Silky-smooth Birthday Sunrise

Contribute to the success of a stunning birthday bash with the Birthday Sunrise box - a distinctive and sophisticated entertaining display of rustic charm featuring an eye-catching carving of a 'Happy Birthday' inscription. You may customize the lid of the box with the lucky birthday honoree's name or birthdate carving. This naturally colored basswood grain box opens up to our traditional chocolate assortment composed of 15 of our most popular recipes including 3 delectable Z pieces - your recipient will be left in awe with such an exquisite traditional palette of savors - an extra attention that will fill their heart with confetti.

USD 55.61 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 1.34 in



Share the magic with any chocolate-lover as they open into our traditional 15-piece assortment with luscious pralines, subtle ganaches, solid chocolate and creamy caramels, completed by 3 of our famous Z chocolates: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel. Feel free to change this default assortment or even handpick each chocolate individually if your recipient has their own preferred variety. If your recipient enjoys this assortment, it is refillable with our Single Pack Refill.


Consider laser-carving the lid of this birthday box with a definite 25-character message such as the recipients' age, date of birth or simply: 'A very Happy Birthday'. Accompany your gift with a personal birthday greeting card which can be instantly customized with one of our suggested birthday-themed images, a personal photo or corporate logo. Do not hesitate to use our concierge services to make sure your birthday greetings are wished on time.


To stamp this gift with an additional layer of sophistication, consider adding our elegant black matte wrapping paper as we will include a satin ribbon and a waxed birthday-candle seal to conclude with a touch of refinement. This basswood box comes enclosed within a soft natural ecru-colored cotton drawstring pouch marked with a Z on a fitted external pocket to hold your personal message card and chocolate booklet. Lastly, our complimentary summer packaging will be automatically effective within destination countries reaching temperatures above 20°C (67°F).