Our chocolate assortments

The default assortments included with all our products have been composed to propose a wide array of savors catering to anyone's taste. However, when ordering online, you can change these defaults and customize each layer of chocolates with the assortments below.


The personalized assortment

Our personalized assortment allows you to create your own assortment by handpicking your favorite chocolates individually. If you are ordering for yourself, select the recipes you like best, if this is a gift, take advantage of our numbered chocolates and give a meaning to your assortment by "writing-out" a year, a birthdate, a phone number or even a meaningful numeric code. Wish your recipient a Happy Birthday by offering them a Dawn box personalized with their date of birth written out such as 0703 for March 7th, make the first move and give them your phone number with our Sapphire box using Z pieces to replace spaces or slashes.

You may also purchase a single Personalized Assortment here.


How to proceed

The first step is to find the right product. If you are ordering chocolates for yourself, we recommend that you start with any assortment from our assortment collection. If this is a gift, select a product that will best match the occasion. On the product page, change the default assortment by checking the 'My chocolate assortment' option located on the right-hand toolbar. Then, select your preferred assortment in the menu box. If you want to hand pick each chocolate individually, select the 'Personalized Assortment' option in the same drop-down box and follow the instructions.

What is the cost?

Changing the default assortments with any of our pre-set assortments is complimentary, however if you want to replace your default assortments by handpicking individually each chocolate, an additional charge of USD 3.97 will be applied. This service is complimentary for VIP members.