This December 5th, I drove to our logistics center located one hour North of our headquarters in the heart of Aix-en-Provence to take a few pictures of some holiday gifts being prepared. No Photoshop®, no expensive cameras, just me and my iPhone® 4S with a $1.99 custom filter :).

Jean-Philippe Khodara
Co-founder & CEO

The Holiday zBox Collection: our bestselling collection


So far, the Holiday zBox Collection is our bestselling collection; we are already out of the 8-piece zBoxes :(. The finish and level of details on all zBoxes is really impeccable: French "savoir-faire" I guess (the chocolates and packaging are all made in France). These are the gifts I am sending to some friends and family members (the others will receive refills since they already have a zChocolat box). The black boxes with the cocoa pod on the lid are our Truffle boxes:

French truffles "revisité" - my favorite truffles


As I was entering the lab, Elodie was preparing a few boxes of our French truffles. The smell was intense and very chocolaty. Our truffles are nothing like traditional French truffles which are soft & creamy ganaches dipped in cocoa powder (too rich for me). Instead, I wanted a strong dark chocolate but no cream and a praliné center. It is the sole chocolate to which I personally contributed; all other recipes were created by our chocolatier Pascal Caffet. I have only one recommendation: order a few for yourself, enjoy one each day - life is short ;-).

The zChocolates: 26 recipes for discriminating chocolate addicts


I could not resist and opened one box to take a close-up picture at the zChocolates inside. Our customer had selected the traditional assortment. Although all chocolates have the same shape, each chocolate is different and numbered. It appears as if the chocolate number 0 at the top is missing a piece of milk couverture - but it is by design. It is the only chocolate peppered with crunchy bits of almonds at the bottom of the mold before pouring the milk couverture. It is also our most handpicked chocolate. Customers rave about this chocolate.

The new snowflake wax seal "Jacquard" style


The wrapping is entirely made by hand with true wax. The level of details in our new "Jacquard" style snowflake seal is really impressive. Although it is optional and your gift will already look fabulous inside our woolen pouch (see below); it does add a really nice seasonal touch of refinement.

The zBox 168: EVERYTHING


The zBox 168 is our largest zBox and contains all our chocolates - 168 pieces. It is perfect for a corporation or a family - I would not recommend it for a single person.

Presentation... Presentation... Presentation...


In Real Estate, the 3 most important factors in determining the desirability of a property are "location, location, location"; at zChocolat, it is "presentation, presentation, presentation". Making an impression starts with attention to details and our woolen pouch is my favorite detail. So "chic" and very French with its external pocket holding your gift card and a booklet with a detailed description of each zChocolat inside.


About the "Jacquard" style

(*) Presented in Paris for the first time in 1801, the Jacquard weaving mechanism was immediately recognized as an important leap in technology, allowing patterns to be stored on cards and re-used to fabricate same-design products. For the last two decades, this distinct pixelated-looking weaving style has appeared and re-appeared in some of the most iconic couture collections and in everyday fashion making its comeback between Paisley and retro-chic. For its 2013-2014 Holiday Collections, zChocolat wanted to take into account a historic design with a true symbolism representing style, authenticity and a touch of childhood magic. The extremely complex and expensive technique of Jacquard weaving, demanding a 100% Made-in-France “savoir-faire” was zChocolat's first choice pattern, embracing its own fundamentals: elegance, intelligence and excellence.