Unlock my heart

Seal your present with a touch of romantic genius by adding this heart-shaped padlock with your personalized combination. The gold-colored handle of this elegant lock secures the top of the drawstring pouch enclosing the box of chocolates you've ordered.



You must select the secret combination as you place a product in your shopping cart, and we program these numbers as we prepare your gift for delivery. Your special someone must crack the four-number combination to access the luscious confections protected by the pouch. We recommend giving a hint to the combination (perhaps a birthday, anniversary or other memorable date) in your gift card. You can use date formats such as MMDD or YYYY for the combination.

How to proceed

Click on the "My heart" option located in the menu bar on the right side of the product page. You will then be asked to select a 4-digit combination. Click on "Save" to apply this option.

What is the cost?

There is a supplement of USD 22.66 to add a heart padlock to your gift. VIP members benefit from a 15% discount.