About the Eïd Collection

A Luxurious Celebration

Exult in the brilliance and beauty of this traditional celebration with our resplendent mahogany-wood Eïd Collection. Laden with our alcohol free and animal-fat free award-winning chocolates – these French gifts of grandeur and grace are ideal to share with friends, family and children during this special time of togetherness.

No alcohol, no animal-fat

Our French chocolates contain NO alcohol and NO animal-fats of any sort and therefore abide by local priciples in Muslim countries.

Eïd Mubarak from zChocolat

Your recipient will find concealed under the lid of each box, the engraving in Arabic calligraphy: 'May your Eïd be blessed'.

A perfect family gift

To make sure you please both adults and children, each box is composed of our numbered chocolates and other specialty chocolates, including an all-time children's favorite: Chocamandines! Presented in soft pouches, these almond based bonbons will gratify any kiddie's palate and unite the family in a shared chocolate gustation experience.

Inspired by French luxury

To handcraft the most beautiful chocolate gift box in the world, it was obvious that we needed a noble and rich material. Our first choice was mahogany-wood for its tight grain and beautiful red undertones. Today, we collaborate with one of the last two traditional woodworkers in France in the heart of the Jura region to deliver true handcrafted luxury boxes. It is therefore only natural that this luxurious wood fully inspired our Eïd Collection.

Almonds and chocolate:
a royal delicacy

The tradition of chocolate coated almonds dates back to the 17th century when a French King's mistress had the peculiar habit of adding almond powder to her hot chocolate. The combination of the 2 was later adopted by many chocolate artisans to reveal the perfect balance of crisp almonds and powdered cocoa. Here at zChocolat, our master chocolatier gently roasts Valencia almonds from Spain until their full, robust, nutty flavor is released. Each almond is then drenched in 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate and rolled in a 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate coating and cocoa powder - resulting indeed in a true royal 'gourmandise'.

French Master-
Artisan Chocolatier

Pascal Caffet

Pascal Caffet, rewarded with the best French artisan title and particularly renowned for his outstanding praliné, has created 26 exquisite recipes exclusively for zChocolat. Our combined expertise and experience has resulted in worldwide availability of the finest French chocolates in the world.

Optional Gift Customizations

Personal engraving

You may personalize each mahogany box from our Eïd Collection with a personal 25-character message diamond-engraved to a brass plate for a USD 20.04 supplement.

Personal gift card

Our standard gift card is complimentary if you choose an image from our themed-image library. (You will find Eïd images in the "Worldwide Celebrations" library). Add USD 4.55 to make it personal with a photo or corporate logo.

Handmade wrapping

Select our elegant black matte wrapping paper ornated of a glossy mosaic and embossed with a handmade wax seal with our logo for a USD 10.68 supplement. You can also customize the wax seal clasping your gift with your recipient's initials, for an extra USD 10.68.

Eïd Ruby

USD 151.08 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 2.52 in

For the Eïd, share with family and friends this distinguished treasure chest of polished mahogany which comes embellished with an inlaid Eïd Mubarak greeting in Arabic calligraphy inside the lid. This assortment of 71 traditional French chocolates, without alcohol and without animal fat, opens to...

Eïd RubyMore details

Eïd Jade 5

USD 213.93 - 6.14 X 6.14 X 4.05 in

During this memorable festive day, celebrate the Eïd with family and friends by offering this Eïd Jade 5: an abundantly sensational mixture of alcohol-free and animal-fat-free chocolates perfect to share at any family and friend gathering. You will find, gracing the interior of this exquisite...

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Eïd Jade 11

USD 307.53 - 8.54 X 8.54 X 4.05 in

For the Eïd, share with your close-ones this illustrous box of polished mahogany which comes embellished with a inlaid Eïd Mubarak greeting in Arabic calligraphy inside the lid. The immense abundance of alcohol-free and animal-fat-free based chocolates within will allow anyone to experience an...

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