About the Birthday Collection

A birthday wish come true

Pamper someone on their birthday with thoughtfulness and flair; a picture-perfect way to say "Happy Birthday" with panache. Add a special message via laser-engraving: name, date of birth, notable quotation or your personal sentiment; all conveying how much you feel they deserve a truly exceptional gift. Learn more with our Birthday Gift Guide and Tips.

Each birthday box has been composed with a default assortment proposing a wide array of savors with some of the finest chocolates. However, if you know your gift recipient's taste, you can replace the default assortment with dark, milk, pralinés, orangettes, hearts, etc. You can even handpick each chocolate individually among our 26 different recipes. Learn how.

Optional gift customizations

Your personal engraving

We highly recommend our 25-character engraving laser-carved 1 to 2 mm deep on the lid all 4 basswood boxes to your left. The result is a neat and flawless engraving that will surprise your gift recipient on their special day. This customization is very easy to setup online and will not delay the shipping of your order. The cost is USD 13.63 per box.

The same birthday message is diamond-engraved on a matte black plate for all 4 black "Happy Birthday" zBoxes to your left. The cost is USD 11.36 per box.

... and diamond-engraved on a brass plate for our Jade 6 and Jade 12 mahogany boxes to your left for a USD 17.04 supplement per box.

Say it with chocolates

Write out your recipient's birth date in chocolate in DDMM format with our basswood Birthday Dawn box as illustrated above (July 17th - 1707). Selecting chocolates individually is easy and will make a grand impression. The supplemental cost for this option is USD 3.98.

Optional gift services

Custom wax seal

Select our birthday black matte wrapping with glossy mosaic and a handmade wax seal with a birthday candle for an additional USD 9.08. You can also customize the wax seal clasping your gift with your recipient's initials or age for an extra USD 9.08.

Personal gift card

Our standard gift card is complimentary, add USD 3.87 to upload a personal picture (see instructions). You may also select a complimentary image from our birthday library.

Chic drawstring pouch

All zBoxes and mahogany boxes are presented in our complimentary black woolen pouch while basswood boxes and assortments are presented in an ecru-colored cotton pouch. Both pouches include an external pocket housing your gift card and our chocolate booklet.

Refill with assortments

All birthday boxes are keepsakes and can be refilled next year with your recipient's favorite chocolates.

Concierge service

If you are late or not absolutely certain your gift will be delivered on his/her birthdate, our Concierge Service will notify your recipient right away by telephone that an important gift is on its way. There is a one-time fee of USD 10.8 for this service.

Worldwide express delivery

No matter where the birthday celebration is located, we deliver.

Birthday Dawn

USD 32.96 - 2.99 X 2.99 X 1.34 in

Balloons, sparklers and confetti! Set the theme for a joyful occasion with this all-naturally handcrafted beautiful basswood gift box prettily decorated with a graceful 'Happy Birthday' inscription carved atop the lid. You may customize the lid of the box with the name of the birthday boy or girl...

Birthday DawnMore details

Birthday 15-pc

USD 32.96 - 3.46 X 5.43 X 0.79 in

Surprise your recipient for their birthday as this selection features our 15 most traditional chocolates including 3 of our ever-famous Z pieces: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel. Discover our other popular savors such as a Venezuelan dark chocolate ganache, a...

Birthday 15-pcMore details

Birthday zBox 15

USD 45.46 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

Give your recipient a good reason to blow out their birthday candles this year with the exceptional display of elegance and refinement that is presented through this black gourmet Birthday zBox 15 adorned by a white cursive 'Happy Birthday' inscription atop the lid: feel how the matte background...

Birthday zBox 15More details

Birthday Sunrise

USD 55.69 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 1.34 in

Contribute to the success of a stunning birthday bash with the Birthday Sunrise box - a distinctive and sophisticated entertaining display of rustic charm featuring an eye-catching carving of a 'Happy Birthday' inscription. You may customize the lid of the box with the lucky birthday honoree's...

Birthday SunriseMore details

Birthday 30-pc

USD 56.83 - 3.46 X 5.43 X 1.57 in

Spice up the birthday bash with our entire Numbered Collection, composed of our 15 most traditional chocolates including 3 of our ever-famous Z pieces: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel - and our exotic assortment: a unique, gourmet selection of chocolates.

Birthday 30-pcMore details

Birthday zBox 30

USD 75.02 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 2.28 in

Be the generous author of a perfect birthday surprise with the Birthday zBox 30 as it is a demonstration of refined elegance with its white cursive 'Happy Birthday' inscription atop the box: the harmonious blend of a subtle black finish and stunning decoration expresses the timeless...

Birthday zBox 30More details

Birthday Sunshine

USD 86.38 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 2.24 in

Shower the birthday boy or girl with much-deserved attention by delivering this Birthday Sunshine box and customizing it by adding a personal carved message atop the lid. This gift pairs luxury French craftmanship with its sleek basswood carved silhouette decorated with a beautiful 'Happy...

Birthday SunshineMore details

Birthday zBox 45

USD 105.71 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in

Fill their birthday with happy memories and wonderful moments by offering the Birthday zBox 45 - a chic and modern ballotin choice combining the finesse of texture and color with a white matte cursive 'Happy Birthday' written across the top of the lid. Its sleek and smart look comes into perfect...

Birthday zBox 45More details

Birthday Zenith

USD 113.67 - 4.25 X 6.26 X 3.03 in

One more year is reason enough to put on your party hat and offer this Birthday Zenith gift box: a spectacular natural basswood box adorned by a carved cursive 'Happy Birthday' atop the lid which can be further customized by a personal carved message of your choice. This beautiful box,...

Birthday ZenithMore details

Birthday zBox 60

USD 136.40 - 3.74 X 5.79 X 3.94 in

One more year is reason enough to put on your party hat and offer this Birthday zBox 60: an impressive black matte box adorned by a white cursive 'Happy Birthday' inscription atop the lid. This beautiful box opens to a stunning four layers of the ultimate in fine French chocolate: our 2 most...

Birthday zBox 60More details

Birthday Jade 6

USD 250.08 - 5.87 X 6.65 X 4.09 in

Turn their birthday into a celebration they will not forget by offering this Birthday Jade 6: an abundantly sensational mixture of chocolates perfect to share at any family and friends birthday gathering. You will find, gracing the interior of this exquisite mahogany box adorned by a golden...

Birthday Jade 6More details

Birthday Jade 12

USD 437.65 - 5.87 X 12.52 X 4.09 in

Lose yourself in the birthday jubilee of this festive gift as the Birthday Jade 12 stands for class and luxury: the shape, the shine and the stunning French handcrafted mahogany will take your breath away. A beautiful golden inlaid cursive 'Happy Birthday' is carved atop the lid of the box to...

Birthday Jade 12More details