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We have asked Pascal Caffet, World Champion French Chocolatier to create the best French truffles in the world exclusively for zChocolat. We wanted a truffle unlike anything that existed. Traditional truffles are usually too rich: with too much cream and sugar. We wanted a lighter truffle but with a stronger and longer chocolate finish. Our chocolatier has therefore replaced the creamy filling with a velvety hazelnut praliné center and lowered the sugar content to 50% of traditional French truffles – without increasing the bitterness. He then added an intense 70% dark chocolate couverture and dusted each morsel in bittersweet cocoa powder. The result is undoubtedly the best truffle in the world, a piece of heaven. This unique combination of textures and flavors makes zChocolat truffles both richer in genuine chocolate flavor and lighter than traditional truffles. Once you’ve sampled just one, you’ll be addicted.

World best French chocolate truffles

zBox 22 truffles

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zBox 44 truffles

zBox 44 truffles | 44 pcs | $70.04

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zBox 65 truffles

zBox 65 truffles | 65 pcs | $86.01

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zBox 89 truffles

zBox 89 truffles | 89 pcs | $100.76

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Customer feedbacks regarding our truffles:

"I would like to take a moment to compliment you and everyone at ZChocolat. I received my order in yesterday. Everything was perfect! I believe this has been the 4th time I order from ZChocolat. The chocolates are AMAZING! I am in love with the Chocamadines! My wife cannot resist the truffles! Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service and value. I have said this before, ZChocolat is my FAVORITE! I look forward to continuing to receive these amazing chocolates! Thanks and God Bless, "
Will C, USA

"Our truffles traveled from France to Michigan USA in two days! We are enjoying the lovely chocolate very much. They were a gift from our daughter. She gave us your tracking number and I 'watched' the package as it came toward us -- a great feature."
Malinda, MI, USA

"The group of ladies I sent the package to just called and told me how good the chocolate was. They were bursting with joy & more complimentary than I've ever heard them! Yet here I set...sans truffle. My sadness knows no bounds.
Thanks for you hospitality and helping to make these ladies happy."


Z chocolate French truffles

The best chocolate truffle in the world is a blissful 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverture covered in bittersweet cocoa powder also from Venezuela. The filing is an exquisite praliné made with slow-roasted, caramelized hazelnut from Piedmont, Italy.

World Champion Chocolatier

Best chocolatier: Pascal Caffet

All our handmade recipes were created by Pascal Caffet, World Champion French Chocolatier and World Champion Pastry Chef, who designed each luscious, unique chocolate exclusively for zChocolat. Pascal Caffet takes pride in handpicking top-quality raw materials and believes that premium ingredients are the key to creating the finest chocolates. As a result, zChocolat products have been masterfully crafted for the best possible taste.

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