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Corporate gifts and premiums are a crucial part of acknowledging key relationships and cultivating new ones. We offer  superb alternatives to conventional corporate gifts/baskets. Placing orders is easy and fast; to send gifts to multiple delivery addresses, just download our Multiple Shipping Excel Order Form or contact us for a quote. All delivered worldwide via DHL Express.


1. Four Distinctive LINES

bandeauThere is no better way to maximize your budgeted gift/premium dollars than with a personalized present that engenders a positive and lasting impression.   We help you do just that – regardless of the occasion or purpose.  Our elegantly packaged, artisan French chocolates captivate recipients’ imaginations and tantalize their palates. We offer four different lines of packaging,  each distinctive in its own right, one perfect for your budget.


Our Mahogany boxes

mahogany_collectionWhen you must make an unforgettable impression, look no further than our luxurious Mahogany Collection. Meticulously handcrafted in the Jura region by a vanishing breed of fine woodworkers, this entire collection is an embodiment of consummate French craftsmanship. Your logo can be placed on a brass plate on the underside of the closure or inlaid on the top cover – either way, your logo becomes part of a time-treasured keepsake (see details in our Gift Services section below).

Opal 4 pcs EUR 59.99
Sapphire 15 pcs EUR 91.99
Ruby 30 pcs EUR 129.99
Diamond 45 pcs EUR 167.99
Jade 6 90 pcs EUR 252.99
Jade 12 228 pcs EUR 442.99
Zeus 228 pcs EUR 459.99


Our Basswood boxes

basswood_collectionOur Basswood Collection of blonde-hued boxes accentuate your logo and makes lovely keepsakes – long after our fine French chocolates have been devoured. Each hand-crafted, finger-jointed box is finished with a unique serial number, carved into its base.  All are 100% eco-friendly as basswood is a renewable resource where harvesting is done responsibly by cautious forest management, equalizing growth with removal.

Dawn 4 pcs EUR 33.99
Sunrise 15 pcs EUR 56.99
Sunshine 30 pcs EUR 87.99
Zenith 45 pcs EUR 114.99
Radiance 168 pcs EUR 279.99


Our zBoxes

zBox_collectionThe zBox is a distinguished ambassador for your logo and brand. Its sleek,  clean lines and understated black and white motif exemplify elegance. You can customize the lid of any zBox with your logo (see below).

zBox 8 8 pcs EUR 32.99
zBox 15 15 pcs EUR 45.99
zBox 30 30 pcs EUR 75.99
zBox 45 45 pcs EUR 106.99
zBox 60 60 pcs EUR 137.99


Our Assortments

assortment_collectionA collection aimed to please even the most discerning gourmets. Want to stir up excitement and fun at your next reception or team-building event?  Use assortments from this collection to host a chocolate tasting.  When guests first peruse  the tantalizing pictures and descriptions of each numbered zChocolat in our booklets, anticipation heightens, as does appreciation.   Assortments can be customized with your logo (see below).

Traditional Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99
Exotic Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99
Assortment of Hearts 15 pcs EUR 34.99
Dark Chocolate Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99
Milk Chocolate Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99
White Z Chocolate Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99
Praliné Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99
Z Chocolate Only Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99
Chocolate Almonds Assortment 56 pcs EUR 28.99
Orangette Assortment 22 pcs EUR 28.99
Pâtes de Fruits Assortment 15 pcs EUR 22.99
Nougat Assortment 15 pcs EUR 22.99
Calisson d’Aix Assortment 15 pcs EUR 22.99
Personalized Assortment 15 pcs EUR 34.99



2. Our gift services

Between our four, distinctive gift lines and our many customization options you can conveniently deliver personalized, stand-out gifts for any occasion.


Logo engraving

logo_engravingDress your gifts to the image of your company by adding your corporate logo on any one of our products. Your logo will be digitally printed on our assortments (1) (EUR 4.50/box); laser-printed atop our zBoxes (2) (EUR 9.99/box); simply carved or carved and inlaid with mahogany-wood atop our basswood boxes (3) (EUR 14.99/box) and digitally printed inside or golden-inlaid on the outside of our mahogany boxes (4) (EUR 19.99/box).


Text engraving

text engravingDistinguish your gift further by adding an engraving of your recipient’s name or a personal message.  zBoxes display your message via a diamond engraved black plate (EUR 9.99/box); Basswood boxes showcase names/messages via precision laser-carving (EUR 14.99/box) and Mahogany boxes incorporate a diamond-engraved brass plate (EUR 19.99/box).


Message card

personal cardInclude a personal message on a customized card with your corporate logo (a supplemental charge of EUR 4.50 applies ).


Custom wax seal

wax sealAdd your client’s initials in white to the black wax seal clasping your gift (a supplemental charge of EUR 9.99 for the wrapping is applied plus EUR 9.99 for the initials).

3. worldwide delivery

worldwide_express_delGifts are delivered worldwide at a flat-fee of EUR 15.00 by DHL Express with 24H online tracking and email delivery alerts. Moreover, shipping is complimentary if you order a minimum of 3 products for delivery to a single address. > More details.


If you have multiple delivery addresses, waste no time: download zChocolat’s multiple shipping excel order form and simply fill in the information requested. Once filled out, send it back to with your name and contact number in the subject line. A customer service representative will process this order and contact you within 24 hours of receipt with your order total.


5. Contact information

Nathalie Bach
Business Gifts Manager

Direct line: 1-800-529-9512 from North America
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E-mail :
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