Our zBoxes

Our zBoxes in the institutional line come adorned by the zChocolat logo laser-printed on the plate atop the lid. You may customize this 40mm x 40mm plate and replace our logo with a themed-image from our library or by uploading your personal photo or corporate logo.


Our Basswood boxes

Our Basswood boxes in the Institutional Line come carved with the zChocolat logo atop the lid. Consider replacing our logo by laser-carving the lid with any themed-image from our library, or uploading a personal photo or corporate logo.


Our Mahogany boxes

Our Mahogany boxes are decorated with a 40mm x 40mm golden plate with a cocoa pod image or zChocolat logo on the inside of the lid (with the exception of our Jade 12 and Ambrosia boxes which have 60mm x 60mm sized-plates). You may customize this interior plate by laser-printing a themed-image from our library, your personal photo or corporate logo.

How to proceed

Click on the "My picture or logo on the box" option located in the menu bar on the right side of the product page and select an image from our library or check the "Select my own image" box right underneath to upload your own photo or corporate logo. If you upload your own photo or logo, you will be asked to select your tint (color, sepia or black and white) and to crop the image in square format. Once you have completed these steps, click "Save" to apply these options.

Technical requirements

Absolutely no technical knowledge is needed for these customization options as zChocolat will take care of everything for you. However for those interested in technical details, we prefer JPEG format no heavier than 5 mega bytes with any side of the image being no smaller than 500 pixels. As these characteristics apply to 98% of photos taken with numeric cameras, there is no need to feel concerned by these elements.

How to optimize the look of your gift

To keep your picture or logo in harmony with the box, we suggest:

What is the cost?

This service is complimentary if you use an image from our existing library. If you use your own picture or logo, a supplement of USD 11.34 is applied for the zBoxes, USD 13.61 for the Basswood boxes and USD 17.02 for the Mahogany boxes. This service is complimentary for VIP members.