430.71 - 8 X 5.9 X 6.7 in

Unleash the passion and indulge their velvety smoothe fantasies with the ultimate in stylish decadence: our magnificent Romantic Ambrosia. This finger-joint assembled glossy mahogany box conceals a warm wood-toned double-display case revealing a golden entwined pair of hearts inlaid atop the lid...

Valentine's Day AmbrosiaMore details