Refill your zChocolat box

Our little black boxes of refills are a cost-efficient, yet sophisticated way of sending additional chocolates to anyone who's received a zChocolat gift box. They fit snugly inside the original box to be regularly freshly stocked with an assortment of zChocolates. Best of all, they cost less than purchasing another gift box holding the same chocolates, so one need not send a new one. Refills are sold in packs of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12; each refill contains 15 of our numbered chocolates. All refills are customizable with different assortments.

How to proceed

To find out which refill is appropriate for a particular box, unfold the description to the top left of the concerned product's page and click on the "Chocolates" tab which contains a link to the pertaining refill.

The refill collection

Each zChocolat box is perfectly crafted to welcome refill packages and allow you to discover our many popular flavors. Whether traditional, exotic, praliné, dark, milk, Z pieces, chocamandines, hearts, orangettes or an individually handpicked assortment of your own, you will experience a unique pleasure of the senses. To assist you in this taste bud experience, zChocolat provides you with a clear description booklet for your selection as well as specifically positioned numbered references to each chocolate atop the refills.