La Maison Pascal Caffet won a new title

January 27th and 28 th

It is in Lyon that the three-colored team led by Mathieu Blandin, the head pastry chef of La Maison Caffet, won the Pastry World Cup against 22 other teams that came from each continent. For the seventh time in its history, France won this international distinction in front of Japon, second place, and Italy, third place. Almost 800kg of chocolate was used during the competition.


The unavoidable profession meeting

Imagined and held by one of the biggest figures in French pastry, Gabriel Paillasson, best pastry cook and ice-cream maker in France, the Pastry World Cup is the reference for the whole profession. At the end of a selection in four continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America) the countries competing are selected. Every team is composed of three members – a pastry chef, a chocolate maker and an ice-cream maker – and has to create an incredible performance: 3 chocolate desserts, 3 fruit ice creams, 12 desserts, an art piece made in sugar, an art piece made in chocolate and an art piece sculpted in hydric ice – everything must be done in 10 hours. Even though the presentation represents 40% of the final grade, 1993 World Cup Winner, Jean-Paul Savioz emphasizes that “it is the tasting which outdoes”. The next final will take place in January 2015.


High colored tiered cake and other sweets

The jury was amazed by the tiered cake that represented 'Les 24h du Mans', it was entirely made in chocolate, genoise and iced cream. The French chefs - Joffrey LAFONTAINE, Mathieu BLANDIN and Quentin BAILLY - wanting to make “something that has never been seen before” have distanced themselves by presenting their sculptures made of sugar interlaced with chocolate, to give the illusion of movement. The French team's dessert, representing a speedometer composed with sugar crust pastry, lemon frothy, crystallized raspberry and a chocolate shell, had quite an impact on the jury.


France's rivals

Japan's music
Japan, one of the favorite contestant to win the 13th edition of this competition, won the silver medal thanks to its tiered cake that honored music. This team's dessert was composed with biscuits, meringue, whipped cream, “Kiyomi” orange sorbet and almonds shortbread cookies. All of it was covered by a chocolate shell.

Italy's circus
Italy came to the 3rd place with its circus theme, but they also went home with the Sugar Price of the competition. The dessert was made of almonds sponge cake, orange coulis, white chocolate, Sicilian ice and some drops of apricot-orange.

Selection of the most outstanding dessert :


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