Survival Collection

A delicious picker-upper

Know someone under stress? There are few better ways to brighten their day than with one of our survival kits. A buoyant way to rejuvenate the mind, body and taste buds! Customized with your recipient's name or a spirit-lifting quote, these cleverly decorated boxes contain an uplifting assortment of exquisite chocolates to ease almost any worry. A red flashlight keychain with a compass and whistle accompanies each box in this collection.

Engrave your 25-character personal message and cheer your recipient up!

Each box is accompanied by a natural-fiber card, entirely customizable as you may add a personal message, a themed-image from our livrary, or upload a personal photo, your company logo or any other JPEG format image.

All gifts in this collection - including packs - are presented in our complimentary black woolen pouch with your gift card and our chocolate booklet inserted in the frontal pocket.

Survival Kit zBox 15

USD 55.25 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

Send your warmest wishes of well-being to a friend going through a stressful time with the exceptional display of elegance and refinement that is presented through this gourmet white box marked with a survival symbol: feel how the matte background and black image underline its sleek edgy shape....

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Survival Kit Sunrise

USD 67.68 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 1.34 in

Give your support to a friend or colleague during their convalescence period by reminding them that each day brings renewed strength with the Survival Kit Sunrise box - a distinctive therapeutic sunny display of classic simplicity decked with a carved survival symbol. Feel as the naturally...

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Survival zBox 30

USD 78.74 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

Support a close-one for a tough day at work with the Survival Kit zBox 30. This double trove of chocolates disposed inside an elegant white matte box holds our 2 most popular traditional and exotic chocolate assortments, your recipient will relish upon our entire range of numbered collection....

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Survival Kit Sunshine

USD 96.70 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 2.24 in

An important exam coming up for someone you care about? Send all your encouragements by offering our Survival Kit Sunshine box. Decorated with a carved survival symbol atop the lid, let the grain speak for itself as this gift pairs luxury French craftmanship with its sleek basswood silhouette - a...

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Survival zBox 60

USD 113.28 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in

Bring an ample dose of comfort and ease to a close-one enduring a difficult time with the Survival Kit zBox 60 - a chic and modern ballotin choice combining the finesse of texture and color. Its sleek and smart look comes into perfect harmony with the white matte surface adorned by a black...

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