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Experience a journey of unique flavors. Give in to sweetness and refinement. Fall for the charm of bewitching flavors. Enjoy elegance and sophistication. Share distinction and the art of tradition. Discover a world of prestige and luxury. Taste excellence with zChocolat; the best chocolate in the world.

Best chocolate in the world made from exceptional cocoa beans

zChocolat makes a point of honor of never compromising on quality, selecting remarkable cocoa beans from exceptional "cocoa gardens" in Venezuela, as well as in Côte d'Ivoire and Bolivia, which are recognized for their powerful and intense aromatic body. zChocolat is the story of audacity and passion, brought together to create the best chocolate in the world through delicious and original recipes - made with 100% pure cocoa butter and free from preservatives - with Pascal Caffet, winner of the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" and World Champion Chocolatier, in a line of upscale boxes.

The famous Z chocolate, zChocolat's bestselling products

Introduce your taste buds to the best chocolate in the world with the unmissable "Z" range. zChocolat's bestselling products, the White Z Chocolate and the Milk Z Chocolate will astound you with their subtle combination of salted butter caramel and a creamy yet crunchy Piedmont hazelnut praline coated in 40 % cocoa Cote d'Ivoire white or milk couverture chocolate. The Dark Z Chocolate will surprise you just as much thanks to its coating of intense 70 % cocoa dark chocolate from Venezuela, which conceals a sweet and salty caramel that is dominated by the full-flavored crunchy hazelnut praline.

Unforgettable and exceptional luxury chocolate gift boxes for the best chocolate in the world

Prolong the wonderment with a prestigious line of varnished, hand-crafted mahogany boxes, made according to traditional artisan woodworking techniques, or a 100% ecological limewood box. The zBox will also appeal to demanding and sophisticated customers thanks to its understated elegance and its classic and simple design. zChocolat allows you to make this special moment last by personalizing your box with a diamond-engraved message or a photo of your choice, making it an unforgettable gift... Make the difference with zChocolat; offer the exceptional gift of the best chocolate in the world…

Customer feedback: "I cannot even begin to express my delight for the wonderful product you supply and the convenience and service sidled along with it. I can speak for my wife when I tell you this was the best chocolate we have ever had. I will no doubt be a repeat customer and word-of-mouth advertiser." Jason.

Forbes' Favorite Online Chocolatier
zChocolat: Best chocolates worldwide

zChocolat is Forbes's Favorite Online Chocolatier since March 2005, belongs to the Top 5 Chocolate Gifts by the Food Network and is the *Best Lesser Known Gift Site on the Net* by the Wall Street Journal. Our delicious chocolates are the finest chocolates in the world..

Z chocolate

Our ever-famous Z chocolate is one of the best chocolates in the world. It combines an intense 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverture with a duo of a soft, sweet and salty ganache caramel with Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar and a crunchy praline made with slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.

World Champion Chocolatier

Best chocolatier: Pascal Caffet

All our handmade recipes were created by Pascal Caffet, World Champion French Chocolatier and World Champion Pastry Chef, who designed each luscious, unique chocolate exclusively for zChocolat. Pascal Caffet takes pride in handpicking top-quality raw materials and believes that premium ingredients are the key to creating the finest chocolates. As a result, zChocolat products have been masterfully crafted for the best possible taste. read more