January 23rd 2015

Chocolate Trail 2015 at Harbour City - Hong Kong

From January 23 until March 1st, zChocolat will be holding a booth at the Harbour City outlets in Hong Kong for the 'Chocolate Trail 2015'. -  read more

January 14th 2015

Valentine's Day 2015 Guide

This Valentine's Day, we give you the key to open your lover's heart and fill it with joy and chocolates. -  read more

January 5th 2015

Chinese New Year - Welcome 4713!

What finer way to inaugurate 4713 and welcome the year of the Wood Sheep than with a symbol of sweetness carried throughout the ages? -  read more


December 22nd 2014

For a Tasty New Year 2015!

Offer luxury and noblesse as your first gift of the year. -  read more

November 28th 2014

Cyber Monday Special

We will double the amount of chocolate on all orders placed online Monday December 1st. -  read more

November 17th 2014

zChocolat Holiday Collection: pine-chic for 2014-2015

Our entire 2014-2015 Holiday Collection is ornamented with a classic symbol of the season: the evergreen pine. -  read more

August 8th 2014

Z Chocolates - The best chocolates!

26 chocolates, 26 numbers, 26 recipes and 26 fillings.... yet 1 unique shape. -  read more

August 5th 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival: thanking the moon

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with French panache as we have prepared a special box repleting with symbolism and treats for the occasion. -  read more

June 9th 2014

A Glorious Ramadan Celebration

Rejoice in the glory and graces of this traditional celebration with the zChocolat Ramadan Collection. -  read more

May 5th 2014

Corporate Birthday Gifts: A Token of Your Appreciation

Sit back and let zChocolat take care of your employees on their birthdays. -  read more

March 18th 2014

Simply the Best French Easter Pralinés

Discover zChocolat's secrets to a stunning Easter Collection -  read more

March 18th 2014

Birthday Gift Guide and Tips

Say "Happy Birthday" with panache as zChocolat presents the perfect gift for a birthday bash. -  read more

February 7th 2014

zChocolates for the 2014 Olympic Games

zChocolat has created a box for each of the 15 winter Olympic disciplines. -  read more

January 17th 2014

Minister Delegate of Digital Economy meets zChocolat

zChocolat was selected amongst 30 local businesses to meet Mrs. Fleur Pellerin -  read more


December 5th 2013

zChocolat behind the scenes

A few pictures of gift preparations taken by J.P. Khodara, zChocolat's CEO -  read more

October 26th to December 31st 3013

zChocolat in Printemps's Boutique Noire

Meet zChocolat in the real world at the famous Printemps Haussmann Department Store in "the Boutique Noire" -  read more

September 24th and 25th 2013

zChocolat Earns the Omyagué Award

zChocolat earns the prestigious award at the Omyagué tradeshow in Paris -  read more

June 28th and June 29th 2013

40 Golf Teams in Pursuit of a ''Large Z''

zChocolat surprised the guests of the first edition of the PRO-AM 13 in Aix-en-Provence. -  read more

June 22nd 2013

Wines & Chocolates: a Delicious Harmony

zChocolat shined through a wine and chocolate tasting at "Goûtez-Voir chez Cézanne", a festive and convivial event. -  read more

June 10th 2013

zChocolat Amazes French Gastronomes

zChocolat presented a selection of its chocolates at the launching of the well-awaited "Guide Gantié 2013". -  read more

May 24th and 25th 2013

Porsche by zChocolat

zChocolat was selected by Porsche to present a selection of its finest chocolates at the annual Porsche test drive event. -  read more

May 20th 2013

zChocolat on the Croisette

zChocolat sponsored the event of the Commission du Film Alpes-Maritimes Côte d'Azur at the Cannes Festival. -  read more

February 16th and 17th 2013

zChocolat in Santa Barbara

zChocolat was at Sunstone Vineyards & Winery for one of the most romantic nights of the year: Eros loves Chocolate. -  read more

January 27th and 28th 2013

New Trophy for our Chocolatier Pascal Caffet

The French team won the Pastry World Cup. -  read more

January 24th 2013

zChocolat lights up Dubaï

zChocolat celebrated the launch of its new luscious ginger chocolate heart for Valentine's Day in Dubaï. -  read more


October 10th 2012

The New zBox

A new eco-friendly zBox. -  read more

February 9th 2012

zChocolat in London

zChocolat celebrated the launch of its new giant chocolate heart with 700 guests at the Waldorf Hotel in London. -  read more

February 3rd 2012

zChocolat in Montreal

zChocolat, in collaboration with l'Institut des vins du Douro et de Porto, was present at the first edition of the Soirée Choco Porto in Montreal. -  read more


November 15th 2011

zChocolat in New York

zChocolat held a successful private tasting event at the Loews Regency in New York City to present its newest chocolates. -  read more

August 28th 2014

Business Gifts

With elegance, ease and convenience. -  read more