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Today, March 8th, is Women's Day and we double the amount of chocolate on all orders placed by female customers.
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The zBox is a chic and refined chocolate ballotin combining the gracefulness of texture and color coming into perfect harmony with the black glossy mosaic fully draping the box.


How it started

howitstartedWhen zChocolat opened its doors in 1999, an innovation process of the chocolate ballotin as we know it immediately began through a constant evolution of our boxes. We wanted to create a genuinely new alternative to traditional chocolate ballotins. Fashioned to be the ambassador product of our brand, the zBox is a culmination of a decade of efforts from logisticians, to designers and even chocolate makers. It displays chic and modern lines that blend perfectly with the elegant black and white color combination. With a more sturdy, keep-sake kind of gift, you offer not only a delicious variety of chocolates but also a box that can be kept, refilled and re-used for different purposes.


A product of France

productoffranceOur boxes are made in France, in the “Pays de la Loire” region, a northwest region of France, known for its many forests and excellent wine. They are manufactured in an eco-friendly factory abiding by the High Quality Environmental Standards that uses over 70% recycled carton as well as an ecological ink originating 100% from plants. Moreover, our manufacturer is:

-certified “Green Provider” since 2010
-Won the Environment Prize for corrugated packaging in 2009
-Is certified ISO 9001 version 2000
-Is certified ISO 14001 version 2004
-Is certified OHSAS 18001 version 1999


The zBox feel

The sleek square shape of this box is due to its sturdy double-folded carton packaging. With smoothe edges underlining the reflection of a black glossy mosaic finish to a black matte background, the quality and durability of this chocolate box is clearly unparalleled. The inside framing of white carton peeks through just enough to add a touch of zChocolat’s renowned black and white cachet.


The zBox look

card in pouchPresented in a new freshly conceived black cotton pouch, this innovative, sturdier keepsake gift comes in different sizes and themes: Institutional, Romantic, Birthday, Get-well, Wedding, Thank you and Holiday. Displaying a soft glossy mosaic pattern, this refillable and reusable chocolate box takes “chic and modern” to a whole new level.


Image atop the lid

zboxCustomize all zBoxes from our Institutional line by replacing our logo on a black plate atop the box with a personal photo, corporate logo or a themed-image from our library.


Diamond-engraved message

zboxAdd a personal 25-character diamond-engraved message onto a black plate directly affixed to the front of your zBox.






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