In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, zChocolat has created a box for each of the 15 Olympic disciplines. Whether a skier, an ice-hockey player, or even a figure-skater, select any box from our Basswood Collection and carve your favorite Olympic sport atop of the lid to send to someone who practices that discipline.



Select your favorite box from our Basswood Collection based on your budget. We offer 4 different sizes:

a. 4 pcs - USD 32.86
b. 15 pcs - USD 55.53
c. 30 pcs - USD 79.33
d. 45 pcs - USD 102


Step 2

On the right-hand side of the product page that you've chosen in step 1, select “My picture or logo on the box”. Pick the "Olympic Games 2014" library and click on your desired discipline.


Step 3

Add any other customization options you wish, such as a gift card, a personalized chocolate assortment¬†or wrapping paper and click on the “Submit” button - located at the bottom right of the product page - to move on to your recipient's information and payment options.