One Love, Two Hearts

Open the book of passion and tell your sweetheart a love story like none other as once upon a time, the essence of true love was born with these 2 majestic chocolate hearts. Each at 4 inches wide, Our Hearts is the perfect display of one true love for 2 fulfilled beings. One of spices and one of sweets, these romantic masterpieces depict together the unique sensation of pure symbiosis. Both hearts are filled with the amorous marriage of an intensely aromatic dark chocolate with a sensual praliné studded by roasted caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts. The golden heart has an added twist of Ginger spice transpiring a delectable aphrodisiac sensation. This precious gift is presented in a giant mahogany jewelry box handcrafted in the Jura region of France. The stunning box is inlaid with a golden entwined pair of hearts atop the lid and can be customized inside with a special personal photo and outside, with a diamond-engraving of your loved-one's name to create the gift that will be cherished for a life-time. This present is an unforgettable gift of passion allowing the 2 hearts to live as 1 - happily ever after.
The large hearts contained in this box are the same ones as in 'My Heart' and 'Je T'Aime'.

USD 279.53 - 5.87 X 12.52 X 4.09 in



These hearts are filled with an intensely aromatic dark chocolate with a sensual praliné studded by roasted caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts. The golden heart has an added twist of Ginger spice. The spicy and Praliné savors of these two 4 inches-wide chocolates linger agreeably in your mouth to offer a half a pound of profound savoring jubilation. The Z logo, embossed on the top of each of these chocolate hearts, is finished to a copper-tinted sheen, lightly sprinkled with gold dust for the first heart and completely drenched in a gold coating for the Ginger heart.


Give this gift an expression of radiating love by customizing the box with your personal 25-character diamond-engraving printed on a brass plate carefully mounted to the box. You may also enhance the romance by customizing the inside of the lid with a romantic-themed-image from our library or your personal photo. Add a twist of romance by accompanying your gift with a personal greeting card that can also be customized with a romantic themed-image from our library or a special personal photo. Consider adding polished mahogany accessories from our library to further reflect the amore in your present. Seal this gift with a touch of romantic genius by adding this heart-shaped padlock with your personalized combination. To make sure you send all your heartfelt wishes in style and on time, do not hesitate to use our concierge services.


Finalize this romantic gift with our elegant white wrapping paper ornamented with a black satin ribbon and a handmade wax seal representing an entwined pair of hearts. This mahogany box comes enclosed within a soft woolen black drawstring pouch marked with an embroidered Z on a fitted external pocket to hold your personal message card and chocolate booklet. Lastly, our complimentary summer packaging will be automatically effective within destination countries reaching temperatures above 20°C (67°F).