The Best Dark Chocolates in the World

When it comes to dark chocolate, we never compromise. We exclusively use single-origin cocoa in all our couvertures; never blended cocoa couvertures, which result in average flavors instead of a more distinctive and longer finish on the palate. The longer the finish - the greater the couverture. We have created two single-origin chocolate couvertures made from 100% pure cocoa butter; as each couverture is made from a unique cocoa bean with a guaranteed identifiable "vintage". The 70% dark chocolate couverture from Venezuela and the 73% dark chocolate couverture from Bolivia.

Dark chocolate 70% Venezuela

When you purchase a zChocolat box, you can customize your default assortment and select only dark chocolates. Our dark chocolate assortment includes 15 different chocolates all covered with our 70% dark chocolate couverture from Venezuela.

World best dark chocolates

The Best Dark chocolate 73% Bolivia

Only our Large Z Chocolate uses the 73% dark chocolate Bolivian Couverture. It is the most expensive chocolate in the world.

World best dark chocolate couverture from Bolivia

World Champion Chocolatier

Best chocolatier: Pascal Caffet

All our handmade recipes were created by Pascal Caffet, World Champion French Chocolatier and World Champion Pastry Chef, who designed each luscious, unique chocolate exclusively for zChocolat. Pascal Caffet takes pride in handpicking top-quality raw materials and believes that premium ingredients are the key to creating the finest chocolates. As a result, zChocolat products have been masterfully crafted for the best possible taste.

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